Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Rock & Metal Holiday 2012 Review & Swatches

Want some never been seen, exclusive shades of Urban Decay Eyehshadow? You’ll have to indulge in the new Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Holiday 2012 Gift Sets ($18).

Build your beauty arsenal one eyeshadow at a time with this collectible (and completely customizable) 4-pan palette for Holiday 2012. Urban Decay’s newly formulated eyeshadows pop out of their compacts and into these customizable palettes to create a travel friendly quad of shades you can tote around with you.

Take a look!

For Holiday 2012, Urban Decay launched two new, limited edition Build Your Own Palette compacts featuring incredible art work and one full size eyeshadow each exclusive to each palette.

You can choose from Rock, a taupe gray and Melt, a creamy peach beige.

Melt and Rock




The shades are very subdued for Urban Decay. Since I’m on a really natural kick lately I think they’ll make excellent picks for an easy bright look on lids.

What do you think?

Like these shades?

These are available now at www.urbandecay.com

Will you be rocking either of these this Holiday?


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  • 9/10/12 17:36 Tigress:

    Rock is gorgeous!


  • 9/10/12 17:39 Carrie:

    Why can’t they just release a palette sans any extra shades? Yeah, there is value to them- but only if you’d wear the shade. I’d still prefer a slight price drop instead.


  • 9/10/12 19:23 Camille:

    So these cost the same as the larger Build Your Own’s that have a full sized eyeshadow & good karma brush?? Pass.


    • 9/11/12 9:43 the Muse:

      I don’t think they sell the six pan anymore camille so expect these to replace it.


  • 9/10/12 20:51 Cali:

    I felt extremely self-satisfied because I managed to finally build up my 6 spot byo palette. How does Rock compare to Mushroom?


    • 9/11/12 9:41 the Muse:

      rock is a sheerer gray taupe :)


      • 9/11/12 10:30 Cali:

        Thanks Muse! I’ve been debating on whether or not I need these, or just want them. Because they’re so pretty, I want them, but because I’m such a hoarder, I basically need them too. Damn Urban Decay and their crafy marketing and gorgeous packaging.


        • 9/11/12 10:37 the Muse:

          lol cali can relate!


  • 9/11/12 8:17 Helz Nguyen:

    These are nice neutral colors, right up my alley! Urban Decays usually have some really nice eyeshadows.


  • 9/11/12 9:46 Lauren:

    I like them and I’m very tempted to get one. I have 3 single shadows in the new formula so I could fill it… But I also have a ton of singles in the old formula that wouldn’t fit and I’m not sure I can justify it. I kind of like having my singles in my makeup case… but I want the shades. If this had been a 6 pan and came with the brush like the previous version (but I didn’t like the included shadow), I’d bite.


    • 9/11/12 10:33 Cali:

      I’ve heard the old shadows DO fit, they’re just a tight squeeze and a bit more work to get in. I wish Rock had come with the 6 pan palette; then there’s the Sephora exclusive UD palette that comes with a shade called breathless(ly?) I can’t keep up!


      • 9/11/12 10:34 the Muse:

        it’s confusing because the six pan is no longer sold at sephora or ud and only available at beauty.com and sephora has the exclusive with breathlessly and now rock and metal are available from UD and it appears Ulta too 😀


      • 10/3/12 23:15 audrey:

        yup they do fit and its not that hard. the hardest part is getting them out of the pot-i used a knife point to pry it out but once you do it pops in the new palette pretty easy.


  • 9/11/12 10:05 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    I really like Rock!


  • 9/11/12 10:25 Kiss & Make-up:

    Definitely more natural shades but still interesting enough for me to buy them.


  • 9/11/12 11:15 Majick:

    I returned my 6 pan BYO when they decided to sell in China. I’m glad things have changed but for now I’m passing on these. I do love both colors and the palettes themselves are really cute. Kind of hard to decide on one so…glad I’m not getting any. LOL

    I’m still reeling from my tad bit of a spending spree the past few weeks.


  • 9/11/12 11:45 Suselew:

    I talked with a UD company rep at Sephora and the 6 pan palettes were limited edition. I certainly didn’t know that at the time when I picked one up, luckily. I told her that many bloggers complained about the pricing and packaging then, so at the same price, I could see that this won’t be exactly well-received at a smaller size and no brush. She seemed incredulous that anyone thought the 6-pan was pricey. Perhaps, if they get enough complaints, they’ll bring back the 6 pan after the holidays (my thoughts). UD is pretty customer aware (look at the China fiasco).


    • 9/11/12 11:50 the Muse:

      i didn’t either, thought they were standard catalog and than I realize they are no longer selling them. I agree, if you tweet them they are very good about replying and taking your thoughts and opinion into mind.


  • 9/11/12 12:44 Jenny:

    I really like the gemstone packaging. Too bad they don’t ship to Canada!


  • 9/13/12 20:49 Marie Johnson:

    I got the breathless palette from sephora and it looks a lot like the rock color…but I found that the texture was drier than the others. Have u seen the sephora exclusive palette yet?


    • 9/17/12 16:47 the Muse:

      no marie just Vice which was released Saturday but haven’t heard anything about a sephora exclusive palette.


  • 9/15/12 9:50 Bethany:

    So, they are now giving you less for the same price. What a cleverly disguised price increase on an already pricey product.


    • 9/26/12 18:22 Imaani:

      Its almost like UD are trying to give the customers what they want, but people are still complaining about it!

      During the first incarnation of the ‘B.Y.O Palette’, people were complaining saying it was too costly to fill the palette, so after listening to their customers, U.D produce a smaller palette which is cheaper to fill, and cover the price of the eyeshadow in the palette, but people STILL complain about it!

      Just to remind you, the eyeshadow on its own is £14, and even though its included WITH the palette, its STILL £14!

      Guys….You’re not getting anything less, besides some empty holes, which you can fill over time.

      I personally think its a great idea and so today I purchased the ROCK palette because I ADORED the cover, AND the colour of the shadow inside. I also have a few shades of shadow to pop into it so it is well worth its money.

      If you feel that you are wanting it, but dont have the shadows to fill it, then this isnt for you because thats when the expenses rack up. Stick to the Naked/Smoked/Vice/Ammo/Fun/Feminine/Dangerous palettes instead to get your moneys worth and let this one pass you by!


  • 2/20/13 21:51 Xo:

    Anybody looking for the six pan palette should try Sephora in JC Penney. I have been a two different ones in my area lately and they both had the 6pan palette with Walk of Shame as well as the 4 pan one with Moonflower.


  • 1/6/15 15:52 Lauren:

    These are both on sale for $12 now! I ordered Melt and just googled your swatches for a preview!
    Maybe a return to the 6-pans is in the cards, but $12 for a UD shadow AND a palette is a pretty great deal.


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