Tarte For The Love Of Lipgloss 15 Piece Maracuja Lipgloss Collector’s Set Review & Swatches

Tarte has launched their traditional For the Love of Lipgloss 15 Piece Maracuja Lipgloss Collector’s Set for Holiday 2012. This is a fantastic gloss set because for $32 it gets you not one, not two, but three gifts in one.

It’s particularly friendly if you want individually packaged stocking stuffers or small gifts for distant beauty lover friends for around $10 bucks each or so.

Tarte packages a set of five glosses into a festive little box with a to and from ticket on the box ready for gifting with this set. Or if you’re feeling generous gift all three boxes of the glosses to your bestest friend.

Take a look!

If more is your game of choice for the Holidays you’ll love this set. It features 15 0.059 oz glosses in a variety of colors and finishes. It’s one of the biggest gloss sets of the season as you can try and find bigger but chances are the Holiday Gloss Sets you come across will feature six to ten glosses at best but not a whooping 15!

Part of the novelty is most definitely the packaging. As although packaged into one large box the glosses also come in their own individual boxes when the outer packaging is removed. Tarte placed five glosses in three separate festive boxes so you can break the set up and give some to friends or family, keep one for yourself, etc…or if you’re greedy you might want all of ’em for yourself.

The set includes a variety of colors but there are definitely a lot more pinks and berries here than beiges of peaches. Finishes range from shimmer to cream and everything in between. The glosses have a sponge applicator for application.

The formula is a drier gloss so they don’t produce a ton of shininess and there is a bit of what I call “pumping” involved to build the color on lips. Pumping is my reference to that motion of wriggling the wand up and down to saturate the sponge tip with color. You do have to build for the best color pay off but in most cases each gloss does have a nice bit of tint for a semi-opaque finish, it depends on the shade of course. I didn’t do lip swatches for every single shade simply because they all start looking the same in my photos. I simply choose some of my favorite shades and went ahead and swatched those on lips.

I think accompanying application by a little clear gloss definitely adds a bit of pop to the finish since the gloss formula lacks a truly shiny finish. The wear of the gloss is comfortable without being tacky or sticky. They aren’t all terribly pigmented but building color up produces a decent tint on lips. Each tube probably won’t last very long since they are tiny but I don’t mind much considering how many glosses I already have to use up.

Overall, these are fun gift at a very good value. $32 broken down is around $10 and change per a set. Quite budget friendly considering you can get three gifts or stocking stuffers from the total pack. It’s a fun gift set with a lot of variety but I’d like the gloss formula to be a little shinier, in that case it would earn a Muse Approval.

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  • 10/11/12 19:09 Carolien:

    I don’t like super shiny glosses so these would be perfect for me! Except I would NEVER use them all.


    • 10/12/12 9:28 the Muse:

      break ’em up for gifts carol!


  • 10/11/12 19:15 MJ:

    Hooray swatches! I’ve been waiting for a review on these. I’ve been trying to figure out a good set of glosses to split up as stocking stuffers and I think I have it narrowed down to this and the Lorac one. Thanks!


    • 10/12/12 9:33 the Muse:

      my pleasure mj! you can def get nice gifts out of this one ;D!


  • 10/12/12 10:03 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Whichever one you have on in the top picture of you is wonderful!


    • 10/12/12 10:42 the Muse:

      aw thanks girl!


  • 10/12/12 11:52 Lisa:

    I’ve been waiting on swatches. I want to get this for myself, but I feel like all the colors would end up looking similar on my lips.


  • 10/12/12 14:40 Jas:

    These look lovely! But I think they will just end up looking the same on my pigmented lips. Also, I did buy the Carried Away set and that has a few of these glosses in it….do I really need all these glosses….hmmm


    • 10/12/12 14:44 the Muse:

      lol jas yeah the carried away set has eight of ’em PLUS all of these, that’s a lot of gloss!


  • 10/15/12 15:08 Majick:

    I wasn’t going to get this because I plan on getting “carried away” but after seeing your swatches I named 3 friends in a row that matched each of the color choices. LOL I don’t normally buy gifts for the holiday anymore but these would be cute for a few of my closer work friends.

    Does anyone know if they are gluten free?


    • 10/16/12 16:29 the Muse:

      not sure on the gluten free majick as I THINK they are one of Tarte’s “made in china” glosses but don’t quote me there. I will say they make a really fun gift!


  • 10/15/12 16:18 Leilania:

    These are so adorable….since I rarely wear lip glosses (only to really give a pop of gloss and shine to my lipsticks) I think I know people who would enjoy these as holiday gifts. Thank you for posting this! :)


    • 10/16/12 11:50 the Muse:

      my pleasure leliania :


  • 10/16/12 16:09 Karena:

    Hi Muse – Thanks for the review. I really appreciate your careful attention to details such as mentioning that these aren’t a super shiny gloss, and that there is only a medium amount of color payoff, but they are buildable. This really helps me get an idea of what to expect and it is so helpful for me when I consider purchasing. Thank you so much!


    • 10/16/12 16:22 the Muse:

      aw karena this was such a great comment 😀 thank YOU! it makes me feel great that you found the review helpful! there’s def some building here…depends on the shade ;-D a little clear gloss is def helpful!


  • 11/16/12 21:34 Naomi:

    How big would you say each tube of lip gloss is?


  • 12/5/12 19:20 maddo:

    i got these lipglosses when i saw this review i was debating if i should get it or not since tarte is so expensive this is my first tarte product. is it really worth it. how much does one lip gloss really cost?


    • 12/5/12 19:34 the Muse:

      they don’t sell these minis on their own maddo so there isn’t a retail price on them.


  • 12/7/12 0:02 maddo:

    hmm i see are these colors really pigmented or sheer?


    • 12/7/12 7:32 the Muse:

      mentioned the pigmentation in the review maddo hope it helps.


  • 12/7/12 21:12 maddo:



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