Aura by Swarovski Eau de Parfum Review

My Aura by Swarovski Eau de Parfum Review is a long time coming simply because it was a fragrance I casually sniffed, disliked, and set aside for a while.

What a mistake! This is a beautifully luminescent fragrance that’s a sure fire hit for the Holiday Season. If you’re seeking a unique fragrance gift I do so direct you to Aura by Swarovski. Either for yourself or another this stunning fragrance creation is bound to turn a few heads.

Aura by Swarovski ($65-$100) is housed in a majestic mirrored bottle with a dazzling crystal embedded on the topper. The beautiful crystal was created especially for Aura, capturing the light and reflecting it back in a sparkling prism display.

This blush colored fragrance is a tad uneventful at first sniff but don’t mistakenly assume it’s not special enough to warrant a purchase as once it hits skin it morphs and becomes a sensual, flirty little fragrance that’s quite unique.

Combining fruity, floral, and spicy elements, Aura unleashes a truly unique sensory fragrance experience that’s light, feminine, yet mature and rich. Juicy lychee plays with rose notes as white tuberose lends a fuller body to the fragrance with pink pepper bringing a rich spiciness to the scent. It’s the pink pepper that really brings the fragrance full circle and creates a warm spiciness that’s warm, rich, and simply stunning.

It’s rare I feel so deeply for a fragrance but Aura truly is as magical as the bottle it comes in.

Aura is Muse Approved for purchase.

If you’re looking for that special, unique fragrance gift this Holiday Season I highly recommend checking this out.

It’s sold at Swarovski Boutiques.

Learn more at

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/12/12 11:01 Kiss & Make-up:

    I really like this fragrance. I also have (or had, rather) the body lotion and it is just as magical as the perfume :-)


    • 11/12/12 11:05 the Muse:

      totally agree! It really is magical ;-D I sound like a crazy person but it really has that special feel to it. Too many fragrances feel very repetitive but this is just special!


  • 11/12/12 13:07 BLee:

    That is a very pretty bottle. I need to find where the closes boutique is to take the sniff test 😀 It sounds wonderful!!


  • 11/12/12 19:54 LINDARRAGNAR:

    hmmm thanks for sharing muse! I never knew swarovski has a perfume!


    • 11/13/12 10:32 the Muse:

      hey have two now linda or three? ;-D


  • 11/13/12 7:56 Val:

    hmm, it did seem a bit “uneventful” to me at a first sniff, but I’d sure give it a second try after your review. I do want me something magical for holidays =)


    • 11/13/12 10:26 the Muse:

      val same here….! but it’s actually gorgeous! It warms down to a lovely spiciness!


  • 9/10/15 4:59 Nadya Sadri Mulok:

    *gasp* Swarovski has perfume? I know Cartier does..but Swarovski..
    *quickly writes down on look for list!*

    *browse click browse click SURPRIIIISEE!!* hahah cool stuff you have here love!


    • 9/10/15 8:30 Isabella Muse:



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