Ulta Holiday 2012 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie

Ulta has launched there Holiday 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothies. If you don’t have the cash to splurge on Philosophy’s Holiday Shower Gels these are an excellent dupe at a bigger size for less $$$.

Take a look!

Ulta Goody Goody Gumdrop 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie

Ulta Pink Sprinkle Cupcake 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie

Ulta Peppermint Stick 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie

These are $12 each or you can Buy 2 and Get 2 Free. Ulta has Free Shipping at the moment using promo code HOLIDAY2012 on your order of $25 or more if you’d like to purchase these now.

They make excellent gifts when you fancy them up with a shower puff and washcloths in a festive holiday bag!

Available now at Ulta.com

  • 10/30/12 11:10 SusanT:

    Pink Sprinkle Cupcake has my name on it — yum!!!


  • 10/30/12 13:35 Kiss & Make-up:

    God, where do you keep finding these great holiday products?! :-) Or maybe Belgium is just really lame like that, we don’t really have a lot of holiday stuff.


    • 10/30/12 13:39 the Muse:

      lol come here it’s overkill!


  • 10/30/12 13:43 SusanT:

    Kiss & Make-up, the Muse is right, everything here has got a holiday theme. By the end of November we’re already sick of the holidays. Hopefully you can order this stuff easily. The Ulta shower smoothies are really nice! Bath & Body Works also has some nice holiday stuff, especially their candles. They have a 2 for $20 special going on now FYI.


    • 10/30/12 13:48 the Muse:

      girl I’m sick of it already if I am honest. they really shove it down your throat starting mid October and when you blog as close as August it’s in your face. :-/


  • 10/30/12 19:55 Icequeen81:

    we dont have that kind of stuff here soo boring


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