Do Want: Bath & Body Works Sparkling Pink Champagne Hand Soap

I was taking inventory of my Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Collection a few days ago and have plenty enough to keep me busy over the course of the next millennium or two.

But how can I rest Pink Champagne pray tell?

Slay me. I need a new way to store all these hand soaps! Pink Champagne promises the scent of pink sugar with sparkling notes of mandarin and fizzy champagne.

I guess I have room one more, just one more hand soap in my collection. Right? Right.

In other news, I’m terribly proud that I got my tree and all my outdoor decorations up on Friday. I typically wait for the week after Thanksgiving to put them up but I felt rather motivated to get it done. Did you get yours up yet? I also got much of my shopping done Friday and Monday! Thank you Internet Gods for all the awesome deals what would we do without you? I read that online sales would top 1.5 billion this year. Not very good news for physical stores and malls but oh so convenient for those of us who do prefer shopping in our PJs.

P.S. Can you spot K-9 in the tree?

  • 11/27/12 10:59 BLee:

    BEAUTIFUL, Muse! Puppies with santa hats? Awww, cute :)


    • 11/27/12 11:00 the Muse:

      hehe ;-D I’m corny, they actually have my dog’s names on them. I purchased them over ten years ago (the ornaments) when I got my two dogs ;-D


  • 11/27/12 11:09 LINDARRAGNAR:

    super cute and perfect looking tree!
    I see both the blue tardis and k9 is near (i think above and to the right) and I see two daleks a red and gold one!!!

    Love the decorations it looks profesional!

    We have a a 4 foot mini tree on our piano, and then a mini mini silver tree near the computer. We usually never have trees at our house but its a special year! 😉


    • 11/27/12 11:24 the Muse:

      good eye linda ;-D! aw thanks…it’s a little boring since it looks the same year after year, kinda wish I could change to color lights but sadly can’t do it! Oh well! Aw sounds lovely :-D! Why a special year? Do share 😀


      • 11/27/12 22:06 LINDARRAGNAR:

        Aww, theres always next year, or you could make up a new holiday and change the color scheme!! :)

        this will sound mean but my parents are getting divorced, and my mom never wanted a tree in the house, she has moved out so now we have two trees! :) It is very festive around our house for once!


        • 11/28/12 10:58 the Muse:

          sounds good to me ;-D aw I’m really sorry to hear that…! I hope you’re ok! I am glad however that you got your tree this year!


          • 11/28/12 11:32 LINDARRAGNAR:

            thanks muse! I am great my mother and us are all estranged!

          • 11/28/12 11:44 the Muse:

            aw that stinks I’m sorry to hear that but it happens unfortunately! Sometimes family is one of those odd things in life. At least you have your dad 😀

  • 11/27/12 11:29 kimkats:

    I see the tardis and I see 1 dalek, but I can’t find K-9? I just got my signals catalogue yesterday and I am SO getting a dalek for the tree!!



    • 11/27/12 11:41 the Muse:

      hehe YOU need a dalek ;-D k-9 is a little above the tardis towards the right by the poinsettia…


      • 11/27/12 13:08 kimkats:

        THERE he is!! Where on earth (or elsewhere)did you find him? I’ve loved K-9 since the 6th incarnation of the Doctor (the curly haired one with the ghastly long scarf – that was the 6th one, I think?)

        It’s a lovely tree!!


        • 11/27/12 13:25 the Muse:

          he just launched here in the US, BBC America shop loaded them up on site earlier in October and I snagged him! That’s my doctor as well, Tom Baker ;-D he’s actually the 4th ;-D aw thanks!


          • 11/27/12 18:35 Jen:

            SQUEEEEEE, I love your tree!!! And I just discovered the Tom Baker years this past year and love love love it – especially with Sarah Jane (bought her series, too). I love the Who stuff but your whole tree is just absolutely beautiful!!!

          • 11/28/12 13:14 the Muse:

            thanks jen!!!!!!!!!! I adore Tom Baker. I remember watching back episodes on PBS as a kid. I was honestly in love with BEING tom baker lol ;-D the scarf, the fedora, it was just all awesome! and his voice was always so…I dunno, dramatic ;-D it gave me chills! aw thanks! did you get yours up yet?

  • 11/27/12 11:38 Icequeen81:

    oooh cool one like it :) the bear with santa hats?


    • 11/27/12 11:40 the Muse:

      dogs ;-D hehe!


      • 11/27/12 21:27 Icequeen81:



  • 11/27/12 12:17 Cindy:

    What a beautiful tree Muse! Looks so perfect and Christmas card worthy <3


    • 11/27/12 12:29 the Muse:

      awwwwwwww thanks cindy you’re too kind!


  • 11/27/12 12:22 Miss D:

    Haha- I thought those were bears too! Very nice looking tree, and your staircase looks so pretty. I put mine up about two weeks ago- it’s a fake white tree with gold and white glitter ornaments on it. I think this year mine looks better than how it looked the year before, so I’m very pleased with it. :)


    • 11/27/12 12:26 the Muse:

      they kinda look like it ;-D omg you rock! seriously? two weeks ago!? and I thought I was all prepared! Mine is fake too. I’m seriously done with real trees, they are just TOO much trouble! It’s such a mess! Yours sounds gorg! Do tweet me a pic ;-D I’d love to see! Mine always looks the same year after year lol aside from new ornaments I add…! I always tell myself that the next time I buy a tree it’ll be with colored lights but I know I’ll stick to boring clear ;D


  • 11/27/12 12:25 sarah:

    wOoooH pretty. We’re not allowed to have a tree, the fur babies keep getting stuck in it.


    • 11/27/12 12:29 the Muse:

      thank god my cats/dogs stay away from it phew! especially my old girl, she’ll sleep under it and such but she won’t touch anything on it. maybe get a small fiber optic one? ;-D


  • 11/27/12 12:33 Cj:

    Ok that scent was made for me lol. I’m getting one for every bathroom… No wait every sink lol!

    I’ve been a little lazy and haven’t even went tree shopping yet x__x


    • 11/27/12 12:36 the Muse:

      hehe it sounds amazings! ordered one yesterday and kinda mused that maybe I needed another one just in case ;-D Damn get on it, all these sales, how can you resist?!


  • 11/27/12 14:15 Sarah S.:

    Beautiful tree! I really need to step up my tree game! I think I need ribbon…


    • 11/27/12 14:17 the Muse:

      sam’s club has a variety of ribbon sarah, it’s super cheap too. I hate garland since it always looks so cheesy, ribbon looks way nicer! They also sell poinsettias, holiday picks, and other little do-dads you can use for filler.


  • 11/27/12 16:51 Phyrra:

    Gorgeous tree!


    • 11/27/12 16:55 the Muse:

      thanks court! 😀


  • 11/28/12 10:24 Tiffany C.:

    is that a Dalek and a TARDIS i see?? LOVE IT!!!


    • 11/28/12 10:27 the Muse:

      yeah 😀 hehe!


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