Hard Candy Single & Loving It Eyeshadow Swatches

Hard Candy Single & Lovin’ It Intensely Luminous Shadow is a new range of $3, yes $3, eyeshadow singles from Hard Candy that were introduced for Fall 2012.

There are twelve shades available with each weighing in at 0.081 oz. They aren’t terribly large eyeshadows but they might fill your beauty budget sweet tooth at a mere three bucks each.

Take a look at some swatches below!

Hard Candy Single & Lovin’ It Intensely Luminous Shadow come in a fairly nice range of shades and there appears to be something for everyone. Love it bold? There are some great shades of purple and teal. Want soft? Soft lilacs and pinks are here. Nude and natural? That would be me and there are about three to four colors that I was quite happy to haul.

Take a look!

Attraction, Infatuation, and Solo

These are sold exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com

I’ll follow up with a review shortly but if you tried them feel free to share your comments!

So far I think I like them on swatch. A little powdery but not chalky or frosty. However, I haven’t tried them on my lid yet so it remains to be seen how the blend, wear, etc…! I’ll be testing them next week and letting you know soon!

  • 11/16/12 11:04 BLee:

    Love the neutral color for sure. Muse, do you know if it would be a true statement that UD owns this company? I do not have any of the Hard Candy items and just wondered or it’s just rumours? Thanks for the swatches 😀


  • 11/16/12 12:41 Kiss & Make-up:

    The swatches look alright, but I look forward to your review.


  • 11/16/12 12:41 Lemony Licks:

    I got infatuation and I love it! It’s the perfect base and/or soft highlight shade for me. I wanted other shades but I am worried about them being too sheer.


    • 11/16/12 13:42 the Muse:

      hey lemony they swatch lovely! gotta try ’em on lids but quite pleased ;-D


  • 11/16/12 16:30 EAST:

    OMG minis! I don’t know what it is about minis, but I need!


  • 11/17/12 10:31 Lexi:

    I bought Infatuation a few weeks ago and I like it a lot.


  • 11/20/12 0:01 Phyrra:

    I picked up Vamp, but I haven’t worn it yet. It did swatch nicely.


  • 2/27/13 14:14 Jennifer McCandliss:

    I bought 6 of them so far and when deported they fit perfectly into Mac Palettes. Yay!


    • 2/27/13 14:15 the Muse:

      happy to hear it 😀


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