Bath & Body Works Lambie for Holiday 2012

It’s confirmed. Lambie is back at Bath & Body works for Holiday 2012! Can I hear a wooooweeee!!!

Right now Lambie Slippers and a Lambie Eye Mask is appearing on site. I have hopes to see the other products launch in the collection soon like the blanket, ornaments I am hearing about (OMG!), and other bits and bobs.

The soles of the new Lambie Slippers say “Count Sheep” on the them! So cute!

Did you miss Lambie?

Will you be indulging?

Shop it now online or check your local stores.

  • 10/12/12 14:40 Cj:

    I always wanted a sleep mask :O!


    • 10/12/12 16:59 LINDARRAGNAR:

      It will change your life!!

      I finally got a sleep mask and OMG I fall asleep faster, and feel like a princess in the morning!

      Totally going to get the sleep mask!! :)


  • 10/12/12 14:42 Comrade Garlic:

    Just in time. I need a new sleep mask.


  • 10/12/12 15:07 Lisa:

    TOO CUTE. Too bad sleep mask’s distract me from sleeping.. lol!


  • 10/12/12 15:42 breyerchic04:

    I don’t go in Bath and Body Works because of allergies, so I’d never seen it before but this is a must have for me!!!!! I’m a fiber artist and work a lot with wool.


    • 10/13/12 8:18 Majick:

      I def feel your pain in the allergy department. I only get to see the stuff from bbw when the Muse puts it out there for us. I “dressed” a little stuffed lamb in a homemade outfit for a friend who was away in college once. Let’s just say sewing tiny black seamed stockings was a bit if a challenge! LOL. Since you said you’re an artist and your medium is wool I hope you got a chuckle and werent offended by the visual. It was all in good fun. I did this way back in the early 80s so I can’t find the pic but it really turned out cute.

      Does anyone know if lambie slippers will get along with bunny slippers?


  • 10/12/12 15:48 Karen Martin:

    Oh my gosh! How cute are those slippers!


  • 10/12/12 15:53 kiwikiwidragon:

    Want the blankie :)


  • 10/12/12 16:06 Icequeen81:

    cute want the blankie too


  • 10/12/12 20:01 Brooke (

    Too cute. Everything looks so soft and cuddley!


  • 10/12/12 21:15 catazure:

    Oooh, need that sleep mask!


  • 10/12/12 21:41 Mermaid:

    A blanket has been confirmed??? Or is that just speculation. I’ve always regretted not getting one. I like the slippers, but I wish they came all the way around the back (like a bootie). Oh well. I loved the old stuffed animals, I would love to see them back!


  • 10/12/12 22:06 Monica:

    Omg, yay! thanks for confirming Muse :)


  • 10/12/12 22:18 Nala:

    I’ll buy a blankie, a plushie, and maybe a cute winter hat. But unfortunately I don’t use sleep masks or slippers. :( Socks, maybe?


  • 10/12/12 22:29 Tiffany Martin:

    Aww, these are so cute! I love both of these ^_^


  • 10/13/12 1:00 Sofia – As We Travel:

    My god these are perfect, such cute slippers, gotta have ’em!


  • 10/13/12 5:58 Kiss & Make-up:

    Aw, too cute :-) I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate the slippers, but the mask is so adorable :-)


  • 10/13/12 8:03 Joanna:

    Looks cute and comfy!


  • 10/13/12 10:23 Leigh:

    Hi Muse speaking of things coming back for the holidays. I was in Lush and remembered how much you like Snow Fairy but were worried that it may only be in Britain this year. I asked an attendant after buttering her up a bit and she assured me that all of their usual winter stuff would be released again, including Snow Fairy! Just thought you might like to know if you didn’t already. 😉


  • 10/13/12 12:29 Michelle:

    Freaking love the slippers! I live in slippers in the fall and winter months (no shoes worn in the house….yes I’ve become THAT person – haha).

    Besides, it’s bloody cold up here in upstate NY; my car says it’s 42 outside this morning – YUCK! These cute little slippers may just be enough to keep my toes from freezing off :)


  • 10/13/12 12:48 Renee:

    Heehee, Muse loves her Lambie. That sleep mask does look so soft. Think I will add that to my list and have sweet dreams.


  • 10/13/12 14:22 Icaria:

    These are soooo adorable!


  • 10/13/12 16:34 Cat G:



  • 10/13/12 21:54 Rosie in NYC(makeup freak:

    how cute is that


  • 10/13/12 22:01 sarahd:

    OMG…I got these slippers tody!!!! They only had 3 pairs and they are adorable!!! Super soft and cozy!!!!


    • 10/16/12 16:41 the Muse:

      sarah same at by BBW, only three pairs! GASP!


  • 10/13/12 22:20 Odbery:

    The awkward moment when you quickly scroll down and instead of reading “count” you read… another “c” word. lol


  • 10/14/12 18:25 Therese:

    Those slippers are SO cute! I wish BBW would ship overseas, guess I’ll be looking on a certain auction site for these… ; )


  • 10/15/12 1:32 Marie:

    Yayyy!! I loved the Sleep set he/she came with years ago… Milk and Honey I believe? I really hope they bring that back some time too!

    Also do you happen to know if they’re bringing back the Sleep Vanilla Cinnamon scent this year?


    • 10/16/12 16:33 the Muse:

      me too! I remember that set! ;-D Not sure………..sure hope so!


  • 10/15/12 3:40 Phyrra:

    So adorable!


  • 10/15/12 10:47 Kim:

    Yes, I saw them in store over the weekend and was super excited. Little plush, slippers, ornaments and the mask were there. I did not see a blanket tho.


  • 10/16/12 1:36 Rebekah:

    These look so cute! did you buy them??


    • 10/16/12 9:33 the Muse:

      yeah 😀 Def had to have ’em!


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