I Swear My Cat Knows My Schedule Better Than I Do!

She meets me everyday in the same location. I swear she has my schedule down. Now if she could only do the damn work out for me I’d be one happy camper.

  • 10/25/12 18:34 Michou:

    She’s making sure you get your workout on! Soooo cute!


    • 10/26/12 9:43 the Muse:

      lol it appears so! my own coach…typically she sits on top of the treadmill’s panel and proceeded to watch me sweat. I have this funny feeling she’s laughing at me! ;D


  • 10/25/12 18:59 Icequeen81:

    heheh she is cute


    • 10/26/12 9:43 the Muse:

      thanks ;D!


  • 10/26/12 1:08 Angelica B.:

    aw! pretty kitty!


    • 10/26/12 9:26 the Muse:

      thank you!


  • 10/26/12 10:40 K.B.:

    Your blog is the perfect mix of makeup, books, and cats. I think we’re sisters from another mister! 😉

    (P.S. What’cha reading? I read “Rock Me” 3 times in a row after you brought it to my attention. lol)


    • 10/26/12 10:43 the Muse:

      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do you love brian? LOL! I’m waiting for Ghost and Macy’s Story! It comes out November 6th I think!? I love Cherrie Lynn! her music taste is so me ;-D hehe <3! can’t always be about makeup right? right now I’m reading the new Beautiful Creatures 😀 how about YOU!? I’m really into all these serials lately too! loved Gabriel’s Inferno.


      • 10/26/12 11:18 K.B.:

        Brian was the first fictional character that I ever wished was REAL. And yes, Ghost and Macy’s story comes out 11/6 (I have a reminder on my phone lol). I’m reading Dennis Lehane’s newest right now because I read too many “snacks” in a row, so I’m reading books I can tell my Mom about. lol Have you ever read the “Marriage to a Billionaire” series by Jennifer Probst? I finished the second book (“The Marriage Trap”) a few days ago and I wish I was still reading it. I have a problem where I don’t want to stop reading a book that I’m loving, but then when I’m done reading it, I’m sad that it’s over already.

        Also, you should check out “Wrong Bed, Right Guy” by Katee Robert – the main male character reminded me of Brian (but not in an obviously ripped off way). Oh! And “Easy” by Tammara Webber and “Pushing the Limits” by Katie McGarry. I wish I was rich so I could just sit around all day and read!


        • 10/26/12 11:26 the Muse:

          LOL! Well I’m sure you can find one like him just not as LOVING and caring 😀 hehe! Cherrie’s likened Ghost to Adrian Patrick (just saw Outerwise in concert a few weeks ago) and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Haha! love you have a reminder! I prebooked it on amazon so it’ll download on kindle the day it launches, can’t wait! I downloaded Live by Night but…mmm I heard some rather mixed reviews and it’s been sitting on my reader since the launch earlier this month. Hopefully will start it soon. snacks lol yeah I know what you mean! my fall book list is normally filled with snack reads. I borrowed it from one of my reader’s but I only read like one page of it, for some reason it didn’t capture me and all the books keep getting rave reviews…so take a second look do you think? Story of my life KB: http://pinterest.com/pin/227924431112272989/ 😀

          oh thanks! I’ll check those out but only if you check out Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Rapture and also the Honor & Obey series by teresa mummert they are kinda fifty shades rip offs but Gabriel’s Inferno is so much more deeper and richer.

          Also Beautiful Disaster by jamie mcguire

          just copied your comment to my draft pile so I can download samples of those books ;-D thanks for the recs chica!

          And yeah, me too, I wish I had MORE time to just lay around and read in bed ;-D that’s the life!


          • 10/26/12 11:48 K.B.:

            OMG, that Pinterest pic is SO ME! Girl, I read (and re-read) Beautiful Disaster in a day! I started it late on a Saturday afternoon and stayed up all night reading it. Had I started it on a Sunday, I would have called in to work on Monday and regretted nothing. lol The first time I read it, I was all “OMG, Travis needs to be PUNCHED IN THE FACE WHY CAN’T I STOP READING THIS BOOK?!” and then by the time I finished it, I was all “OMG I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK AGAIN!!” Did you see that Jamie Maguire is coming out with Travis’ side of the story? It doesn’t come out until FREAKING APRIL OF NEXT YEAR, but I’m ready to lose another weekend to it.

