Duwop Mini Private Lipsticks Collection Holiday 2012

If you love DuWop Private Lipstick you’ll be quite happy about the new Mini Private Lipsticks Collection ($37) that DuWop has introduced for the Holidays.

Private Lipstick
is a color-changing lipstick that morphs into each your personal shade.

Shades Included:

  • Private Red
  • Private Plum
  • Private Nude
  • Private Pink
  • Private Coral (New)
  • Private Pearl (New)

The set is available now at shop.duwop.com

  • 10/17/12 10:06 Brooke:

    woah. Cool. Do they actually change color?


  • 10/17/12 12:26 Icequeen81:

    will be interesting to see the changes


  • 10/17/12 14:11 Cindy:

    Something about color changing just pleases the little girl in me. 😀


  • 10/23/12 15:35 Melissa:

    I didn’t buy this last year and it was less colors and I think the same price? – so I might have to get it this year.


    • 10/23/12 15:38 the Muse:

      believe it is indeed the same price!


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