Sneak Peek: Disney Cinderella Storylook Eyeshadow Palette from Sephora

I got my hands on the new Disney Cinderella Storylook Eyeshadow Palette available at Sephora. Quite excited. At first glance of the promo image I was somewhat wary of the cooler, pastel shades but I’m happy to report there are some warmer shades in the mix as well.

The Storylook Eyeshadow Palette ($55) is home to twenty eyeshadows inspired by none other than Cinderella herself. With original artwork created by Disney that portrays Cinderella’s silhouette on the outer packaging of the palette in silver and gold detailing.

The pull out velvet lined tray holds a secondary shade holding the eyeshadows. The tray of shadows is easily removed so you can keep the outer packaging as a jewelry box or a place to hold small treasures after you’re done with the palette.

Here’s a little sneak peek in pictures.

I’ll be reviewing and swatching it shortly.

It’s available now at some Sephora stores (they are slowing getting in stock) and also VIB members can purchase it now at

Anyone have it on their wish list?

  • 10/3/12 18:10 Audrey C.:

    Love it! Can’t wait for your review!


  • 10/3/12 18:53 Rosemary:

    Wow this looks really nice! Can’t wait to see the swatches!


  • 10/3/12 18:54 Isolde:

    Oh, that looks lovely. I really like the box… I’m such a sucker for well done Disney Princess products… although be interested to see some swatches, too many light greens and blues for me, I think. I can’t imagine Cinderella wearing these shades on her eyes!


  • 10/3/12 19:38 JENNIFER:

    WOW! These look great, but I am stalking their website looking for Sephora FAvorites to come into stock. I also wanted to add that you put instead of on your post of where to find it.


  • 10/3/12 22:23 Leigh:

    This packaging is gorge! Cinderella may not be a fave of mine, but as an illustration (and Metalcraft, but that’s a much longer story) major this styling is beautiful! Very baroque inspired, but perhaps leading more towards Art Noveau without the problem of being overboard *sigh*. Uhoh I think my nerdy side is showing! LOL


  • 10/4/12 2:47 Tiffany Martin:

    I like the idea of this one, very curious how the formula is and how well they blend ^_^ I love a good eyeshadow palette like people love vacations (;


  • 10/4/12 3:31 Yavanna:

    Meee… Very big on my wishlist… unfortunately I live in Germany – therefore no Cinderella Makeup for me :(….
    However – I’ll keep wishing on my lucky star….


  • 10/4/12 15:26 Sheepy:

    I would buy it if the second row was made of pinks or neutrals! Unfortunately blue makes me look sick :c

    Cute packaging though!


  • 10/4/12 15:40 Ruthless:



  • 10/4/12 17:27 Cindy:

    These colors look so so pretty, but I’m curious to see swatches! Pastel colors like that are either great or awful, I need to know which!


  • 10/4/12 19:12 Gloria:

    Ahhh, I really hope the eyeshadows are good quality! This is so tempting!!


  • 10/5/12 1:28 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    Can’t wait for your review and swatches. The packaging looks super cute, but I wonder how the shadows are in terms of pigmentation.


  • 10/5/12 4:24 Rani:

    I absolutely hate Sephora eye shadows!! I hope they’ve improved their formula because I really want this palette.


  • 10/5/12 16:25 Allison:

    I have this and it’s so-so…the matte colors are very chalky and don’t have much color payoff. I love the neutrals and the golds. It’s very hit and miss for me.


  • 10/6/12 17:08 cat:

    The packaging is beautifully designed but I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the packaging of my palettes. Interested to hear what you think of the actual shadows.


  • 10/6/12 21:34 Missy:

    I too hate Sephora eyeshadows as well. However either Disney maintained tight control over quality or Sephora decided to step it up a bit, because these shadows are not typical of Sephora’s quality. I own this palette, and I find the shadows to be blendable, long lasting, and vibrant. I’ve applied them wet or dry. I like using glass slipper, royal, and midnight together for a beautiful and bold blue eye! Don’t skip over this one just because you think it’s typical Sephora garbage! It’s not


  • 11/6/12 17:28 Natalia:

    Very beautiful shade!


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