Sneak Peek: Lorac Bejeweled Take Two Eye Shadow Palette Trio

Still the best deal around the Lorac Bejeweled Take Two Eye Shadow Palette Trio is three great gifts in one!

This palette features three jewel bedazzled compacts featuring four eyeshadows each. I’m kinda in love with the idea of taking one of these breaking it up and pairing it with one of the For the Love of Lipgloss Sets from Tarte. Let’s see broken down that’s ten bucks for the gloss and another $11.60 for a quad so a neat $20 buck gift for a friend plus some extra change to add maybe a brush, a pretty bag, some tissue paper, and a card!

Awesome yes?

Broken down each of the palettes is $11.60 each. Quite a deal yes? Each palette contains 0.063 oz of eyeshadow each so one palette will be almost equal to a single MAC Eyeshadow.

The palettes are a black lacquered affair with blingy jewels embedded on them. This is the Lorac’s second time releasing a set like this.

Shades Include:

  • Black Onyx (Navy and Gray Shades)
  • Champagne Diamond (Nude and Bronze Shades)
  • Pink Quartz (Pink and Rose Shades)

It’s available for a limited time exclusively at Ulta and

I’ll swatch it and review shortly!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

  • 10/18/12 12:15 Sweta:

    Wow these look beautiful..:) I am contemplating between this and Lorac sweet temptations set now..hey Muse are you going to review the Lorac eye candy or sweet temptation set?


    • 10/18/12 12:19 the Muse:

      both sweta :) will do soon! def great sets, both!


  • 10/18/12 13:09 Jen_m_sunshine:

    I’m waiting for those reviews!!! Can’t wait to see what you think of the sets. I ended up going with the Ulta eye set and took back the sephora set given the cream items I think will dry out.

    Muse, what foundation are you using? Your skin looks AMAZE!!! in your photos!!!


    • 10/18/12 13:24 the Muse:

      prob will review tomorrow jen ;-D smart girl! I felt the same way about those cream liners. Eep which photos? I use different things daily hehe! typically it’s a bb cream ;D


    • 10/18/12 13:24 the Muse:

      ps thank you! 😀 for thinking my skin looks amazing <3!


      • 10/18/12 13:33 Jen_m_sunshine:

        Kat von D review and maybelline mossy reviews – your skin just looks fab! I am so jealous – mine currently is behaving like a teenager so am in search of that next HG foundation! BB creams don’t give me enough coverage.

        Oh and that Kat von D liquid lipstick color looked GREAT on you! You typically say you don’t like those colors but they look awesome on you!


        • 10/18/12 13:37 the Muse:

          mossy was dior BB Cream ;-D and Kat von D was one of the tea BB Creams from Skinfood, the pink one (believe rose berry). You’re too kind thank you! thankfully my skin behaves well it’s just everything else that doesn’t lol! ;-D have you tried BB Creams from Korea? most are full coverage…! try out Kat Von D’s new foundation that’s CONCENTRATED as hell! holy cow! ;-D aw thanks! I felt dumb in it to be honest plus the photo was bad due to sunlight! you’re so sweet to say so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 10/18/12 13:21 Caitlin:

    Lorac seems to be nailing the palettes of pretty but usable colors this season! However, I have to admit, I think the plastic jewel packaging is hideous, personally. I already have the eye candy set on my list and that whole collection is sooooo pretty. I kind of can’t believe it’s the same company, LOL.


  • 10/18/12 13:39 Mimi:

    I saw these when they first came out and I was delighted to see them at my local ULTA (which is usually out of stock of all the good stuff) They had 4 sets! And that price! Its perfect to keep for yourself or share!


    • 10/18/12 13:51 the Muse:

      yay! did you pick one up mimi!? agreed! nice to get for yourself and to share ;D


  • 10/18/12 15:09 Jas:

    This set looks pretty! BUT I’m going to pass on it. Lorac is on today, and I just purchased the unzipped nude collection for only $15!!! Check it out girls!!!They have all sorts of little palettes for under $15!! Urban decay is also on today too!!


    • 10/19/12 12:51 the Muse:

      brilliant haul jas!


  • 10/18/12 15:27 Kiss & Make-up:

    Not of a big fan of the packaging, really, but what is inside looks good :)


  • 10/18/12 22:28 Icequeen81:

    Champagne Diamond (Nude and Bronze Shades) looks good I agree the package looks heavy


  • 10/18/12 23:29 Alexus:

    Agh, each PALETTE is = ONE MAC eyeshadow??? I’m sniffing a ripoff here. I mean, regardless if digging the packaging or not, it seems like A LOT of bulk for not a whole lot. Love the colors, but I think I may skip since the price point is a tad disappointing. :(


    • 10/19/12 9:54 the Muse:

      alexus one mac eyeshadow is $15 if you purchase three that would be $45. This set is $35 which is equal to three mac eyeshadows so you’re saving $10 and gaining twelve different shades. Not sure how that’s a ripoff ;-D seems like a good deal to me.


  • 10/19/12 10:29 Summer:

    I agree that it does seem like a great deal but after the amazing pro and unzipped palettes from lorac recently i dont get the same “MUST HAVE THESE” excitement that i had with those two. I just think there will be something better perhaps. I do LOVE lorac though. She almost always delivers amazing products in my opinion.


    • 10/19/12 10:33 the Muse:

      I completely understand where you are coming from Summer that’s very true, these are def uneventful when placed beside unzipped and pro ;-D


  • 10/19/12 12:34 Majick:

    I did not see this set yesterday when I was at Ulta. The colors look really pretty. I didn’t buy the jeweled set last year and this year I got the Sweet Temptations shadow set from ULTA (the BOMB) and the glosses and liner pencils (more for the packaging than anything else LOL).
    I like the lip glosses even though they have sparkles. THey don’t seem to migrate as much as other glitter glosses I’ve tried so I like them. They give me an opportunity for a different look.

    The jury is still out on the liners (UD is my favorite so I’m a little biased). THe packaging is beautiful and the liners are nice. They are just not super intense so for me they are a little meh. SOmeone fair or looking for a teense less drama would like them. Also they twist up and that’s a plus for keeping in your bag for an emergency.\

    I would love to see swatches of these bejeweled colors. 😉


    • 10/19/12 12:42 the Muse:

      hey majick just reviewed and swatched this, front page ;-D thanks for your mini review on all the rest of the holiday goodies!


  • 11/20/12 22:04 Jenna:

    Is this just an in store item? or is it an on line item as well? Any idea. I live no where near (2+hours away) and there for am forced into online shopping.


    • 11/20/12 22:47 the Muse:

      both but it sold out a few weeks ago jenna you might want to call your store to check stock.


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