            I’m loving “Live By Night” – I read 1/3 of it yesterday. I’m surprised that it’s gotten mixed reviews, but different strokes, ya know? I don’t think it’s near as good as “The Given Day” was. “Live By Night” did take a few pages to grow on me, because Joe (the main character) isn’t as sympathetic as Danny. I think Lehane must have received a lot of requests for a follow up to “The Given Day.”

            I’ll definitely check out Gabriel’s Inferno/Rapture, although I’m mad that I waited too long to buy them. I talked myself out of buying them a month or so ago because I had gone on an eBook spree, and now they’ve been picked up by a major publisher so they’re several dollars more a piece now. The same with the Honor & Obey series so maybe I can grab those before they get picked up.

          • 10/26/12 12:13 the Muse:

            LOL me too! me too me too! ;-D hehe…I swear that picture was created for me. I’ve been a bookworm my entire life! I just get so caught up and obsessed with a story ;-D not to mention comics and manga *head desk* Did you read the Providence series too by Jamie? 😀 good reads too but nothing like Beautiful Disaster. Agreed he was such an ass but I secretly love those types of heroes ;-D YES YES YES of course! I can’t WAIT ;-D

            I haven’t even started it yet. I stupidly started reading reviews on Good Reads and a few of them got me less than excited to start it :( when I do will discuss with you! I’m terribly excited to talk to someone else who have read these books ;_D

            I liked GI/GR it was well done and thank god he’s announced he will be writing book 3…I was disappointed when GR ended as it wasn’t as happily ever after as I wanted it to be so I’m really excited about book 3. I imagine it’ll be dubbed Paradise.

            what reader are you on? I can lend them to you! I think I have the nook versions but not the kindle (I switched to nook last year and now I’m back on kindle this year when HD fire released).

          • 10/26/12 15:45 K.B.:

            I have a first generation Nook. I appreciate the offer, but I’m not sure if I could read both books in 14 days. They’re pretty lengthy, no?

            And I’m happy to talk about books! The only things I can ramble about are books and makeup, but I’m probably more chatty when it comes to books. I’ll read almost anything I can get my hands on, but I am a little judgmental about some books. lol

          • 10/26/12 15:56 the Muse:

            just let me know when you want one and I can send it and than I can send the other when you’re ready 😀 they are pretty long! I do have nook versions on both though ;-D I’m the same, anything with words on it ;-D I love just about all genres…did you by chance see Neil’s audio book for Halloween (hate audio books but love Neil).

        • 10/26/12 11:27 the Muse:

          PS I don’t love that Ghost and Macy already had sex…seems so unlike her character…..I hope she’s not going to be some whiny uptight type. I liked Candace was willing to take a chance!


          • 10/26/12 11:51 K.B.:

            Yeah, I agree with you. Macy was not sympathetic at all in “Rock Me,” so I was surprised that Ghost went for Macy, but maybe it’ll make more sense in their story. (I hope there are a lot of Candace/Brian moments in the “sequel,” even though they’re not the main characters. lol)

          • 10/26/12 12:18 the Muse:

            she was a whiner also I hate the cover art on the book, I like the way he’s portrayed but dude, doesn’t she kinda look milf like or is it me?! she’s supposed to be in her twenties…!!!!!!!!!! ME too! I admit I emailed Cherrie and asked if she’d be doing a follow up to their story…I wanna see them married with kids lol and she said there would be a ton of them in book 2 not to worry..did you read her original story that introduced brian? his brother’s story? I didn’t like it much but was fun seeing a little glimpse of his character.

          • 10/26/12 15:42 K.B.:

            I’ve thought about it once or twice, but Evan and Kelsey didn’t interest me enough to check it out. Then again, neither do Ghost and Macy, but I am SO EXCITED for more Brian and Candace. You’ve inspired me to re-read “Rock Me” for, like, the 5th time so I’m sitting at my desk, sneaking my eReader. lol

          • 10/26/12 15:44 the Muse:

            lol ooooooo bad! ;-D Ghost interest me big time but Macy not so much…! but I’m still excited to read it b/c if it is as good as B&C’s story I’ll be happy ;-D don’t bother with E&K, there story wasn’t fab meh burp…Evan is boring compared to Brian.

  • 10/26/12 14:37 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Aww, I wish my kitty was encouraging! All he does is stretch out on the bed like, “Yeah, you go do that. I’ll be right here waiting for you when you want to snuggle.”


    • 10/26/12 14:54 the Muse:

      hehe Kaitlin ;-D yea she does that too!


  • 10/26/12 15:35 Tigress:

    Cats are the best. :)


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