Blast from the Beauty Past: The Lip Collection by Bourjois Paris

I used to love doing a Ghosts from Christmas Past Collections on Musings. But my stash has grown so much that it proves impossible to remember what was from a Holiday Collection and what wasn’t. I’d love an intern to catalog my entire stash for me, now that, would be brilliant.

I was rotating my stash several weeks ago in preparation for Fall and also just to spruce it up to see what needed to be tossed, donated, etc…and I came across a REAL gem. The Lip Collection by Bourjois Paris!

This was released long before I started Musings of a Muse (the site is around six years old now). I wish I could remember the exact Holiday year but unfortunately it escapes me at this point (I’d like to say 2001 or 2002 maybe). Needless to say it was when Bourjois was still sold at Sephora.

It’s a makeup roll bag made of a rich aubergine material with a bright orange ribbon tie up. It rolls out to reveal ten full size Bourjois Paris Lipsticks, a blinged out Lipstick Holder, two full size lip pencils, a lip brush, and four lipglosses.

At this point, I would chance using the products since they are quite old but I’ve kept the set because it’s just too beautiful. I can’t recall the price either but believe it was around $150-$200. It kinda brought back memories of a better time in makeup sets for me…

Don’t get me wrong the monster sets that are available now at such cheap prices are incredible. But I really loved when Holiday Collections truly were limited edition and had some value behind purchasing and owning them. Nowadays LE products, sets, palettes seem so terribly disposable. The experience isn’t quite the same.

Either way…this set really made me smile. It felt like a better time in beauty.

Does anyone remember it?

What’s the oldest set, palette, or makeup item in your stash?

Do you feel the beauty world has changed a bit in regards to LE Collections and products?

Do share!

  • 10/17/12 12:45 Moon:

    Muse I would LOVE to be your intern to help you organize and catalog your stash! I love organizing and I do a really good job! I always wonder how much make up other people have.

    Girl with all the make up you reviewed (and assume you own and keep the majority of them) I think I would be on treasure island all day discovering things! “Oh Muse, what’s that? I’ve never seen that before!”…”wow, that’s so cute!”


  • 10/17/12 12:51 Icequeen81:

    actually is a mini lip gloss of bourjois I got once . It was years ago I got with my phone. It is so pretty I can’t manage to toss it away


  • 10/17/12 13:41 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Omggg! This is really gorgeous! I love the blingy lipstick case. Too neat.

    I have a lipgloss that I just HAD TO HAVE in 9th grade because my friend had a tube of it. It’s old, old, old now but (confession time) I sometimes still use it. I can’t remember what brand it is now but I’ll look it up. I’m pretty sure it’s Maybelline. Anyway, it was my first foray into the mystical world of coral and I haven’t looked back! LOL!


    • 10/17/12 13:42 OrangeLipstickBlog:

      Now that I think about it…that tube is 9.5 years old. Ewww. I know I should part with it but I just can’t!


  • 10/17/12 14:08 Cindy:

    My oldest makeup item in my stash… hmmm. I’ve still got some pieces from when Smashbox and Tokidoki had a collaboration. I do a ‘spring cleaning’ of my makeup annually and usually give away eyeshadow or lipstick I don’t use to friends and/or family. I just can’t keep it all!


  • 10/17/12 14:23 Jane:

    My oldest item? After my grandma died, I saved some of her pieces of makeup, so I have an Estée Lauder Hyacinth Sky eye liner from the late 70s or 80s. Obviously, it’s for nostalgia and I’m never going to use it, but I love having it.


    • 10/19/12 12:58 the Muse:

      aw jane that’s amazing :)


  • 10/17/12 15:19 Marta:

    Aw, such cuteness! I don’t love Bourjois’ lipsticks, but their 3D glosses and matte cremes are awesome (and hard to find now).
    My oldest item isn’t mine, but something that my grandma got in Belgium 20 years ago and gave me on a whim (I was around 5 and obnoxius lol). It’s an old Bourjois baked blush pot, and I swear it still has that smell of roses. Faded, but it’s still there. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, but I feel enriched just by having something that lovely.


