WEN for Kids? WEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner

Lover of WEN Cleansing Conditioner? Me too.

Wanna share the love with your kids?

Now you can with a new formulated WEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner made for your little ones.

WEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner replaces the need for shampoo and conditioner as it’s an all in one cleansing product free from harsh detergents and chemicals.

WEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner uses ingredients extracted from fruits and botanicals to provide hair with the moisture and hydration.


  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Strawberry Banana

How weird is it that I have two of these in my cart? I really want to check out Watermelon and Strawberry Banana.

Available now at QVC.com

  • 10/3/12 12:55 JenJ:

    Damn the kids, I want to try this for myself LOL!!!!


    • 10/3/12 13:01 the Muse:

      me too is it weird I have two in my cart?!


      • 10/3/12 13:29 JenJ:

        Not at all LOL! 😀


        • 10/3/12 13:42 the Muse:

          phew!!!!!!!! ;D!


  • 10/3/12 13:19 Hillarie:

    I want strawberry banana… for myself! :)


    • 10/3/12 13:28 the Muse:

      me too!


  • 10/3/12 13:36 Kiss & Make-up:

    Don’t have kids. Still want these products.


  • 10/3/12 14:24 kimkats:

    Wonder if the formula is the same as the “adult” version? these sound delish!!


    • 10/3/12 17:36 Karena:

      The Wen Kids line is menthol free, soy free, nut free and wheat free. You can review the full list of ingredients at Chazdean.com.


  • 10/3/12 14:41 Heather:

    I have a curly haired three year old daughter that I would love to try these on, but… they are pricey, the description doesn’t state whether or not they are “tear free” and I get annoyed that the Q doesn’t post the full ingredient list. I don’t think I would like to use these on my little one if they contained menthol as many of the adult versions do.

    I am looking forward to an on-air presentation, though.


  • 10/3/12 15:32 Kris:

    I’ve been using regular Wen on my kids fine, frizzy, fly-away hair for the past year. These new scents sound great! If the formula is the same, but the price tag is more kid-friendly, that would be AWESOME.


  • 10/3/12 16:08 diane:

    i want to try these. i was using regular wen but then the menthol started giving me issues and these are menthol free!


  • 10/3/12 17:38 Karena:

    I plan to order a few of these! I hope they will put the trio in a set on the Q eventually.


  • 10/3/12 23:33 Jenny:

    I really want to try these. I have my eye on the strawberry banana one!


  • 10/5/12 17:54 Butterdaisy:

    Right with you muse on the strawberry banana and the watermelon! I have two super curly head kids, a boy and a girl, and can’t wait to try these on them and myself.


    • 10/10/12 12:02 the Muse:

      lol admit it butterdaisy you really wanna use your kids as an excuse to get ’em ;D


  • 10/13/12 20:21 jeannieinthebottle:

    I’ve used the strawberry banana and the apple Wen on my 58 year old hair. (I’m in touch with my inner child). The fragrance is incrediable…just yummy. It works like the adult version and maybe better on my hair. I’m going to order the watermellon next.


    • 10/16/12 16:41 the Muse:

      oh sounds wonderful jeannie!


  • 1/11/13 22:19 Nancy:

    i really want to get this for my daughter she want it so badly


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