Dior Grand Bal Gold Shimmer Powder for Holiday 2012

Dior Grand Ball Gold Shimmer Powder is an extension of Dior’s Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Collection and available exclusively at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com

I don’t need more gold shimmer in life because at this point I have enough to fill my pool with it to the six foot mark. But come on, gold, shimmer, holidays, Dior, jebus how much will power do you think I have?

I need this!

This delicate gold shimmering powder can be dusted on cheekbones, shoulders, neckline, or anywhere you want a touch of festive sparkle! It’s actually scented as well and includes a mini kabuki for application. You see, the mini kabuki, that kinda sold it to me…I mean I was just on the peak of saying, “I don’t need another gold sparkle powder!” than they go and say it comes with a bloody kabuki brush.

Crushing how little willpower I have.

I ordered it.

For shame! Every single purchase I made over the course of the last week has been privy to the excuse, “Oh this a little Christmas present from you to you!” Poor excuse, really poor excuse!

This delightful little treat is $45 and available exclusively from our friends at Nordies.

Do you need it?

  • 11/28/12 20:46 Sweta:

    Hi Muse

    Is this the same as the gold dust powder you reviewed a while back from dior? i havent been able to find that any where sadly..:(


    • 11/29/12 9:20 the Muse:

      no sweta different one hun.


      • 12/2/12 9:48 nawi:

        what is the difference the 431 is from the holiday line?


    • 11/29/12 20:13 Beth:

      You can find that one on Dior’s website now!


  • 11/28/12 21:29 Debster:

    I don’t know if I should get myself a BB shimmer brick or this. =[


  • 11/29/12 5:39 Maz:

    Yeah i need it.. :) I have heard its good. so surely gonna buy it.


  • 11/29/12 7:23 Kiss & Make-up:

    From what I’ve seen from it, it looks like a nice treat… :-)


  • 11/29/12 9:39 Ruth:

    same problem for me too, “oh, i’ll just order it for myself for christmas” and end up with a TON of stuff! zero willpower!


    • 11/29/12 9:54 the Muse:

      I’m awful! I order stuff and proceed to buy one for myself and one for the recipient. horrible!


      • 11/29/12 11:39 Ruth:

        i’ll buy just one, like it so much and just keep it and then get them something else *ashamed*


  • 11/29/12 11:36 Monica:

    Hi Muse, you gotta love those brushes! I think it is a very nice treat,
    do you remember the bronzers dior released this past summer? they come with a little kabuki brush aswell and I LOOVE it


    • 11/29/12 12:02 the Muse:

      yes yes yes! I die! those bronzers were great! aren’t they perm now though or I am delusional? ;D


      • 12/3/12 19:46 Monica:

        I think they are permanent now….they are still available anyway =)


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