Nicole Richie Nicole Eau de Parfum Review

Nicole Richie has come into her own and she’s an absolute style icon as far as I’m concerned. She’s no longer Paris Hilton’s little sidekick and has turned over such a new leaf of maturity.

With her own line of couture under her belt as well as a successful jewelry collection it was only a matter of time that she joined the celebrity fragrance ranks. This Fall, Nicole Richie released her own fragrance entitled, simply, Nicole.

Housed in a gorgeous cut crystal glass bottle with a certain boho chicness that only Nicole could pull off this fragrance is a warm, creamy blend of ambers with fruit and floral notes.

Let’s take a look!

Nicole is the the type of fragrance that grows on you on the dry down. At first spritz you get a heavy gold amber note with hints of creaminess. I’m not particularly keen on amber but it’s the actual dry down that will capture your fancy if you too don’t enjoy the note.

On the dry down succulent notes of blackberry and orange come out to play intertwined with delightfully soft floral notes like lily of the valley and rose. Comforting warmth and richness is added to the scent with a sensual blend of cashmere, sandalwood, and a touch of vanilla and patchouli. Don’t worry, the patchouli isn’t what you expect. It adds just the right touch of warmth to the fruit and floral notes and adds an extra bit of sensuality and sexiness to the overall fragrance.

Unlike most celebrity fragrances, I can actually picture Nicole Richie wearing a scent like this. It’s very sexy yet subtle. Not girly in the least or sweet but a very womanly scent that’s sophisticated, mature, and wholly beautiful. This is my new “grown up” scent!

Available now at Nordstrom and

Have you tried it?

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  • 10/10/12 13:05 Kiss & Make-up:

    Now that is one ugly bottle… lol :-)


  • 10/10/12 13:23 crotchfairy:

    This sounds too warm to be a chypre. But man, that is one unfortunate looking bottle. Thierry Mugler she is not.


    • 10/10/12 14:19 OrangeLipstickBlog:

      Glad I’m not the only one who dislikes it!


  • 10/10/12 13:37 Karrie:

    I’ll have to smell this next time I’m at Nordstrom’s.


  • 10/10/12 14:00 Shelby:

    That bottle is weird looking o_O


  • 10/10/12 14:41 Karen M:

    The bottle is really pretty when you see it in person. It’s the only one in my collection that I leave on my dresser because of the way it looks. The perfume itself is now one of my favorites. I tend to lean toward warmer scents & this dries down to a nice soft spicy vanilla on me. My only complaint is it doesn’t last all day on me so I usually layer it with some of my other perfumes that have similar notes.


  • 10/10/12 14:58 Cassie:

    I can’t believe people are saying this bottle is ugly!! The design is so unique, especially for a celebrity perfume, and I think it looks really classy and bold :)


  • 10/10/12 19:32 Priscila:

    Bottle in a bold format, I liked!


  • 10/10/12 20:53 Robin:

    I like the bottle! Will have to get a sniff next time I’m at the mall. Wish Sephiras carried it.


  • 10/11/12 16:56 Nicki:

    This brings me back to a time where I was a teeny bopper who actually looked up to Paris & Nicole. God, things have changed!
    But I really want to give this a sniff. It sounds like something perfect for night time or winter in general.


  • 10/16/12 0:57 lejeune:

    The bottle reminds me of a Playstation controller…. /geek


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