Wet n Wild Party Rocks Fast Dry Nail Color Collection Holiday 2012

Wet n Wild has a new Party Rocks Holiday 2012 Fast Dry Nail Color Collection out. Bottles are $1.99 each and available now at Harmons (haven’t seen it anywhere else).

I’m not much of a nail girl but that bright neon sparkly one is calling my name.

Jump ahead for more pics.

P.S. Love her eye look! Hope we get some new Holiday Palettes from Wet n Wild this year!

  • 9/26/12 19:27 Zadidoll:

    Nice! I bet they’ll show up in the Pacific NW at Fred Meyer soon. Oh I can’t wait!


  • 9/26/12 20:52 Shellypea:

    Muse, they have three limited edition 8-color eye palettes out or coming out for the holiday in the “Where’s the Party” collection! One is a repeat of the I <3 Matte from last year now called "Drinking a Glass of Shine," and the other two are "Shimmer the Night Away" and "Sparkle 'Til Morning." People have started to see them in Harmons in the last several days.


    • 9/27/12 10:19 the Muse:

      oh yea I know about those shelly but was hoping for something better…wasn’t too impressed with those :-/


  • 9/26/12 21:01 Tiffany Martin:

    ERMAGHERD cute silver stars in that polish! Ahem. Yes they look very fancy.


  • 9/26/12 21:39 Lisa:

    I’m looking for the new palettes from WnW that are LE. One of them is a re-release of last year’s I Heart Matte palette, but the only place anyone has seem them in is in East Coast. I hope the West Coast gets it!


  • 9/26/12 23:12 Kate:

    I am attracted to the silver stars, right at the foreground of the picture.

    I am going to need a Helmer soon.


  • 9/27/12 10:26 Daintynymph:

    The silver stars look like a repromote from the July 4 collection! The star glitter is pretty cool but it’s one of those “good luck getting any glitter out of the bottle” polishes. If you like uniquely shaped glitter, it’s definitely worth picking up!


  • 9/27/12 11:26 Cindy:

    Oh fun! I see stars! 😀


  • 9/28/12 11:23 Felis:

    These look like my kind of thing! I’m still looking for a holo star polish that you can just brush on (this will be like my fourth try).

    In case this isn’t that polish, here’s a trick: gob some of the polish on a piece of saran wrap or wax paper or something, pick out the stars with a toothpick, and stick `em on your wet nail. Better placement and less “oh crap now my nails are four inches thick with nasty clear cheap polish that has one star in it”.


  • 9/29/12 6:21 Butterdaisy:

    Must have all but the pink, especially want the stars.


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