Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara & Covergirl Outlast Nail Polish

Covergirl fans might want to hit up drugstores to purchase the new Clump Crusher Mascara and Outlast Nail Polish that’s launched for Winter 2012.

Take a look!

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara by Lash Blast
is a new volumizing mascara which promises a clump-free application if with building. According to the display you can apply 30 coats and the formula would remain clump free!

Outlast Nail Polish is a new glossy color polish available in 15 shades.

I picked up Clump Crusher last weekend and was using it last week so I’ll have a review up shortly for it.

Anyone try any of these new goodies?

Do share!

  • 11/5/12 15:12 Brooke:

    Love the name of the mascara


  • 11/5/12 15:14 Caitlin:

    I’m a huge fan of lash blast volume, so I’m very interested in Clump Crusher!


  • 11/5/12 15:19 BLee:

    Yikes…gotta try it once…no clumps!!


  • 11/5/12 15:31 C:

    I tried clump crusher, it definitely doesn’t clump and adds volume but doesn’t hold a curl (at least on me). :(

    Back to Majolica Majorca I go!


  • 11/5/12 15:34 Monica:

    The name kinda makes me giggle, but I would love to test out the whole 30-coats theory!


  • 11/5/12 15:42 isabella:

    nail polish colors are nice, bottle a clone of the Chanel bottle, CVS display had no price!!


  • 11/5/12 16:17 K.B.:

    I am so excited to try this mascara (probably more than I should be lol)! I saw a First Impression video of this on YouTube, and my jaw actually dropped at how amazing the person’s lashes looked after applying this mascara. Of course, he already had long, gorgeous lashes to begin with, but I still want the mascara.


    • 11/5/12 16:26 the Muse:

      kb so far I’m less than thrilled ;-/


      • 11/6/12 6:54 Teresa:

        Thanks Muse for sneaking some of your impressions into the comments!

        I think I am in the minority as I have had no luck with any of the Lash Blast line. However, I was excited to try the Clump Blaster. Now, not so much.


        • 11/6/12 15:47 the Muse:

          my pleasure teresa ;-D me either don’t feel bad, I really don’t have a ton of success with lash blast products…!


      • 11/6/12 11:53 K.B.:

        Well, boo. I’ll still pick up a tube, though… swear by the Illegal Lengths mascara, right? I hated that stuff, so I’ll just tell myself that my sister from another mister is so totally wrong (as usual!) about this. (I hope that doesn’t sound bitchy – I was going for a sisterly argument, and I’m an only child, so I have no clue how to sound sisterly.)


        • 11/6/12 12:49 the Muse:

          lol kb…! 😀 You sound perfectly sisterly ;-D and surly…! I’m sorry about IL :( I love it. It’s one of the few ds mascaras that worked for me…this one was a no go sadly but I feel like that about ALL lashblast mascaras…grain of salt! PS was going to email, know what today is!? ;D


          • 11/6/12 13:27 K.B.:

            The good American in me should say “IT’S ELECTION DAY, YAY DEMOCRACY AND NON-FREAKING-STOP POLITICAL ADS!!”, but the real me says “OF COURSE I DO! IT’S THE DAY ‘LEAVE ME BREATHLESS’ COMES OUT!!” 😉

            I LOVE the LashBlast mascaras, so I’m more hopeful now that I’ll like this mascara. I love Maybelline’s mascaras in general (fave drugstore mascara brand), but the Illegal Lengths just didn’t do it for me. I’ve discovered (I think IL was the nail in the coffin) that I prefer volumizing mascaras.

          • 11/6/12 13:49 the Muse:

            lmao! ;-D thanks I needed to laugh today been far to busy a day and haven’t had a chance to crack a grin ;-D I’ve read the first few pages and woooweee but I hate to say this, Candace completely changed and dare I say KINDA annoying me in her first scene. I can’t wait to hear what you think! hopefully I can read a little more this week but prob will have to wait for Sunday night to enjoy more!

          • 11/6/12 14:54 K.B.:

            No no no! Don’t say that! I haven’t started it yet (I’m waiting until Friday when I can curl up on the couch and read it from start to finish without interruption), but I’ll be sure to check in with you first thing Monday morning (without spoiling anything lol).

          • 11/6/12 15:01 the Muse:

            hehe sounds good. I only read the first few pages but got upset how much she changed…her image…..I liked that she was the complete opposite of Brian but now she seems more like him which kinda made me meh! but yeah, I’ll def try to get some reading in sunday night so we can chat it ;D!

          • 11/6/12 15:34 K.B.:

            I was afraid that would happen after I read the epilogue for “Rock Me” and she was getting her belly button pierced. I know that sounds weird, but I just assume that if someone hasn’t pierced his/her navel by 23, there’s a good chance he/she won’t ever pierce his/her navel. (I don’t know why that makes sense to me, it just does. lol)

            Then again, I’d let Brian stick needles in me, be it tattoo or piercing, all day, every day….

          • 11/6/12 15:46 the Muse:

            lol aw hells yes brian can go ahead and stick needles anywhere he wants lol! and so can ghost ;-D yeah…she changed a bit…she now has three tats, pink streaks in her hair, and contemplating…wait for it…nipple piercings…SO out of character from when we originally met her. she seems a touch annoying to me now too not sure why?! something went wrong in the translation of her character…now she’s more like her cousin letting Brian kinda change her?! I dunno I was sitting here reading the scene thinking, “Really?!”

  • 11/5/12 16:25 Tammie:

    Ugggghhh and I thought I was good with trying new mascara…need to try this.


    • 11/5/12 16:25 the Muse:

      don’t, it sucks. lol so far anyway!


