Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Punkie Night 2012 Fragrance Oil Review

I’ve had the oddest luck with some of BPAL’s Halloweenies this year. They’ve all gone kinda floral on me. I typically haul hard during Halloween at the Lab because they release considerably more “foody” scents around the Fall than any other time of the year but I’m seriously having a body chemistry issue lately because they go more floral on me than foody….!

Punkie Night is another blend that went wrong on me this year!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab or BPAL as known by its fans is the creator of unique and obscure fragrance oils. Each year they create a limited edition seasonal range of Halloween Fragrance Oils to celebrate not only the Halloween but Harvest and Fall.

Punkie Night is in mmm probably its third to fourth run now. It was introduced probably around 2008? But don’t quote me I could be utterly off there….so far I have three versions counting this years.

The notes include apple orchards, bright cranberries, and warm cider. Years past my versions have always had a warm cider scent with plenty of apple. This year the apple orchard seems to take a dominate step into the fragrance, it’s almost an apple blossom-like scent which is more floral than fruity. The spiciness I got from other renditions of the fragrance doesn’t seem to be here this year.

Sniffing from the bottle you get crisp candy-like cranberry but upon contact with my skin the scent morphs and becomes less sweet. I get a bit of incense to it (this has been known to happy with certain fragrance oils from Bpal) and subtle floral that can only be associated with apple blossom.

I actually don’t love how it reacted with my body chemistry….thankfully I can fall back on the oils from years past because this year’s Punkie Night didn’t have the same effect for me.

Le sigh!

Which Halloweenies are you loving?

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  • 10/24/12 16:19 Michelle:

    I purchased my first set of imps b/c of your recommendations Muse, and I must say… THANK YOU! Very cool store!

    Also, I would say that many of my bpal scents have turned incensey/babypowdery on me. The incense isn’t bad, but the babypowder… well…I need to order more samples to get a scent I’m going to keep.


    • 10/25/12 16:42 the Muse:

      YAYYYYYY so glad to hear it michelle! I always think the LE are some of the best around but other folks feel the general catalog is better…I def get incense from certain scents but don’t worry they really aren’t ALL like that :D!


  • 10/24/12 16:31 Marta:

    I’ve wanted to try BPAL for a year now but they don’t sell samples and it’s quite a risk buying a scent without trying it first. Also so many scents to choose from… wouldn’t know where to begin. For foodies that stay foody and don’t mutate on skin, have you tried Dorian and Dahl’s Killer Cupcake or Mooncake Memory? The Morbid the Merrier had perfume, Natali (the strongest orange-covered-in-dark-chocolate scent EVER) but it closed. Maximo was also good but weird, leather and chocolate. If you’re ever up for a swap let me know lol.


    • 10/24/12 16:36 the Muse:

      they sell imps marta aka small samples of their oils. :) the only thing they don’t imp are LE scents so you can def indulge :) I have indeed tried Dorian but not Dahl’s Killer Cupcake or Mooncake Memory…! those sound incredible…! 😀 Damn shame about the Morbid Merrier have you tried Arcana? they do some great oil blends! gosh I’d love to but I SUCK at getting to the PO box! been such a while since I did a swap!


      • 10/25/12 3:12 Marta:

        Oh ok they call them imps? I did a scan on the website to or three times (I don’t know why the design confuses me, maybe it’s my explorer) and didn’t see the word “sample” anywhere… now I know what to look for (insert evil laugh here). I don’t know why I went evil all of a sudden… I’ll take a look at Arcana!
        Lol I get it, up until 2 or 3 years ago going to the PO was in my “hell, no” permanent list. I currently have 3 swap buddies but it’s like 1-3 times a year so it isn’t stressful xD you’re right though it’s not for everyone.


        • 10/25/12 9:16 the Muse:

          yeah beth used to hand tie ribbons on the sample vials with a little tag and they started calling them imp ears :) <—-these are where you can order them! I used to love swapping! But I am SO bad at the PO. I’m the same, it’s a HELL no! It’s always busy, lines, etc…I hate even going to mail giveaways :-/


  • 10/24/12 17:51 Christina:

    I am a big fan of years’ past Punkie Night, but I have to say my favorite BPAL Halloweenie was Pumpkin Queen, which has not been repeated. Excited to try Witch Dance when my order comes, though!

    As for Arcana– if you haven’t tried Sleepy Hollow, DOOOO EET. It is heaven.


    • 10/25/12 9:31 the Muse:

      pumpkin queen was fab christina! really do wish she’d bring it back! I have Sleepy Hollow do love it ;-D!


  • 10/30/12 16:06 AnniLau:

    Have you ever tried She’s got some really great scents – Reason is my favorite – and a cool little sampling setup.


    • 10/31/12 12:43 the Muse:

      hey anni! love possets she does some really great scents ;-D


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