MAC Sinfully Chic & Divine Desire Holiday 2012 Nordstrom Exclusive

MAC has two exclusive collections that will release to Nordstrom and directly at MAC store locations. It’s a little confusing with the mass amount of releases MAC Holiday 2012 includes I’d say….!

The Sinfully Chic Collection will be exclusive to Nordstrom and where as Divine Desire will be launched exclusive at MAC store locations. The rest of the MAC Collection will be available wherever MAC is sold, directly from their site, or at your favorite counter of choice.

Take a look!

Four of our finest products, in two softly sensuous colour palettes: Paramour Pink and Quite Coral presen ted in a kit so gorgeous, it’s an object of desire in itself. Includes Powder Blush, Cremesheen Lipstick, Lipglass, Technakohl Liner and 129SE Powder/Blush Brush.

MAC Sinfully Chic Divine Desire Paramour Pink $70 (MAC Store Locations Exclusive)

  • Divine Desire Powder Blush Bright Pink
  • Heart to Heart Lipstick Mid-tone yellow pink (cremesheen)
  • Warm Embrace Lipglass Cool rosy pink with pearl (frost)
  • Purple Dash Technakohl Liner Intense aubergine
  • 129SE Powder/Blush Brush

MAC Sinfully Chic Divine Desire Quite Coral $70 (MAC Store Locations Exclusive)

  • Born to Love Powder Blush Coral
  • In a Heartbeat Lipstick Pale clean coral (cremesheen)
  • Pure Flattery Lipglass Soft coral cream (frost)
  • Photogravure Technakohl Liner Deep chocolate brown
  • 129SE Powder/Blush Brush

MAC Sinfully Chic Divine Desire Face Kit $70 (Nordstrom Exclusive)

  • Pursue Your Passion Powder Blush Warm bronze
  • Out To Please Lipstick Neutral nude cream (lustre)
  • Be Nice Lipglass Shimmery light gold with gold pearl (frost)
  • Graphblack Technakohl Liner Rich graphic black
  • 129SE Powder/Blush Brush

They are quite lovely but a little expensive…..!

What are you loving from MAC Holiday so far?

I pretty much adore the packaging. I think it’s fresh and new from MAC. They’ve had a bit of a rerun lately with Holiday and this collection really stands out as something refreshing different from them. I just hope the quality is on par with the excellent packaging.

What do you think?

  • 10/18/12 11:06 Geek in Heels:

    You’re right — $70 is a bit too expensive for my taste…but the packaging is DIVINE!


    • 10/18/12 11:19 the Muse:

      i heart the packaging SO much! PS the girls are getting so big :) was reading claire is two wow!


  • 10/18/12 11:15 Icequeen81:

    want those bows


  • 10/18/12 11:21 Sweta:

    Thanks for sharing that Muse..believe me since yesterday I am completely confused with the MAC collections..haha..there are soo many products..yes i too wish the quality is good as the packaging is really outstanding this time..:D


    • 10/18/12 11:22 the Muse:

      oh my pleasure! it got a little hairy with the amount of crazy mac releases this year lol! I HOPE the quality is as good!


  • 10/18/12 11:21 Lemony Licks:

    I have been drooling over these since yesterday! But it is a bit pricey and I might wait for reviews before diving in.


  • 10/18/12 11:28 Caitlin:

    Hey, are those cases hard plastic made to look like fabric? Or are they actual fabric? Any idea?


    • 10/18/12 11:30 the Muse:

      i haven’t seen them in person but looks like plastic hard case but fabric over it :)


  • 10/18/12 11:47 Laurie:

    I love the look of these but $70? But nope, I just can’t bring myself to do it. No one will ever see their prettiness but me and my daughter and I buy a heck of a lot of makeup with $70.


  • 10/18/12 11:52 Sara Elisabeth:

    I’m a total sucker for bows, so of course the packaging is appealing to me! Are these made out of fabric? If so, I may not haul them, as they would be dirty within a week– maybe not this set, as much as the eyeshadow sets. I like these sets, and I would haul them if they were priced around $50. I like that each item can be removed from the casing.


    • 10/18/12 12:01 the Muse:

      not sure haven’t seen in person but believe so!? I agree they will get dirty mighty fast le sigh :(


  • 10/18/12 11:55 Lisa:

    I love the Coral & the Pink one, but there’s no way I’m spooning out $70 each for these when I can get other value sets from other brands! lol.


  • 10/18/12 12:06 Cj:

    Packaging is absolutely gorgeous! Will deff pick up one of these!

    Ps: I commented on the boots melting gel thing but you didn’t see it, how does it compare to the Biore gel one??


    • 10/19/12 12:56 the Muse:

      sorry cj! duh I’m so behind…biore cleansing gel or boire cleansing oil!? it’s thicker than biore cleansing gel and emulsifies into a milky cream which biore’s version does not do.


  • 10/18/12 14:14 Jenny D:

    In Canada, The Bay is getting the Nordstrom (green bag) one – my store has a display up for preorders. You can pop the plastic out to just have an adorable clutch. Available next week!

    I’m eyeing the coral set, but I’ll have to get myself to a MAC store to try out the colours.


  • 10/18/12 15:24 Kiss & Make-up:

    Oh wow those look amazing! I wonder if we will get them here. Sure hope so!


  • 10/18/12 15:34 Zonaira:

    Looks delish but the price tag kills it … Will wait for reviews before deciding to splurge! Bt thx for the preview muse!,


    • 10/18/12 15:43 the Muse:

      my pleasure zonaira! my pleasure! :) def $$$ agreed :-/


  • 10/18/12 16:37 Danielle Carter:

    Such pretty sets :)

    Danielle xx


  • 10/19/12 1:28 neutralgirl:

    I dunno how accurate this is but i asked about the packaging at my mac store and one of the workers there has actually touched them. She said they were a little squishy so it might not be fabric over plastic. it could actually be plush


  • 10/19/12 22:39 angela h.:

    The print bags are plastic. So is the hanging bag. I’m not an expert in plastics, but that’s what it feels like to me. The colors are great and the only question I had was on the brush kits…they felt & looked a little loose for my taste. I don’t want green brush hairs in my bathroom! I was most excited about the bows!


  • 10/20/12 17:36 Alex Jhocson:

    I’m really interested in the packaging! I wonder if the inside compartment is removable so you can use it as a stand alone purse?! 😮 the outer material seems to be satin/ cotton silk?


  • 10/23/12 16:23 Kelly:

    The packaging looks amazing, I love the minty-green colour but at first look I prefer the content of the MAC Sinfully Chic Divine Desire Quite Coral set. Dilemma, because yes, I’m a sucker for cute packaging.


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