Hi There! Posts Are On the Way!

Hi there! It’s a Who kinda morning…! Going mobile is totes my busy song. I do wonder why someone hasn’t picked it up for a cell commercial….you should see me sing it during Karaoke nights, it’s the hottest mess in the world when I’m pretending to be Pete Townshend. I always thought Pete sounded remarkably like Roger in certain parts of the song.


So sorry about the lack of posts this week. Work, life, the universe, and everything has me a bit busy! But I promise new posts are upcoming shortly.

I hope you’re all safe and warm. You’re in my thoughts Jersey, Long Island, and others on the East Coast still without power. If there’s some small thing I can do for any of you please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact button. I’d be happy to do what I can…! There’s a storm on the horizon and I’m hoping it’ll pass us by because I really can’t stand to think of anyone without heat on a cold night.

I’m sorry about the Sephora sale. Posting about it seems to have caused complete and utter chaos. I honestly don’t have insider info about this and I know many of you are upset with the sale (or really happy I hope?!) and how it went down this year. If I could fix it to make everyone happy I surely would :) but sadly I don’t have that power. Boo!


I surely hope your week is going well. I sincerely wish you all the best for your week ahead and hope for a quick weekend to appear for us all so we can rest, relax, and just chill for a moment while we take a deep breath and prepare for our next adventure.

Be well!

I hope to talk to you all soon in the comments.

New posts, reviews, and general babble upcoming shortly.

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  • 11/7/12 10:40 Ruth:

    re: sephora sale-you know what happens to the messanger, right?? never anything good.

    Take you time, sweetie, we’ll be here =D


    • 11/7/12 12:38 the Muse:

      lol too true ruth too true ;-D <3! heart you guys!


  • 11/7/12 11:20 K.B.:

    I hope no one’s being mean to you about the Sephora sale info. I’d hate to have to knock some heads together. 😉

    I gotta say, my desire to move up north is really being tested right now. I love cold weather, but not when there’s a chance of losing power. Stay safe Muse (and anyone else reading this)!


    • 11/7/12 12:37 the Muse:

      oh no thankfully 😀 just think folks are frustrated with the way it went down. It doesn’t surprise, upset, or frustrated me in the least not sure why it’s turning into such a big issue for everyone? wish I could make it better for all but unfortunately I am not sephora ;-D thanks dear! will do! charged up the kindle just in case hehehe!


  • 11/7/12 11:32 Littlecreek:

    I will help be a beacon of calm amongst the chaos. Isn’t there a supernatural book series where they fight against chaos? Just be like the little the master in Kung Fu Panda and just chant “inner peace” over and over again. <3 you and stay warm.


    • 11/7/12 12:39 the Muse:

      lol brooke ;-D wanna be my sammie and we can fight it together? You too! It’s a chilly day! <3!


  • 11/7/12 12:54 BLee:

    Friend, please do not worry about it. Shephora is not Musing of a Muse. Hope others know that too. Thanks for all that you share here <3 & hope that the storm does not hit. IT's enought!!


    • 11/7/12 12:58 the Muse:

      hey blee yeah lol ;-D I think sometimes i feel like I am sephora hehe…I’m not really sure what to say/do/tell people when they rant at me about sephora’s sales. *shrug* I can’t really do anything….?! I wish I could somehow help somehow! Me TOO girl! I think I’ve had enough bad weather to last me through the winter 😀


      • 11/7/12 16:07 BLee:

        I say let’s call it another winter like last one. My most fave of all


        • 11/7/12 16:12 the Muse:

          i’m trying to remember last winter, it’s all such a blur lol!


  • 11/7/12 13:38 Tammie:

    What are people upset about regarding the Sephora sale? I don’t have any complaints (nor do I have any complaints about your coverage of it).