  • 10/17/12 18:17 mon:

    Oh man, I’d immediately sign up to do an unpaid internship with you if it included cataloging your entire stash lols. I guess I got into makeup too late to remember any awesome holiday sets. All I can recall are all those palettes that come out during the holidays made from cardboard. I mean sure, they’re pretty looking, but for the holidays you want something that feels luxe too you know? The oldest palette I have is a Hard Candy kaleidescope palette that I found at Marshalls.


    • 10/18/12 9:43 the Muse:

      lol mon! come on over ;-D hmmm trying to recall the HC kaleidoscope, sounds familiar….!


      • 10/22/12 20:29 mon:

        Argh, I got the name wrong! I have the Secret Stash. I was positive it was Kaleidoscope. Oh well we all have memory lapses sometimes!


        • 10/23/12 9:15 the Muse:

          lol senior moment eh?


  • 10/18/12 1:39 telle:

    wow, that is an awesome set!!!
    hmmm my oldest set, palette or makeup item? i’d probably have to say lancome juicy tubes tropique collection that were “glace”, or maybe something from quo? heh heh, i remember when my mom did halloween makeup for me and my siblings from the avon clown makeup set! does that count? 😉

    i haven’t been following all brands for decades or anything like that, but within the last few years at least for some brands, the LE/collections are lack luster. Marcelle had an amazing color collection for holiday/winter years ago (4-5years?) and each holiday collection since then has been blah, and certainly not as extensive. Lancome and Estee Lauder seemed to have hashed out the same color themes in the last few holidays (golds and neutrals? *again?!*). Lancome holiday 2012 is uneventful, as was 2011 although it had a nice fundraising twist to it. Doing the same thing over and over (benefit palettes and Quo holiday im looking at you) with a slightly different color variation sure is blah. I have to say though, that I am excited that brands are embracing practical/travel friendly sized palettes (UD vice vs. BOS; Smashbox 2011 vs Smashbox 2012; Tarte the Starlet vs. Tarte carried away. Stila, where is your practical sized palette? I have seen the luxe eyeshadow palette on your website! Will this be coming to Canada?).
    I am pumped for the lancome blockbusters warm and cool sets, as well as the Elizabeth Arden blockbuster too! Especially since EA has new shadows *WoOt* and Lancome has new single color design shadows (hotness and purple pumps you shall be mine!).


  • 10/18/12 2:59 Quinctia:

    I’d think the lipsticks and pencils should be okay to use if you test them and they have the same consistency and smell. The lipgloss could be usable if you never used it before or sampled it out with a clean applicator.

    I have the first nail polish I ever bought, which I got when I was 14/15 or so. Still usable, though most polishes can be refreshed with a bit of thinner. It’s a Maybelline Express Finish in Silver Lilac. :)


    • 10/18/12 9:24 the Muse:

      typically I use new applicators for gloss so should be ok ;-D I’m a little scared to use any of it lol as it is 10 years old or so….! omg I think I remember silver lilac…lol!


  • 10/18/12 16:34 Lisa Marie:

    I owned this set. My favorite lipstick of all time. My favorite set EVER.


    • 10/18/12 16:36 the Muse:

      lisa do you recall the release year and price?!


      • 1/21/13 18:51 Lisa Marie:

        Must have been circa 03. 120 bucks sticks out in my head.


        • 1/22/13 9:10 the Muse:

          damn that long! ha!


  • 1/17/13 16:55 Simone:

    Aw I loved those 3D glosses!!
    I had a bunch of mini ones about 8 years ago! I no longer have them though. Lol!

    I actually don’t have any makeup over a year old, (moving around, lifestyle choices, etc. have left me with a brand new collection to build), but I do have a deodorant from Dove, I believe it’s DC, the scent is Cashmere. That’s pretty old. I only keep it because it smells INCREDIBLE! I don’t w actually use it, but every once in awhile I take a whiff. My sister sneaks sniffs of it too! Lol.


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