Bath & Body Works Holiday 2012 Catalog

Bath & Body Works are giving out Holiday 2012 Catalogs with purchases in stores. Each catalog features three coupons as well as photos of some of the exciting Holiday offerings this year.

Although you’ve likely been privy to the catalog already I know some of international readers enjoy seeing snapshots of catalogs from a variety of shops so I thought I’d take some photos of the little mini catalog for those who don’t have easy access to Bath & Body Works.

Take a look!

You can see the moisture swirl hand soap I was talking about in a prior post in this catalog as well as a Frosted Gingerbread Candle I haven’t yet seen in stores. I’m not sure why that captured my eye because I really don’t love the smell of gingerbread for some reason!

I actually picked up the Cinnamon Frosting one, also pictured, during last week’s 2 for $20. I’m not convinced it smells like cinnamon frosting but I do like it none the less.

I can’t believe it but I’m already busy doing gift shopping and already started taking out decorations. I’d rather have it all prepared ahead of time so I can enjoy the big day when it arrives rather than scramble around playing catch up the week of.

Hope you’ve all been taking advantage of the many sales going on this week! Sephora, Old Navy, Too Faced, New York & Co, are just a few who have had some really great discounts this week.

What are you loving the most from Bath & Body Works Holiday 2012 Collection?

Anything you haven’t hauled yet but are planning on soon?

Do share!

  • 11/9/12 10:08 Icequeen81:

    wow sounds good


  • 11/9/12 10:50 BLee:

    Wow, does this smell soooo good…lol! Muse, does the B&BW sell the silver candle stands, too? And yes, I have one tree up but just got some new bulbs and lights. Is a white tree. My 1st one. The rest of my deco. takes me a full week to put up. Lots of work, but I love it.


    • 11/9/12 10:55 the Muse:

      noooo I wish. they look fab don’t they? aw sounds fabulous! haven’t quite done the tree yet, prob will happen thanksgiving weekend but been preparing. Sorting through decorations, etc…!


    • 11/9/12 12:31 Robyn:

      I work work at BBW and we actually sell the candle stands!! :)


      • 11/9/12 12:37 the Muse:

        no kidding!? I haven’t seen them online or in store just assumed it was promo art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks robyn!


  • 11/9/12 11:08 Lily:

    A gingerbread candle?? Oh man, where was this during the 2 for $20 sale lol
    My bf and I were just thinking about how there needs to be a gingerbread candle after smelling the hand soap


    • 11/9/12 11:09 the Muse:

      I know right? I don’t even see it online!


      • 11/9/12 16:32 Stephanie L.:

        My BBW lady told me that they sold out before the sales, and they could not get re-stock. I guess because they were so popular. I wanted one, too. :(


  • 11/9/12 12:33 Joyce:

    I got the lambie plush after seeing it on your blog 😀


    • 11/9/12 12:37 the Muse:

      yay! it’s so cute joyce ;-D total must have for the holidays 😀


  • 11/9/12 16:06 Lulle:

    I went to 2 different stores, and I haven’t seen any lambie stuff :,(
    Where do they hide it??


  • 11/9/12 18:14 Iris:

    I spy a penguin! I’m planning to get the penguin shea infused socks and the Merry Berry Sparkler pocket bac.


  • 11/10/12 13:26 GK:

    I’m going this weekend! They had Gingerbread 3 in 1 a few yrs ago, was actually quite nice. I’m also not a fan of it, but when done well, it’s on my list.


  • 11/10/12 18:07 Katie:

    I splurged on a pair of those sweet lambie slippers and one of the little baby “plushies” in grey – so cute. :)


  • 11/11/12 19:46 Nicki:

    I don’t need help being the perfect Secret Santa. 😉 The person I have will end up unwrapping a LUSH gift set, candy cane hot chocolate, Charlie Brown’s Christmas movie, and Magic Mike.

    But I’m definitely going to get some of the hand soaps (some for the house, some for the family we’re sponsoring!) and candles. Well, some more. Darn you holiday scents!


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