Bare Minerals Hot To Trot Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses Swatches

Bare Minerals Hot To Trot Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses is one of two new gift sets released for Holiday 2012. This set contains six of the newly launched Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses so if you haven’t tried them already this is your chance to get in on a variety of shades.

Bare Minerals actually introduced two one of which is more pinker so if you prefer more pinks and berries on your lips you might want to go with that.

Hot to Trot is sorta a variety of shades in my humblest as you have some nice nudes and neutrals as well as some nice roses and berries too!

Take a look!

Maverick, Crowd Surfer, Smooth Talker, Firecracker, Smarty Pants, Dreamer

Each set is $25 and features six shades that weight at 0.07 oz in size. They have a slanted sponge applicator for application and a cool minty taste. The texture runs thicker on Moxie Glosses which allows them to wear quite long. Shades range from sheer to opaque depending on the color you decide to wear.

But enough babble from me….!

Swatches please!

My full review is upcoming shortly on this delightful set so stay tuned.

Anyone haul this gift set?

Do you like the Marvelous Moxie formula?

Do share!

  • 11/28/12 19:24 Heather:

    I bought these when they came out direct from their website. I liked the colors, but I HATE the way these smell. I like Buxom, I hope they aren’t phasing those out, and only doing Moxie. Buxom is minty-vanilly and pleasant, whereas Moxie smells of horrid clove and plastic, and when it migrate into your mouth, it isn’t much better. Way too over-powering a scent for me. I’ll stick to Buxom as long as they aren’t discontinued.


    • 11/29/12 9:30 the Muse:

      I don’t think they are doing anything with Buxom Heather no worries :)


  • 11/28/12 20:40 BLee:

    Muse, I do not have this set, but have about five of them and like them very much. I like a thicker gloss. It like you said it last longer on the lips. I like the mint and the feel it gives to the lips. These look great to give as Christmas gifts for sure. Thanks for the great swatches :)


    • 11/29/12 9:21 the Muse:

      my pleasure blee ;-D I really enjoy them too! my first try with moxie wasn’t great but they’ve grown on me since then!


  • 11/28/12 23:11 blueraccoon:

    I hauled the Cool as Ice set and I like it, but I don’t thnk I’d buy any of the glosses full size. I discovered I prefer BM’s 100% natural lipgloss to the Moxie lipgloss, and if they came out with a set of *those* I’d be all over it.


  • 11/29/12 9:36 Jen_m_sunshine:

    HI Muse! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hauled both sets of the Moxie lipglosses! What can I say – somehow someway you have made me a gloss lover. I figure at this price – awesome to get a bunch of shades and smaller so can fit multiple shades in my purse. I really like the minty part and the staying power. Firecracker at this point is my fave.

    Oh and BTW, I FINALLY got my Naked palette – used my VIB $20 off. Nice!! I love my Naked2 as greiges are my favorite but I knew I needed the original in my life too.

    Big hugs!!!1


    • 11/29/12 9:38 the Muse:

      hey jen! no long no speak it was great and yours?! eat a lot? hehe! yayyyyy! I’m so glad you got in on these it appears they are selling fast, believe they are sold out online! jeepers! WAHOOO! can’t wait to use my card today ;-D enjoy your naked 2! <3! hugs!


  • 11/29/12 9:40 Icaria:

    The colors are nice, this would be the perfect opportunity to try these. 😀


  • 11/29/12 10:58 amy:

    This is sooo tempting… Unfortunately (or *fortunately*, LOL), I have a shoebox overflowing with glosses that I have to get through, so I’ll likely pass.


    • 11/29/12 11:04 the Muse:

      lol amy ;-D I hear ya! more glosses than mouths!


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