Bath & Body Works Liplicious Dazzlelicious Lip Gloss With a Wand!

I dunno about you but I’ve always wished Bath & Body Works would release a collection of Liplicious Lipglosses with a wand. Wish granted, their new Liplicious Dazzlelicious Lipgloss has a wand!

Doesn’t take much to get me excited!

This dazzling, light reflecting glosses have a good bit of sparkle and a want applicator for application and of course, they are flavored!

Liplicious Dazzlelicious Lipgloss Flavors:

  • Disco Melon (bright pink sparkle with watermelon flavor)
  • Strawberry Shimmer (light pink sparkle with strawberry flavor)
  • Brilliant Berry (bright berry sparkle with a fruity flavor)
  • Jeweled Coconut (shimmering nude beige with coconut flavor)

Happiness is sparkly flavored lipglosses with a wand applicator.

Love these!

Can’t wait to try.

Oh no, another addiction?

Let’s hope not because Liplicious Lipglosses are cluttering up my makeup bag, drawers, vanity……

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 10/9/12 15:47 Icequeen81:

    I dont like glosses but that berry shade is pretty


  • 10/9/12 17:10 Phyrra:

    Love their names, especially Jeweled Coconut!


  • 10/9/12 21:39 Hoang:

    Another Liplicious release I like? ..oh no. lol
    Strawberry Shimmer looks cute and I might just pick up the others if I like the scents 😉


    • 10/10/12 9:49 the Muse:

      lol I know right?! why jebus why!


  • 10/10/12 2:20 Sienna:

    Ooh, I think I need that berry color. Wish they’d had it when I was at B&BW this weekend!


  • 10/21/12 16:45 Victoria:

    I’ve got the Disco Melon. It’s lovely and definitely a very juicy watermelon scent/flavor! Gloss thickens up after a bit but the wand is just brilliant!


  • 12/6/13 12:30 joanie:

    loove these glosses..i have the cupcake flavored one and the wine berry I believe its called. the smell and taste is addicting lol


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