Coach Poppy Lipgloss Collection

Ahem…do want Coach Poppy Lipgloss Collection please and thank you so much.

Not only is this Ulta Exclusive set a collection of five lipglosses from Coach but it some of the proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.


  • Shell
  • Ginger
  • Coral
  • Pink
  • Rose

I love the Poppy fragrance and just think this gloss set is darling!

Available now at


They killed off Mark Sloan? Now who the hell is supposed to be the resident slut at Seattle Grace.

My hospital drama life is over. Is it be hug time now? Because I need one! Oh well, if I’m honest, I was bored with him anyway! It was all about McBaby last season and a hell of a lot less McSteamy!

  • 10/1/12 11:36 Alina:

    omg this looks so pretty and for a good cause too! do you think they will be available online? i live in australia and ulta doesnt ship internationally :(


    • 10/1/12 11:38 the Muse:

      it’s at alina but I’m not sure if ulta ships internationally.


  • 10/1/12 11:45 midori:

    Hi, Muse! Hope you had a good weekend.
    I didn’t know Coach does cosmetics! I am trying to start a no-buy here but this ( along with a few other things) are making it fairly impossible…


    • 10/1/12 11:50 the Muse:

      it was great thanks midori and yours?! they don’t, it’s just one of those one off sets probably ;-D haha…don’t read my blog when you are on a no buy lol! too many temptations girl!


      • 10/1/12 11:58 midori:

        Mine was good, thanks : ) Did some shopping at the container store to organize my makeup collection…at least I didn’t buy makeup.
        I CAN’T not read your blog! It’s my daily routine and I’m highly addicted to it ; )


        • 10/1/12 12:16 the Muse:

          midori I did a little fall cleaning myself and was at the container store hehe. I had to switch my closet around for the cooler weather so I sorted through my makeup as well, went through my bathrooms and tossed out older skincare, etc…! god container store is the worst though, makes me want to organize and label everything, I’m anal so heading into a shop like that feeds me. lol! hehe aw thanks!!!!!!!!!!


  • 10/1/12 14:00 Sara Elisabeth:

    Karev could take over as resident slut, but he went and got a whole bunch of sappy feelings working with Arizona in peds. D00d! Arizona’s legs!! Did you freak, or did you freak?


    • 10/1/12 14:04 the Muse:

      I TOTALLY FREAKED! I thought she was dead! they kept avoiding the topic and I thought she died. I freaked out! I was like OMG she’s alive! Ha Karev would totally be a great resident slut but yeah, he’s getting a love interest supposedly this season, ’bout time!!!!!!!!!


      • 10/1/12 16:33 Sara Elisabeth:

        I thought she was dead too, the way everyone kept looking at her like she was in denial and about to have breakdown at any second. And when Callie was the one to do the amputation, oh man! Ooo and when Meredith freaked on the plane. I actually got a lump in my throat.


        • 10/1/12 16:38 the Muse:

          I know! I thought the same and finally when they showed her in bed I thought oh she’s alive but she’s in super depressed mode but when she showed her leg I was ALL HOLY CRAP! How are they going to work that into her story is my question? It has to be challenging to physically get her leg to look amputated on screen…!!!!!! Me too! Christine was smart, she didn’t even attempt trying haha! Couldn’t believe Owen didn’t head to Christine OMG! he went to ask miss whiny pants back haha! Do you think there’s a romance blooming there?!


          • 10/1/12 17:55 Sara Elisabeth:

            They tricked us with that too! They totally made it look like Owen was going get his beloved back! I don’t think there’s a budding romance. (I can’t stand April. She’s sooo whiney, and she failed her boards too when All the other doctors passed.) I think Owen is trying to get the old team back they’re going to have to do a bunch of CGI on Arizona’s legs. Or they’ll have to shoot her from the waist up in her wheelchair. Maybe she’ll get prothsetic legs. Her wife is some kind of badass ortho surgeon afterall. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • 10/1/12 14:10 cat:

    Ooo, will you be buying and reviewing these, Muse? I’m worried about the shimmer. Shimmer and I are not friends.


    • 10/1/12 14:20 the Muse:

      yeah they are in my cart…! also the new stila blush ;D!


  • 10/1/12 15:19 Anna:

    Ulta-exclusive? :(

    Is there a Canadian equivalent to Ulta or am I completely out of luck?

    Looking forward to your review of these, btw! :)


    • 10/1/12 15:32 the Muse:

      I’m not sure if Ulta ships to Canada Anna!? sorry! review on the way 😀


  • 10/1/12 15:25 Tammie:

    Saw this in the Ulta catalog…kinda need it! I am a Coach h0ar.


  • 11/29/12 15:05 rizzles:

    Not even gonna lie I cried BIG fat tears when Mark died. He was the only thing really good left in that show now if Alex dies im done!


    • 11/29/12 15:46 the Muse:

      wait what alex who said alexa was gonna die!? NOOOOOOOOOO!


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