A Spooky Place for Treats!

This is an extra desk I made into a candy station at my office. Now I have to get candy to fill all the jars/bowls/boxes with. Haven’t had a chance to hit up Target yet.

I just put the finishing touching on my zombie graveyard in my front lawn too! Need to take pics of that.

Have you started your Halloween decorating yet?

  • 10/2/12 18:09 Tammie:

    Yes! My son is super into “Haweeween” so we decorated the dining room/dining table/window and front door :)


  • 10/2/12 18:25 Janet Shepherd:

    Every year when you post all your lovely Halloween candles, bath & body products, and awesome decorations it just makes me wish so much I lived in the USA. You guys just get holidays RIGHT! Wish we had Halloween here in Australia 😀


  • 10/2/12 18:33 hannah:

    omg i wished i was your co-worker or something so i get to swipe candies everyday haha!


  • 10/2/12 19:03 Icequeen81:

    woow nice thank your for the pics I was waiting for them 😀


    • 10/3/12 9:44 the Muse:

      aw my pleasure had fun taking them/posting icequeen! know how much you love halloween!


  • 10/2/12 19:48 Karen M:

    I wish I worked in your office. No decorations here in my cage. :-) Muse – I just wanted to say thank you for your reviews. I am a relatively new reader to your blog (which I absolutely love). In fact I now check your reviews before I buy products. So “thank you” for what you do. :-)


  • 10/2/12 20:27 Tiffany Martin:

    I love your two-tier candy dish (white and black) where’d you get it?


    • 10/3/12 9:16 the Muse:

      it was actually a gift tiffany from a friend a few years ago. I haven’t a clue where she got it…she also got me plates, cups, etc…I had a party at my house on prior to halloween and it was kinda a hostess sorta gift.


      • 10/4/12 3:35 Tiffany Martin:

        Man, she had good taste! Thanks for sharing your spread, it’s making me feel spooky!


  • 10/3/12 9:54 Sarah S.:

    Man, I wish you worked in my office! 😉


    • 10/3/12 11:26 the Muse:

      hehe sarah!


  • 10/3/12 17:20 Majick:

    You mean I’m supposed to take them down? HA HA mine are up all year! Basically I put away most of the jacks but the ravens stay ALL year – yes, at my desk.
    I took a little pic but can’t remember how to attach it here. LOL


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