Cheap Thrills: E.L.F. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

I know how much a fan everyone is of NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks so the news of E.L.F. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick ($2) should welcome news today.

Cheap thrills on the way with these new Eyeshadow Sticks maybe? At $2, it can’t hurt to try!

Available in ten shades these promise a rich, creamy, pigmented formula. Infused with Vitamin E they nourish the delicate area around the eye lid and provide a smooth glide during application.

They sure sound promising!


  • Little Miss Thing
  • French Lace
  • Rock Out!
  • Bali Bound
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Feeling Lucky
  • Forest Nymph
  • Check Me Out
  • Like a Boss
  • Midnight Rendezvous

E.L.F. may be hit or miss but props for keeping things fresh and exciting with a constant stream of newly launched products.

I’m eager to check these out.

Available now at

  • 10/9/12 16:21 Marie:

    I love the NYX Jumbo Pencil’s (they’re the only base I’ll use!) and I love ELF. I hope these live up to the expectations!


  • 10/9/12 16:40 tiny:

    I wonder if they’ll be more like the NYX jep’s *best used as a base and not as an eyeshadow on their own* or more like the UD ones *where you don’t need powder to set them*

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts/review!


  • 10/9/12 19:38 Kylie:

    I have a feeling this is going to be a huge creasing mess, even with primer. :X


    • 10/10/12 9:18 the Muse:

      haha I feel that way too kylie!


  • 10/9/12 20:43 Maria:

    Ooooh, can’t wait to try these!


  • 10/9/12 20:51 Vi:

    Mm…I’m a little bit skeptical upon hearing “Vitamin E”. I don’t need any more oil on my eyelids than I already have. XD But the shades certainly look pretty, and it’d be super awesome if these don’t smudge too badly. :)


    • 10/10/12 9:49 the Muse:

      hopeful it means a smooth easy glide ;D


  • 10/9/12 20:53 breyerchic04:

    I’m afraid they’ll be like wet’n’wild’s jumbo pencils.


    • 12/23/12 21:39 portmanteau:

      Those are absolute CRAP.


  • 10/9/12 22:29 Cindy:

    I loooove using NYX ‘Milk’ jumbo eye pencil as a base, but it still tends to crease on me after a few hours of wear. I’d love to give these guys a go and see how they hold up!


  • 10/10/12 5:45 Tiffany Martin:

    These look fun but, no white? NYX milk dupe would have been good to have on the cheap. No matter, I’ll prolly still pick them up for a go.


  • 10/10/12 10:00 Lulubelle:

    Hoping these don’t crease as badly as their eyeliners. Those suckers never set.


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