Bon Jovi Unplugged Perfume

Bon Jovi inked a deal earlier this Summmer to be the face of the new Avon Unplugged Fragrance. The partnership follows in the foot steps of other popular celebrity faces such as Fergie, Reese Witherspoon, and Patrick Dempsey.

Unplugged ($30) is lyrical ballad resonating with bright citrus notes, sensual plum, voluptuous black dahlia and wisps of captivating woods.

The fragrance is available in a his and her variation with the Unplugged for him launching later this November.

Jon also makes appearance on the current Avon Brochure to promote the launch of the fragrance.

Do you think you’ll be trying it?

Available now at

  • 11/5/12 10:10 Kiss & Make-up:

    I usually don’t do celebrity fragrances (god that sounds conceited, lol), but the bottle ├ánd the ingredients look good… I might just give it a try :-)


  • 11/5/12 10:27 Ruth:

    he’s still hawt! and he’s lookin’ at me *swoon*


  • 11/5/12 12:47 Danielle:

    I’m wearing a sample of this now and I really like it (not the biggest Avon frag fan, here). It is very plummy, on me it is a cleaner, brighter, less sultry CK Euphoria. Very fruity, reminds me a lot of something Victorias Secret would do but is better quality with good throw and decent lasting power.


    • 11/5/12 14:25 the Muse:

      hmmmmmmmm sounds nice danielle ;-D I could be convinced!


  • 11/5/12 15:26 BLee:

    I bet he smells good….oops I meant the fragrance….LOL … tee-hee


    • 11/5/12 15:37 the Muse:

      *raises hand* I’m all for sniffing bon jovi, I absolutely have no issues with that!


  • 11/5/12 19:10 Icequeen81:

    Im a Rock Fan, I’m surely like John Bon Jovi songs. That list of ingredients and bottle sounds soooo me > I need to smell it. But I bet is gonna be pretty expensive around here


    • 11/5/12 19:16 Icequeen81:

      Maybe TMI but purple is my fav color combined with Black my second fab makes that bottle amazing and plum and citrus in one bottle sounds amazing.


  • 11/6/12 1:48 Debster:

    I’d love to try that. Jovi is such a gorgeous piece of man-meat. Omnom!


  • 11/6/12 8:42 Tracey:

    Being an Avon rep in the UK, I’ll certainly give it a sniff if we get it (no news on that yet…)


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