Not Argan Oil, How About Olive Oil?

I’ve been trying out DHC Olive Virgin Oil in place of my typical Argan Oil. This is 100% certified organic Flor de Aceite, one of the purest forms of olive oil available.

There’s nothing better for keeping your skin youthful than extra moisture!

Anyone every try this?

  • 10/31/12 3:09 Melissa:

    My grandmother’s aunt had the softest skin. Even well into her 90s, I remember how beautiful her skin was. She used Olive oil as a moisturizer daily. I use it as a makeup remover. I wouldn’t spend that kind of price for it though!


    • 10/31/12 14:00 Xtie:

      As did my great aunt. Olive oil and table salt. Wiped it off with a warm facecloth. Never seen a more beautiful 92-yr-old. My 30-yr-old self was jealous of her skin!
      Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for packaging and the promise I feel should come with a price tag – I use the Clarins oil.


  • 10/31/12 11:29 Cj:

    And when you run out of pan spray you can use some of this instead! 😉


    • 10/31/12 11:35 the Muse:

      lol imagine pan as a facial mist?!


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