Wet n Wild Where’s the Party? Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection Holiday 2012

Wet n Wild has launched a new ColorIcon Eight Pan Eyeshadow Palette Collection for Holiday 2012 entitled Where’s the Party? The collection features three limited edition eight pan ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes for $4.99 Each.

Take a look!

Palettes Include:

One is a matte palette that I believe was released before and the other two are brand new shades. Each palette features six eyeshadows in an array of shades.

I saw this display at my local Harmons.

Anyone interested in these?

  • 10/9/12 14:19 tiny:

    Drinking a glass of shine looks exactly like I <3 Mattes.. So the name confuses me..

    Although for those that missed that palette but wanted it super bad, it's nice to see it coming back.. weird name and all.


    • 10/9/12 20:01 Anne:

      oh drinking a glass of shine is the same pallet as i heart matte
      just a different name


  • 10/9/12 14:33 JenJ:

    Ekkkkk! I wonts em! Will be on the look out. I missed out on the matte palette.


  • 10/9/12 15:24 Mary Beth:

    How are these 6-pan?


    • 10/9/12 15:30 the Muse:

      sorry Mary Beth I’m multitasking today, corrected to read eight pan.


  • 10/9/12 15:36 Jamie:

    I want that matte palette SO BADLY but can’t find it for the life of me! =(


  • 10/9/12 16:00 Amanda:

    I’m really loving Sparkle ’til Morning! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on one.


  • 10/9/12 16:50 breyerchic04:

    I’ll get sparkle till morning if I see it. I have the regular purple palette so I don’t think I need this LE one (I don’t do greys often), and I don’t think the matte palette looks wearable at all. (this coming from someone who does like mattes).


  • 10/9/12 16:50 Jennifer:

    I’ve been looking for these but can’t find them yet! I can’t wait! I’ll be getting the matte palette and sparkle til morning!


  • 10/9/12 16:59 Lulu:

    Looove how sparkle til Morning looks! I’m going to keep an eye out for that one and possibly the matte one


  • 10/9/12 17:25 Michelle:

    Been looking everywhere for these, but they haven’t made it in my lil country town yet:(. Will keep searching!!! Anyone seen them at cvs or Walgreens yet?


  • 10/9/12 22:28 Cindy:

    I am very looking forward to these! Despite me having plenty of eyeshadow (and colors that look like those already)I can’t pass up a deal like this! Their little palettes are amazing!


  • 10/10/12 4:26 Annie:

    Nude is my thing so sparkling till morning is totally my cup of tea… I hope these are available at rite aid soon


  • 10/10/12 10:29 Catherine:

    Yeeepi! This makes me happy! I’m going to go check them out at Walgreens :-)


  • 10/10/12 11:58 Sophia:

    I want them all!!! But I live in Canada.. So I don’t think I will be able to find them


  • 10/11/12 0:26 M. Lanette:

    Hi, I live in Louisiana, does anyone know if the palettes are available here.


  • 10/11/12 17:28 Emi at Project Swatch:

    These are so fantastic! I finally found them today, and just swatched them. Love!


  • 10/17/12 3:17 ash:

    any1 find them in nyc area?


  • 10/21/12 16:15 jen:

    I have I live mattes already and I picked up the other 2 today along with the winter lipbalms in candy apple and the gingerbread


  • 10/22/12 23:07 Elise:

    I’m very interested! For whatever reason, it is so hard for me to find limited edition things here in Cincinnati. I can go on a serious hunt through grocery stores, drugstores and my local Ultas and still come up with nothing!


  • 11/28/12 12:40 lisa cofen:

    Love the colours, but the staying power is crap.awesome for 5 bucks


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