Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hard Candy launched eight shades of their new Megawatt Smile Lip Color Duo & Brush On Tooth Whitener ($6) for Fall 2012. This beauty budget friendly lip duo contains lipstick on one end and a tooth whitener on the other.

Take a look!

Mmm I’m not really sure if I nesscarily need a tooth whitener on the end of my lipstick but props for the thought Hard Candy? I just can’t picture myself painting on a tooth whitener as part of my touch up regime ya know? Seems a little more work than I’m willing to put in. I barely touch my lipgloss never mind whiten my teeth!

But hey, fun idea…!

This duo has a small twist off tube of whitener with a brush applicator for whitening on the go. I tried it a few times but can’t really say if it’s working as of yet. It has a pleasant minty tastes with a thicker gel consistency that easily brushes on teeth with the included brush applicator.

The lipstick itself has a shimmer core which blue pearls to give teeth a whiter appearance. This core also provides a moisturizing and easy glide on lips. I wouldn’t really call this a lipstick as the formula is more of a balm-like texture which isn’t too heavy and has a very lightweight finish on lips. Color pay off on the one shade I tried was fairly nice (Sorry, I tossed the label by mistake, I believe the color is called Shine On) and the texture provides a nice moisturizing feel with a shiny finish. It has a subtle lemony sugar flavor.

Overall, this isn’t a bad tinted lip balm. It offers moisture, shine, and color with a friendly price tag of merely six dollars. I’m not terribly impressed with the color selection, I think that needs improvement but the formula itself isn’t too bad at all.


If you like moisturizing lip products with a bit of shine and color you should get on perfectly fine with Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick.

Tried it?

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This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/13/12 20:01 Tiffany Martin:

    This looks awesome, I usually do whiten my teeth but sometimes I feel like they could be a bit brighter, and if there’s no time a touch up would cut it.

    I’ll take a look at the color selection. Is this the only one you have?


    • 2/11/13 20:13 Abby Shannon:

      Can anyone please tell me how to use the teeth Whitener ?


  • 11/14/12 0:24 Carina:

    The tooth whitening end is so random!


  • 11/14/12 2:04 Ashley:

    Thanks for the review! I still do want to try these, I don’t know if I’ll use the teeth whitener though…meh but maybe, once i get past painting somthing on my teeth! lol


    • 11/14/12 10:46 the Muse:

      my pleasure ashley ;-D I feel the same way bit meh on the whitener ;-D


  • 11/14/12 3:52 Quinctia:

    I’m most intrigued by the flavor. If I see a shade I like, I might pick it up!


  • 11/14/12 7:39 Kiss & Make-up:

    Almost looks edible… :-)


  • 11/14/12 9:08 BLee:

    Well at least you have some minty breath..ya? LOL 😀


    • 11/14/12 9:13 the Muse:

      lol at the least!


  • 11/14/12 10:19 Ruth:

    maybe they put the minty-toothie thing on the end in case while out you need a tick-tac


  • 11/14/12 11:43 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    I have to have this. I can see myself becoming obsessive, though. Like, “Hmm…haven’t whitened my teeth in 45 minutes…better go do it!”


    • 11/14/12 11:48 the Muse:

      LOL that’s me too!


  • 11/19/12 3:15 Mogi:

    can you smoke when you have the whitener one your teeth?


  • 12/9/12 23:14 Sw:

    Bought this today! I love it! Shades r natural and I feel that whitener is working !


  • 12/28/12 21:45 Alice:

    I bought a tube of this today, and it’s really nice! I bought a pinkish-red (the color’s called Gleaming), and it looks really good. The whitener seems to be working, and the ‘lipstick’ has a nice, glossy feel without all the stick


  • 12/31/12 16:16 Caye:

    I just bought this in the Shine On color & I love it. I’ve been using the teeth whitener each time right before applying the lipstick & my teeth are a little whiter already. I am a smoker & coffee drinker. I also love the flavored of both the teeth whitener & the lipstick. So many lipsticks taste horrible if you accidentally lick your lips, but this tastes good.


  • 1/23/13 10:35 Jennifer:

    I have this stuff and I LOVE IT!


  • 5/17/13 15:01 Aleean:

    ii have thiis gloss for almost 3 monthz now and just realiized iit has a teeth whiitner on the bottom lmao yea yea ii kno wut ii was wondering how you use the whitner do you just apply and leave iit to apply and wash iit out after a few miintues … iim not to sure but iif yall kno please let me kno


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