The Body Shop Concealer All-In-One Review & Swatches

The Body Shop Concealer All-In-One ($12) is a newly launched concealer stick. Actually, scratch that, The Body Shop already had a stick concealer so you might consider this a reformulation of the original.

Let’s take a look!

The Body Shop Concealer All-In-One actually might be worthy of your time considering the price is fairly reasonable. As you know I had issues with the price of the blush and BB Cream however, I think a stick concealer of this size marked at $12 is fairly reasonable.

The only downside I can see here is color selection as all the colors run fairly light so they won’t be suitable for a wide range of tones.

The lightweight formula has a serum/conditioning core surrounded by concealer. Typically concealers with cores like this don’t really offer too many benefits outside of patchy application. But in this case the vitamin E and marula oil found in the core creates an easy glide across drier eyes and gives the concealer more of an emollient, softer feel.

It blends out to a sheer to medium coverage finish depending how much concealer you need. It did a great job to conceal my finer lines, dark circles, and puffiness without creasing. Wear time was quite good as well with a solid full day of wear without touch ups.

Shade 02

Outside of the variety of color options the concealer itself has a very nice formula. At $12, I think it’s a fitting price as well. If you’re looking for a stick concealer with a soft, moisturizing formula that applies and blends easily I think this fits the bill very nicely. It’s definitely a step above drugstore concealer and right on par with a mid-range concealer without the higher cost.

Available now at the Body Shop or online at


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 9/4/12 20:07 Cindy:

    With that marula oil core, I feel like this isn’t going to stay very long on my oily prone skin. Otherwise it does look very creamy!


  • 9/4/12 21:26 LINDARRAGNAR:

    lovely! Especially love the conditioning core!!! I am so lucky that the color selection gets light enough for me!!


  • 9/5/12 0:13 sai:

    I wanted to try this one….but it is sold at HKD 149 here….which is abt USD18

    So I just put it down and leave the shop…..ur post make me wanna go get one…haha


    • 9/5/12 9:02 the Muse:

      don’t blame you, that’s TOO much! don’t…you can get something way better for that price!!!!!


  • 9/5/12 4:28 Saiba:

    Oooooh, I like this lol I definitely like the price. I like a bit more moisturizing concealer (most do anyway haha) and since a lot of my under eye concealers I was using have become unavailable to me…I may try this out. thank you so much for the review 😀


    • 9/5/12 9:16 the Muse:

      my pleasure saiba ;-D I hope you like it as much as I do!


  • 9/5/12 7:06 Kiss & Make-up:

    Hmm, my current stick concealer is almost finished. Maybe I’ll buy this one as my next concealer. It would be my very first make-up product from The Body Shop *shock!*


  • 9/5/12 11:18 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    I’m worried this would slip away on my oily skin. Love the price but…ehh…


  • 9/6/12 3:05 Phyrra:

    hmm I like the built in oil in the center. right now I’m using NARS Chantilly stick with a bit of a serum when I need concealer.


  • 9/6/12 4:09 Tiffany Martin:

    You seem to have a good result but something kept it from a muse approval, what was it lacking? (Curious, as the sticker price is tempting.)


    • 9/6/12 10:10 the Muse:

      shade, it just wasn’t a great match. all the shades seemed to yellow :-/


  • 9/7/12 1:53 Taylor:

    Gosh! This is what I’ve been searching for, Reviews seems to be positive. I’ll sure be giving this a try. I can’t wait to tell you how it’l make my skin look.


    • 9/7/12 9:34 the Muse:

      taylor update me, would like to hear your thoughts/experience :)


  • 11/30/12 5:11 naturallove:

    the concealer is the best i have ever used! easy to apply and the marula oil core is definitely a plus, creamy and easy to blend, glides on easily :)
    i usually apply with my fingers
    the only downside is that it only lasts about 4 hours so applying a primer beforehand will make a big big difference!
    love love love this stick concealer


  • 12/14/12 12:29 Avery:

    Hey, I’m keen to try this out! I have oily skin and intend to wear this for school! Will it stay and I need it to look super natural too! Pls help! :) thanks for the review btw.


  • 1/3/14 16:03 Jana:

    Does this stick also work as a spotconcealer? Or is it only for lines and dark circles?


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