Lush Retro Halloween 2012

No word yet on Lush Halloween 2012 however, the UK does have out a few retro items that are available now for purchase. Lady Catrina Soap is not one of them, very sad sigh here.

I hope to see something new and exciting from Lush for Halloween this year but I have hopes that Catrina will return as it is one of my favorite soaps. I also wish that Lush would do a shower gel again in the scent but sadly I have yet to see the return.

Let’s hope we’ll see it this year.

For now here’s a look at Lush Retro Halloween 2012.

Lush Jacko Bath Bomb
Clove bud and cardamom oils make Jacko a lovely spicy treat as the weather turns colder. It makes for a deliciously cosy bath, but there’s a dash of peppermint oil in here too, which transforms Jacko into something that’s both warming and refreshing.

Lush Magic Bath Bomb
Magic provides something a little different for the discerning bather. It uses native herbs to conjure a mystical aroma that’s sure to enchant and put on a colour-changing show as it fizzes round the tub. With it characteristic tetrakaidekahedral shape (that’s fourteen-sided), Magic has a brilliant turquoise outer layer fragranced with marjoram and rose to bring calm and clarity.

Lush The Witches’ Ball Bubble Bar
A blend of herb and spice essential oils gives The Witches’ Ball a crisp, Autumnal fragrance that’s perfect at this time of year. Sage, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, parsley and clove all combine for a bewitching bath time experience. The Witches’ Ball was first made for Christmas 2008, when we had a supernatural theme to the season. The herbs and spices here help to clear the mind and emotions, so it’s perfect for those who like to do their thinking in the bath. Archimedes would have loved it.

Lush Retro Halloween 2012 is available now at

Lush UK does ship worldwide.

  • 10/1/12 10:04 Carly:

    There was also the Something Wicked bath melt and Ghost Shower Jelly but I guess those sold out already. :)


    • 10/1/12 10:36 the Muse:

      yeah carly when I looked yesterday they had ghost but now it disappeared :(


  • 10/1/12 21:23 Lulle:

    I love Magic bath bomb!! It’s one of my favorite bath goodies of all times! Glad it’s back for a while :)


  • 10/1/12 22:33 Quinctia:

    The UK site has a honey shampoo that’d I’d totally try if I could order from the US one. :( It’s like the first thing I’ve ever really wanted from them!


    • 10/2/12 9:42 the Muse:

      I ordered that funny you mentioned it ;D


      • 10/3/12 3:20 Quinctia:

        Haha, you should review it, then, our hair types are similar enough to where it’d be informative for me. Only bad thing is, if I remember correctly, you’re picky about honey scents and I love ALL THE HONEY, so if it works great but you don’t like the scent, I will probably still want it. :( :(


        • 10/3/12 9:40 the Muse:

          supposedly it has geranium in it so I thought maybe that and the honey would be pleasant! I love that you remember I don’t like the scent of honey <3! I will review it when it arrives ;D


  • 10/2/12 14:29 Danielle Carter:

    Ooooh!! I can’t wait to pop in tomorrow! :)

    Danielle xx


  • 10/7/12 10:10 Nicole:

    SO cute! :)


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