Lush Mr Punch Soap Review

Lush Mr Punch Soap is a newly launched, limited edition Christmas Soap. He’s supposed to be fruity with an injection of lime oil, juniper berries, gin, and blackcurrant….

Anytime Lush puts lime into a soap I jump on the bandwagon and ride away into the happy sunset…! They always do lime right. I heard blackcurrant and instantly visions of The Comforter danced through my head. Lime and blackcurrant?

This could be heaven.

Or this could be hell.

Lush calls it a summery-y fruity punch left out in the freezing weather. Sounds terribly tempting and it smells it too! I got a hearty chunk of Mr Punch with my recent Lush UK order. I was very excited on first sniff! It is indeed fruity but you can’t pick any one note from it although there is a strong layer of blackcurrant which is absolutely delightful!

I liked it, I really liked it.

Took it to the shower with me and proceeded to, well, not like it.

Something goes oddly wrong with Mr Punch when he hits water. He loses his fruity scent and veers towards a posher french milled soap scent. It’s the oddest thing….! He turns into this softer floral that I wasn’t particularly keen on and can only be compared to a fancy soap of some sort (ya know, those ones you buy for your bathroom to display but never actually use?!).


Mr Punch you and I must part ways….but it sure was a nice run while it lasted.

Tried it?

Do share!

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  • 10/23/12 19:58 Heather:

    There was one that had berries in it a while back and it was dome shaped (the display at the store) and I loved the smell of it, but when I used it the soap texture, smell and usefulness went out the window.


    • 10/24/12 10:53 the Muse:

      hmmm not sure which one heather…!


  • 10/23/12 21:40 MandyB:

    Uh ohs…I have two of these I was planning on gifting to my mom and sister-in-law. They smell delish in the wrapper, but I might have to rethink who I give these to now. Thanks Muse!


    • 10/24/12 10:47 the Muse:

      my pleasure mandy, it smells amazing in package but once water hits it, it goes a bit odd…dunno why?!


  • 10/24/12 3:24 Marta:

    Yep I wasn’t a fan of this or Northern Lights either (this last one kept sweating flourescent coloring for a week after I got it lol). Although it’s not bad, as you said, there’s something weird going on with the scent. Even before using it, it’s like it isn’t “fixed” and keeps mutating. Maybe it should have been a Halloween release lol. Named Mistery Scent.


    • 10/24/12 10:38 the Muse:

      lol true that marta it did! very strange…smells amazing in package but water hits it and it goes oddly floral…! no like!


      • 10/24/12 16:40 Marta:

        XD mine got tangy and lemony. Maybe each different piece of colored soap has a separate scent, then combined were supposed to recreate a punch’s scent? Like maybe the green is lime, and the background the berries and currant? I don’t know if I’m explaining myself. It’s clear in my head lol. Whatever. I didn’t like this one, although after your review I smelled it again and it’s not that bad, so maybe it’ll grow on me.


        • 10/26/12 13:26 the Muse:

          could be!? but mostly they combine to create floral nooooooooooo likey! ;-D try it in the shower you’ll see what I mean!


  • 10/24/12 13:34 Amanda:

    I didn’t love it either- and this was the soap I was looking forward to, more than the white and pink North Pole soaps.


    • 10/24/12 13:48 the Muse:

      Amanda did it go oddly floral on you?


  • 10/24/12 19:38 Iris:

    I may still try a small slice next time I’m in. That’s too bad the scent doesn’t carry over while showering. I was expecting it to be a companion to the Ponche shower gel.


    • 10/25/12 9:26 the Muse:

      that’s exactly what I was thinking iris!


  • 3/27/13 23:47 Anna:

    Ahhhh! Try this soap as a face soap/makeup remover!!! It does wonders at removing waterproof makeup!!! =)


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