20% Plus Free Shipping Promo Code for Bath and Body Works

If you’d like to get a little Holiday haulin’ in early or maybe want to take advantage of the killer sale on Bath & Body Works Halloween goodies you can use promo code TWENTY50 and get 20% Off your order plus Free Shipping on any order of $50 or more at www.bathandbodyworks.com


  • 10/22/12 16:46 Suzanne:

    AWESOME! Thanks!


  • 10/23/12 10:31 Tiffany Martin:

    Do you know how long the promotion lasts?


    • 10/23/12 10:52 the Muse:

      this is until today I believe!


  • 11/8/13 23:43 Leith:

    Hi Muse,

    I’m new to Bath and Body works as they don’t have them in Australia (cry). I had my first visit yesterday and it was the most incredible shop! I bought many Christmas fragrances and hope to buy more throughout the year.

    I just wondered if you knew (or could give a rough outline) of the time frame for each seasons releases and how long they are on shelves for. For example, I was looking at your Spring 2013 and Summer 2013 posts from January and May and loovvvve some of them and I hope to be able to get them next year and don’t want to miss out!!

    Please reply, regards,

    Bath and Body Works candle addict (Leith)


    • 11/11/13 15:32 the Muse:

      hi leith happy to hear you’re enjoying BBW. I don’t really know there schedule for seasonal releases unfortunately…..sorry. I also haven’t a clue of when items will sell out or how long they will stick around…typically if something launches for Holiday I think it sticks around for the entire season but sometimes certain scents are only around for a month like Twisted Peppermint. Your question is a little hard to answer without me having a direct line to how BBW works with their season launches perhaps ask them via twitter or email?

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


      • 11/14/13 2:05 Leith:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I managed to get back into a store before I left and they said that their ranges are out for each season and can stay on shelves for around 2 months, depending on the location of the store, the popular scents for the area and popularity of sales and stuff. For example, I was in Hawaii and they don’t get sent as many spicy Christmas ones as the mainland would get.

        Long story short, they follow the seasons (which we both had worked out), but they add new stuff and take stuff away depending on sales. They change the names but usually have the same scents each season too.

        Basically I just need to watch the website like a hawk so I don’t miss out!!

        Thanks again!!


        • 11/14/13 9:21 the Muse:

          sounds like you got some great info leith happy to hear it :) I didn’t do anything so no thanks needed :)


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