MAC Holiday 2012 Collections

Phew we sure had an eventful week with MAC Holiday 2012 didn’t we? I think the collections all have incredible packaging. Much of it has a vintage feel kinda like something you’d find on Dita Von Teese’s vanity. They hit it out of the park with the packaging I just hope the makeup quality is just as good.

Here’s a break down of the collections.

This is MAC’s department store release. Several of the sets are MAC store exclusives with one being a Nordstrom exclusive. The set includes full size products for lips, cheeks, and eyes.

This is a repromote of Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin’s Viva Glam products packaged together in a special edition makeup bag for the holiday.

This is MAC’s traditional brush sets along with their lip and eye sets. MAC used to do lip bags only for the Holidays which included a full size lipglass and a lipstick. But things have evolved and they now do eye bags as well which includes eyeshadow, mascara, etc…

This is a collection of eyeshadow palettes as well as face palettes which include eyeshadows as well bronzer or a face powder and lipstick.

This is MAC’s traditional “fancy” collection. It’s a lot more expensive than anything else MAC offers for the Holidays and features special edition packaging. This is a posher version of what MAC normally releases and focuses on a more elegant, posher packaging.

Glamour Daze is MAC’s color collection for the Holidays. This doesn’t have any palettes or kits or gift sets. It simply focuses on individual makeup pieces just like any other color collection released from MAC with a focus on a variety of looks for the Holidays.

This collection features pigment and lipglass sets. This is another traditional release for MAC where they focus on smaller gift sets featuring a variety of shades in gloss and pigment.

It’s a damn big release with a lot to choose from. Some of it will make an excellent gift for beauty loving friends and I’m sure much of it will want to come home with you. I surely hope that with such a large release that MAC didn’t forget to work on quality control. The potential of quality problems are here due to the larger size of the collection. I’m hopeful all of it will be a raging success but MAC scares me sometimes with a release this big. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and perhaps focusing on a smaller release with better quality will make for happier customers.

But let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. Perhaps we’ll be very happy with the entire collection and for now let’s bask in the delight of MAC Holiday 2012.

Do share your wish list for these collections in the comment field!

  • 10/19/12 12:06 Littlecreek:

    I feel like I’m not getting as much bang for my buck this year. The packing is far superior, but I feel like things are more expensive. I’m in love with that Nordstrom set, but $70 is a little much. There are some individual items that ill be grabbing.


    • 10/19/12 12:09 the Muse:

      mmm I agree…I really can’t recall how much the sets were years before…but it wasn’t $70 felt more like $58? but maybe I’m nuts?


      • 10/19/12 15:22 Littlecreek:

        No, not nuts. The set I got last year was a palette of four shadows and a blush, lipstick, lipgloss, and a few brushes, not just one. That was around 60-65 and one heck of a bargain. I guess they just spoiled me. :)


        • 10/19/12 15:38 the Muse:

          i actually thought it was LESS than that! hey I purged today haha did you notice?


          • 10/19/12 16:13 Littlecreek:

            The first time I looked at my phone and saw 32 emails, I had a feeling. 😉 Be free little comments, be free!

          • 10/22/12 11:10 the Muse:


  • 10/19/12 14:12 Kiss & Make-up:

    I like the presentation of the holiday collections, that I definitely do. And I think the products would make great gifts.


  • 10/19/12 15:05 Monica:

    I do love the look of the products cuz they do look cute, I am thinking about getting maybe a pigment set, perhaps the Viva glam kit? The thing is that in Mexico this holiday sets are ridiculously expensive, all because of the packaging, IMO it is just not worth it.


  • 10/20/12 12:06 Liz!:

    I do like the packaging of the holiday collections, but I’m actually dead set on hauling a Superb Extra Dimension MSF that I was unable to get the last time it was released. Soooo pretty!


  • 10/20/12 12:48 Nala:

    That model looks exactly like Lindsay Lohan. o_O


  • 10/20/12 15:38 Iris:

    The brush set from the Making Pretty collection is so gorgeous.


  • 10/22/12 21:33 elle:

    The collection is on the website now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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