Do Want: The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm & Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

Seems like ages since the Body Shop launched a collection of must have makeup. Agreed? Remember those incredible Autumn Leaves Blushes from Fall 2010? I haven’t seen The Body Shop doing anything like this in a while…

Le sigh!


My faith is restored in The Body Shop with the release of their darling little Lip Balms in Ginger Sparkle and Cranberry Joy for Holiday 2012.

Do want these please.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm $6
A shimmering red tinted balm with a fruity cranberry flavor!

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm $6
A shimmering, moisturizing lip balm with a zingyy ginger flavor!

These are available for a limited time at Body Shop locations or online at

Stocking stuffers FTW!

  • 10/24/12 11:30 Kiss & Make-up:

    Looks good! I hope they’ll be available in Belgium 😮


  • 10/24/12 15:27 Quinctia:

    Ginger ginger ginger!

    I never got a chance to get B&BW’s ginger gloss last year, and I went in early this year to find out they’re not having it. So…I kind of want one of these.


  • 10/24/12 18:19 Ashley:

    These remind me of the Spring (or was it Summer) blush dome thingies!


  • 10/24/12 18:40 Eli Caroline:

    I just picked up 4 of these little guys (Ginger Sparkle). They are buy 2 get 2 free. What a deal! I love that they are a dome. I always hate sticking my finger into a pot of balm.


  • 10/24/12 18:51 Cathy:

    Oooh the ginger one sounds nice! And yummy!


  • 10/24/12 20:05 Arisu:

    the dome shape kind of reminds me of eos lipbalms o.o


  • 11/1/12 8:40 haru:

    *drools* Wants the cranberry.Why do they make this only every Christmas season?


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