  • 11/5/12 16:37 Tammie:

    I guess I’ll just get it at CVS so I can return it…I’ll always wonder otherwise xD;;. Even though you didn’t like the Cat Eyes Colossal one either I still had to go and try it lol


    • 11/5/12 16:47 the Muse:

      did you like cat eyes? curious minds! and totally can relate! read crummy reviews all the time but always have to try it anyway for myself lol!


      • 11/5/12 16:55 Tammie:

        Yeah, especially with mascara I’ve found I need to make my own decision because what others hate about it might be what I love about it (maybe I don’t want volume, just length/color, etc.). I’d be more wary if we were talking about a Dior mascara or something, but for drugstore eh…can’t hurt :).

        I liked Cat Eyes alright, it gives me some volume and length but nothing amazing like it claims. I think what I like most about it is the brush because it gets all of my lashes just right and doesn’t put too little or too much mascara on.

        So far my favorite mascara is Maybelline Full n’ Soft, would be even better if it had a curved brush though. I feel like curved brushes like the one in Cat Eyes picks up my droopy outer lashes and opens up my eyes more.

        You’ll hate me for this but I actually don’t mind Great Lash…it’s nothing special but for “dressed down” days when I just want darker lashes (my lashes are long but go blond like 1/2 way through even though I have dark hair) it’s good. I like Lots of Lashes, Big as well as the Curved one…I think in Great Lash’s case it’s more that I like the brush than the mascara itself…I just wish they’d offer it in Waterproof formulation…really annoying that they don’t. I really hate the original brush, which is the one the Waterproof comes with.


  • 11/5/12 16:45 Amber:

    I’ve been using the mascara for about a week now and I’ve liked it. It’s not say a Lancome Defincil but it’s not as bad as Great Lash. I’m kinda digging the odd shaped brush.


  • 11/5/12 18:14 Bethany:

    I’m so torn. I really love Cover Girl Lash Blast, and Clump Crusher looks to be in the same family, but I am not really a fan of those curved brushes. I tend to stab myself in the eye with them. :\


    • 11/7/12 2:44 christi:

      It is not as curved as many are Bethany, it is a great everyday mascara, if u like regular lash blast u will prob like it.


  • 11/5/12 20:17 Michelle D:

    I bought the Clump Crusher mascara and I hate it. Worst mascara purchase of the year. No volume, no length, and doesn’t hold a curl. I returned it.


    • 11/6/12 13:50 the Muse:

      my thoughts michelle ;D


  • 11/5/12 23:49 Quinctia:

    Yay, Janelle Monae!

    I don’t think I’m getting the mascara, though, even if she is on the display.


  • 11/6/12 6:24 Daisy:

    I wish they had the orange nailpolish that P!nk was wearing in one if her ads.


  • 11/6/12 8:48 Danii:

    Is it just me or does this name have gimmick written all over it? Clump Crusher. Who thinks of these names??


  • 11/6/12 9:18 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    30 coats? Excuse me while I look skeptical…


  • 11/6/12 9:39 Joanna:

    I have heard so much great review on the new Covergirl mascara.


  • 11/6/12 10:44 Paige Wilkerson:

    Where did you find this? I’ve been searching for it ever since I saw it in Allure’s October magazine! I haven’t found it anywhere yet. Hmm…I was just in my local Walgreens yesterday!


    • 11/6/12 10:58 the Muse:

      harmons had a display as well as bed, bath, and beyond paige.


    • 11/6/12 12:28 Tammie:

      Got mine from CVS last night.


    • 11/7/12 2:40 christi:

      I got mine at Walmart.


  • 11/6/12 10:59 Tiffany Martin:

    The new outlast nail colors look great! WANTS.


  • 11/6/12 11:44 Swims alot:

    I got clump Crusher on end cap at Wally’s. It was just inder $6. I like it do far. Lengthened and defined for me. Easy to take off. I say give it a try. I had a buck off one coupon.


  • 11/6/12 12:58 Tammie:

    Bought this last night at CVS, it doesn’t WOW me or anything but I like it a lot for an every day mascara. Curved brush that evenly coats lashes and no clumps like it claims. Only complaint I have is that it’s a bit dry but upon reflection that was my problem with all Covergirl/Lash Blast mascaras so I can’t complain too much.

    HOWEVER I am not a big “volume” gal. As long as there is the teeniest bit of volume (as in my lashes don’t look like little needles) I am ok. But it’s definitely lacking in the volume dept. which is dumb because it is supposed to be volumizing. Maybe if you do the 30 layers it boasts you can apply lol but not with the 2 I did.


    • 11/6/12 15:47 the Muse:

      try 30 layers? LOL ;-D I didn’t like it to be honest…covergirl builds mascara up too much and markets it as AMAZINBALLZ and it ends up being crushingly disappointing…this was the same as many lashblast products, just mediocre. 😛


      • 11/6/12 18:18 Tammie:

        Haha not gonna happen but I am kind of curious what 30 layers would look like. Luckily it came out looking just right for me but if you care about volume it’s a disappointment. And yeah I have not been really impressed with CG mascara, they all look the same to me no matter what they claim to do haha.

        I used to really like CG mascaras when I was first starting out with them, but since then I’ve found I am not much of a fan. At least with Maybelline there is enough variety you are bound to find something that suits you..and for the most part the packaging is better imo.

        This one, much like with Cat Eyes and Great Lash Curved is probably only appealing to me because of the curved applicator…any perks I get could probably be attributed to it (lifting of droopy outer lashes, better color coverage).


  • 11/7/12 2:38 christi:

    I actually love this mascara, it really is clump free and I get tons of volume! Everyone’s lashes r so diff tho.


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