Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss New Shades Review & Swatches

I’m delighted to report that Hard Candy’s Glossaholic Lipgloss Collection is being extended with new colors for Fall/Winter 2012. I fell in love with these when they originally introduced them.

At $5 each it’s like getting a mega sized MAC Lipglass for a heap less!

Check it out!

Walmart will have four new shades of Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss launching in store shortly.

New Shades:

  • Sweet Peach
  • Icing
  • Confection
  • Creamsicle

This tube has 0.38 oz of gloss versus a regular MAC Lipglass at 0.17 oz in size. Now a MAC Lipglass is $15 but these are a mere $5 bucks! You get nearly triple the gloss in a single tube for a third less than a full size MAC gloss. Sweet eh?

A single dip into the gloss will cover your entire lips thanks to the ginormous applicator (see below for a comparison of a regular applicator versus the much LARGER applicator the gloss has) which deposits gloss onto lips in a single swipe. These are a glossy with a vanilla flavor and scent a la MAC and a thick, glossy formula. Although thick they aren’t as tacky or sticky as a MAC Lipglass and wear quite comfortably and quite long. The gloss contains hyper-reflective prisms to give lips a sparkling effect.

I tried one of the new shades, Sweet Peach, which is a sheer shade of peach with gold flecks of sparkle.

If you’re a fond fan of the gloss you’ll want to check out some of the new shades for yourself.

Those who haven’t tried Glossaholic yet, well, what are you waiting for?

Fab stuff!

Muse Approved for purchase.

Available at shortly at Walmart and Walmart.com

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  • 10/16/12 12:47 Tammie:

    I love the effect of these but I found the one I had spread flakie glitter all over my face 😡


    • 10/16/12 12:48 the Muse:

      oh no :( some of them do have flaky chunks of glitter, gotta be careful, others have more refined pieces of it!


  • 10/16/12 12:49 Ada:

    I just started using Hard candy illuminating primer and their blush stick duo and I think their stuff is great! I’m looking forward to trying these glosses too!


    • 10/16/12 12:50 the Muse:

      happy to hear it ada, the blush stick is really awesome ;-D Hope you like the glosses!


  • 10/16/12 13:26 Jen:

    I have been debating grabbing these, but since its Muse approved I can do it now! Thanks for the review!


    • 10/16/12 13:51 the Muse:

      lol thanks ken super flattered!


  • 10/16/12 13:30 CucumPear:

    I don’t wear a lot of shimmer and glitter on my lips these days, but I adore the way this gloss sparkles.


  • 10/16/12 13:55 Kiss & Make-up:

    I’m definitely a lip gloss kind of girl, and this looks great.


  • 10/16/12 15:46 Nicole:

    I don’t own any mac glosses, but seems I don’t need to if I pick these up!
    Thanks! Looking forward to trying them!


    • 10/16/12 16:05 the Muse:

      my pleasure nicole! they are such a great treat hope you like ’em as much as I do!


  • 10/17/12 10:26 Butterdaisy:

    Definitely want two of these. Always looked at them in the store but never picked any up. Now i can with confidence thanks to your review.


    • 10/17/12 10:27 the Muse:

      hope you like them as much as I do ButterDaisy 😀


  • 10/17/12 10:43 Susan K:

    I picked up Creamsicle last week. I must say I was disappointed with the colors they released. Was expecting deeper, richer shades for fall/winter. These are all so sheer. More like a spring release. That being said, they are one of my fav gloss formulas, and will happily add these new shades to my glossaholic collection!


    • 10/17/12 10:53 the Muse:

      susan, yeah, I think the fact they don’t have more color (all the range not just the new shades) really stinks :( but I love them anyway! good stuff at this price ;D


  • 10/17/12 14:56 Danii:

    Could they have a dupe for Cult of Cherry?! I want a red lipgloss, but won’t pay MAC’s price for lipgloss. I saw Cult of Cherry, wanted it instantly as an alternative to my NYX lipstick/NYX matte lip cream. Needless to say, I let it pass by so hope!!!


    • 10/17/12 15:14 the Muse:

      sorry danii, these are to sheer for any dupes of something as pigmented as cult of cherry :(


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