Revlon Ready to Wear Nail Art Style Strips Collection

Revlon has a new six design selection of Ready to Wear Nail Art Style Strips that supposedly last 10 days after applied.

More photos after the jump!

The beautiful Emma Stone is modeling the strips on the display of these. It seems like Nail Strips/Stickers are really trending at the moment in drugstores. I haven’t a clue how to apply them and I’m not even vaguely interested, I’m so not a nail girl!

But they sure look rather fun!

Thanks to my reader Christina for telling me about a Harmons located outside the city I was able to locate these and a ton of other new collections!

More to come!

  • 10/4/12 22:33 Littlecreek:

    I love these types of nail products. IMHO they are perfect for people who don’t like doing their nails. Easy to apply, no dry time and they last for ages (disclaimer, I’ve only used Sally Hensons). And they let me wear skull and cross bone nails for two week straight last Halloween. I recommend giving them a shot!


  • 10/5/12 0:49 sai:

    I need the blue one!!!!! wish they will be available in HK too!!


  • 10/5/12 8:35 Kim:

    I like the multi color (tie-dye) one. It reminds me of an Inococo set I tried last year. Nail strips are fun and fairly easy. I wonder how these compare to the Sally Hansen ones.


  • 10/13/12 18:00 Megen:

    I used these and they worked great. They were very easy to apply and when I was ready to take them off it took about 20 mins to get them off with nail polish remover. They really do stay on :)…I wish they had a halloween design.


  • 10/22/12 15:51 jess:

    I tried these ones in the lipstick design and I wasn’t impressed. I made the mistake of taking a shower shortly after I put them on and they peeled off of several nails!They also didn’t adhere well and took forever to fit my small nails. I like Sally Hansen waaay better.


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