    • 11/7/12 13:43 the Muse:

      folks are upset about sephora denying the event, also bi members are mad they didn’t get the discount, people don’t like that it’s not an FF anymore but a VIB event type of deal….some folks want the VIB discount plus the $10-$20 off thing they had last year…just so many rants hehehe…I’m not sure what to tell anyone at this point and kinda regret even posting it.


  • 11/7/12 13:50 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Aww, I’m sorry people are ranting at you about stuff that should be directed toward Sephora. I do appreciate you posting about it b/c I think my email has gotten lost in the spam folder so I wouldn’t have known without you, unless I saw it elsewhere! So thank you!

    Stay warm! And take your time on posting – we’ll be here when you get back! 😉


    • 11/7/12 13:54 the Muse:

      hey chica! thanks. It’s quite ok….! I just wish I can help them out somehow but I don’t have info other than what comes through email. I think BIs are upset about the entire thing but I can’t whip out a phone number and dial sephora telling them to change how they do sales, wish I could ;-D I’m glad you saw the post/printed out the coupon ;-D I def know the feeling, spam swallows everything important in my inbox BUT actual spam lol! thanks so much! been quite a busy week and haven’t had time to crop photos thus the delay! How are you doing this week? All well?


      • 11/7/12 14:33 Ruth:

        My Gram used to say this and I find myself falling back on it often “I cannot sh!t thunders and do wonders.” basically that you don’t control it all and what you do control, you don’t really. Sephora is entitled to run their sales how they see fit and really, it’s just make-up. We beauty junkies have more than enough of it and if we don’t catch this sale, there will be another. Too Faced is having theirs, UD’s & Laura something’s was last month.Black Friday is coming and i’m sure that there will be sales then too.


        • 11/7/12 16:01 the Muse:

          lol ruth ;-D I wish could control it but yup sephora’s gonna do what sephora’s gonna do ;-D hell yes so many sales on black friday it is surreal!


          • 11/7/12 16:05 BLee:

            Ruth, love your grammy!! And YA!! Black Friday …bigger discounts woo-hoo!

      • 11/7/12 16:09 OrangeLipstickBlog:

        Hahaha, my job is that way, too! I always want to tell them to call the lovely Secretary of State if they’d like the process changed! And LOL about the spam folder – glad I’m not the only one who has that! The other day I found a $4 off a $20 purchase at CVS coupon in my spam folder….after I returned home from CVS with $25 worth of stuff. Grrrr.

        This week is pretty good – seems to be moving fairly quickly! I’m quite enjoying the time change because waking up when the sun’s out is soooo much easier for this night owl! I have an MRI on Friday so I’m not looking forward to that but hey, life is life. Otherwise, it’s all good! OH – and I just reorganized my ENTIRE stash and it’s so much easier now! I got a huge dresser for $10 at a yard sale and painted it BRIGHT ORANGE (duh) and have filled up the top two drawers with stuff that used to be hogging up my desk drawers. I know it’s lame, but I’m so freaking out about the reorganization LOL!


        • 11/7/12 16:14 the Muse:

          hehe…I sincerely wish I could be of some help. I feel like people think i’m the CEO at sephora haha ;-D I get emails, tweets, etc…all about how horrible sephora is and how come they are doing this why are they doing that it’s not fair, yada yada…I WISH I could help but I don’t work for sephora lol! ;-D aw same here, I went to the Christmas Tree Story to grab a tree for my office and proceeded to find 20% off in my spam folder. G0d damn1t! ;-D

          Same here, so not a morning person, this new time rocks my socks. mri? you ok? yayyyyy that’s awesome girl you’re preaching to the choir here I LOVE organizing. The container store is my fav hang out ;D


          • 11/7/12 20:05 OrangeLipstickBlog:

            Aww, yeah, thanks for asking! I have had back issues for about 10 years now and now I’m starting to have tingling/numbness in one of my legs. I’m having a MRI to make sure my nerves aren’t getting pinched. OMG, if I had a Container Store near me I would be SO BROKE. I love organizational things. And office supplies lol. 😉

          • 11/9/12 11:59 the Muse:

            hey there! ugh I fell off a motorbike a few years ago and have the worst back every since. Don’t even go there ;-D I hope all is ok for you! lol me too! my secondary addictions=office supplies and containers/storage ;D

  • 11/7/12 14:51 Annie:

    Hi Muse!

