NYC New York Color Cosmetics Fashion Predator City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss Review & Swatches

NYC New York Color Cosmetics has launched a new limited edition collection for Fall 2012 entitled Fashion Predator. The collection includes two limited edition shades of City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss in Femme Fatale and Venomous Berry.

I highly suggest checking out both of these shades as they are excellent budget picks for a vampy Fall lip!

I’ve reviewed New York Color Cosmetics City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss early last year and was quite pleased with the $2.49-$3.19 price tag.

The glosses are delightfully opaque in most shade selections from the general catalog and both the limited edition shades prove to have the same excellent pigmentation.

Venomous Berry is a wearable shade of lilac that has a bit of an MLBB (my lips but better) finish where as Femme Fatale is a darkened wine berry. Both shades are quite a steal at this price and offer a lighter or more dramatic lip look for fall.

Venomous Berry

Femme Fatale

Venomous Berry and Femme Fatale

Each gloss has a sponge tip with a slight slant that saturates well with color. The texture of the gloss seems to have improved since I last tried it. It’s a plush gloss with a lightweight feel and a shiny finish. Although they promise an eight hour wear I only see about three to four before I need a touch up as it lacks any stickiness or tackiness to keep it wearing longer. I’m quite alright sans stickiness as I have plenty of glosses that are thick and tacky already. The glosses have a citrus-y taste that disappears fairly quickly after application. They have a very slight tingle when applied but nothing sensitive users should be worried about. These lack sparkle but the glossy, shiny finish more than makes up for that.

Femme Fatale

Venomous Berry

Overall, the formula here is excellent at this price range and the fact they apply with such great color pay off also earns them a spot in my Muse Approval book. I really like these and I’m quite happy to see them doing a few LE shades as I already own many of the shades in the general catalog.

Can’t beat the price for this nicely formulated gloss.

Available now at drugstores.

Tried ’em?

Do share!


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  • 10/3/12 18:33 Cassie:

    WOOOOOW, Muse those look beautiful on you!! I feel like drugstore cosmetic companies are pumping out such great lip glosses lately… I’m thrilled since I tend to wear more glosses during the fall and winter time :)


  • 10/3/12 19:05 michelle:

    i can never find new nyc products… our cvs doesn’t sell it & walmart never gets the limited editions:( i really like several of their products too!


  • 10/3/12 19:27 Prerna:



  • 10/3/12 19:28 Vi:

    Jeez, I don’t even know why brands insist on making those ridiculous claims, like “8 hour gloss” or “15x longer lashes” and stuff like that. Come on, we all know that gloss wipes off after a few hours, no mascara is going to give you falsie-like lashes, etc. Seriously…I mean, it’s not that I believe those claims, but it just makes me a little disappointed in any brand that slaps such a flat-out lie on a product I’d otherwise be totally happy with. >.< Anyway, Femme Fatale looks absolutely stunning. I might have to snag that on my next beauty run in Target. 😀 Thanks!


  • 10/3/12 19:40 Robin:

    I would have never thought about these if you hadn’t done the review and swatches! The colors are beautiful!! They have been added to my list!


  • 10/3/12 20:25 Iram:

    Venomous berry is SOOOO pretty. Must get my hands on it!



  • 10/3/12 21:31 reen:

    loving the berry shade!


  • 10/3/12 21:32 reen:

    have u tried the nyc bronzer muse? the shade”sunny” got alot of hype n good reviews …i wanted to know if u tried it! :)


  • 10/3/12 22:03 LINDARRAGNAR:

    ohhhhhhhh Venoumous Berry is the beees kneees!!


  • 10/4/12 9:23 Susan K:

    I picked both of these up the other day. I love all the different formulas for gloss from NYC, except the plumping one, and always buy their le colors. Really liking these shades.


  • 10/4/12 9:24 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Femme Fatale looks great on you! I might grab these since they’re at such a friendly price.


    • 10/4/12 9:28 the Muse:

      aw thanks girl! well worth picking up! nice formula!


  • 10/4/12 9:36 JenJ:



  • 10/4/12 9:51 Kim:

    I’m glad you mentioned the citrusy scent as the previous NYC glosses I’ve tried were stinky.


    • 10/4/12 9:54 the Muse:

      mmm thankfully not stinky, just a citrus scent and taste kim! the elf cruella palette kinda smelled bad though..:(


  • 10/4/12 11:12 Majick:

    venomous berry baby, that’s your color! (the other one is nice too but if I had to pick a fav…) 😉


    • 10/4/12 11:13 the Muse:

      thanks majick! ;-D <3!


  • 10/4/12 17:29 Cindy:

    Wow, these look great on you! I’m surprised at how nice these look, I’ll have to haul these for myself!


  • 10/5/12 2:15 Maggie:

    Muse–you’re an inspiration! Seriously!

    I kind of used to hate glosses–love the look on others but it was a night mare for me. I used to wear hair loose and I always press together my lips out of bad habit: my hair will catch on it or it will bleed like crazy if it’s an opaque color or if it’s sheer it’ll still get EVERYWHERE so it looks like drool. Hilarious to look at but not very pretty. I only keep a couple sheer one’s that I dab on matte formulas.

    Since I now almost always wear hair pulled back–maybe I’ll try again with a good drugstore formula to start with.


    • 10/5/12 9:08 the Muse:

      aw maggie *blush* thanks! you guys all inspire me back ;-D that’s why I tend to keep my hair back too during the day lol! it gets everywhere, catches in my gloss, etc..NOT pretty ;-D when I am at work I pull it back away from my face!


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