Hard Candy Beauty Glam Kit for Holiday 2012

The Hard Candy Beauty Glam Kit is a new palette the brand introduced for Holiday 2012. Hard Candy has four color selections available in the palette however the color seems to extend to the outside packaging only but not the actual eyeshadows inside.

Each palette is available in a sparkly black, pink, green, or aqua casing.

Take a peek!

I haven’t had much luck finding Hard Candy Holiday 2012 in store so I ordered this palette online at Walmart.com

One of the first things I noticed about the palette is it smells rather bad…! Not a good sign. I haven’t tried any of the eyeshadows yet but plan on doing so this week so expect a review later next week on this.

They seem to be on par with some of E.L.F.’s mega palettes however, just looking at it, I think maybe E.L.F. might have the advantage. But hey can’t judge a book by its cover! Must dive in and see what I think. Perhaps it’ll be crazy brilliant and I’ll eat my words.

Anyone see these at their local Walmart?

Interested in purchasing?

At $5 it probably makes a nice stocking stuffer for tweens or young girls. We shall see!

  • 11/28/12 12:25 Icaria:

    The colors look nice but seem to be on the shiny side.


  • 11/28/12 12:59 Madalyn:

    It makes me so sad to see how downhill Hard Candy has gone. They used to be one of my favorite brands. :(


    • 11/28/12 18:41 Debster:

      Agreed!! I should have bought backups when it was still at Ulta. =[ I miss the old quads in the silver compacts.


    • 11/28/12 22:07 Cindy:

      Same here! I remember when they use to be at Sephora and had the most adorable packaging!


  • 11/28/12 13:38 Ruth:

    you’re braver than i am. if cosmetics smell off, they get pitched in the rubbish bin right away.


    • 11/29/12 9:38 the Muse:

      lol ruth tempted!


  • 11/28/12 14:58 Tammy:

    This palette looks pretty crappy. It looks like something I would see at the $1 store.


  • 11/28/12 15:59 Miss D:

    Yeah, I’m guessing these will have a harder texture than the ELF ones, but who knows for sure yet. BTW, I just sent photos of my white (but fake) Christmas tree to your ‘gmail’ email. Hope you like them! :)


    • 11/29/12 9:32 the Muse:

      omg I love your white christmas tree! gorgeous! the gold ornaments totally bring it all together! now I want a white tree lol!


  • 11/28/12 16:46 SJG:

    Like the Bobbi Brown Oysters thing, the packaging is nicer than the actual makeup. Hard Candy at Walmart kind of makes me sick to my stomach, I doubt that’s what the founder ever thought would happen. Ditto Jordache jeans….ugh, hate that place, it cheapens everything it touches.


  • 11/29/12 0:18 Tiffany Martin:

    I’m super curious. You say it smells bad, but what does it smell *like*?


    • 11/29/12 9:16 the Muse:

      just old chemical makeup smell :-/ not pleasant.


  • 11/29/12 9:49 Jessica:

    It too saddens me what it’s become :( it’s also sad how much original Hard Candy I hoard


    • 11/29/12 20:32 Tiffany Martin:

      I love hard candy too, Jessica! Especially the cute packaging, I can’t resist it.


  • 12/24/12 22:36 Megan:

    I have this palette and I love it. I got it as a gift and I have to say that I was actually impressed with the color saturation and wearability. Yes, it looks cheap, but it was actually really good.


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