    Thanks for the info regarding the VIB sale. I’m lucky to have made it to VIB earlier this year, but it is upsetting how Sephora chose to handle this situation once again. I don’t understand why people are shooting the messenger you shared with us something you thought we would like and everything else is up to Sephora. I think this is the main reason why people are shopping at Beauty.com for the F&F sale.

    But once again thanks for your work and keeping us in the know. You don’t have to, but thanks for doing so!


    • 11/7/12 15:50 the Muse:

      oh no worries annie everyone has been a ok about the situation it just seems like I’m somehow supposed to fix it but I don’t have that kinda power ;-D I think it’s pretty much been handled like they have the past two years..this year and last…so it didn’t really surprise and upset me. But yeah, there is def beauty.com to fall back on should anyone be upset/pissed with Sephora ;-D

      My pleasure!!!!!!!!!! you def don’t have to thank me for anything as I didn’t do anything at all ;-D <3!


      • 11/7/12 16:29 Nicki:

        It’s okay Musey, I forgive you. 😉
        I don’t think that ranting on blogs or forums is going to help the management of stores that we hate to love. Sometimes ranting to customer service doesn’t even fix the problem.

        I’ll be waiting for your posts! Stay safe!


        • 11/9/12 12:01 the Muse:

          agreed nicki, that’s kinda sad but even speaking directly to brands or companies or management rarely gets me anywhere…! CS needs a redesign!


  • 11/7/12 15:17 Libby:

    Stay warm and safe, Muse! I was hoping during Sandy that I’d be able to catch up on all my muse posts but then my power went out, lol and then came classes again!

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well :) and I hope this Nor’easter isn’t going to be too much trouble for you either! (Already it’s snowing/raining?!)


    • 11/7/12 15:48 the Muse:

      hey libs! Aww do you have power now?! I hope so! don’t worry you haven’t missed much my dear! I’ve been so swamped the posts are a little lacking the past three days! but no worries more to come. I surely hope you’re well too. It’s a coming…snow/sleety mix at the moment but worst tonight I hope we’ll all be a ok! I worry about the folks still without heat/electric. :(


  • 11/7/12 15:21 Cindy:

    Hope all is well for you Muse! I know there is another storm coming your way. You poor New Englanders! Its sooo okay that you haven’t been posting. As much as I miss your sense of humor and makeup goodness, I more then understand you’re busy with life! It happens, and this time of the year gets busy busy busy! Xoxo


    • 11/7/12 16:02 the Muse:

      it’s getting rough out there cindy! but I’m a ok ;-D oh yes!!!!!!!!!!! always around the holidays! ;-D but no worries I’ll be back in fighting form shortly ;D!


  • 11/7/12 16:56 telle:

    aw Muse! You ARE awesome! :) Hope the week continues to carry on and carry on well for you! I’d just like to say thanks again for all the hard work you do and the time you commit to run this blog because I can only fathom how intensive it really is. Everything you do is SO appreciated!

    re: sephora- i remember last year sure was a gong-show too…..*lol* this year seems much more settled! i appreciate that you shared that the sale is up and coming and showed your pretty invite (i got a not as pretty e-invite)! I am sad that 20% off isnt available for canadians online, actually…. but it is what it is and i guess that saves me more money for post-christmas sales and for more mac goodies 😉

    <3s and most appreciatively,


    • 11/9/12 13:54 the Muse:

      thanks telle <3! right back at ya! was a busy one but thankfully it is over time for the weekend wahooo! I really appreciate that thank you so much! It gets crazy sometimes but I love it so much I don’t mind ;-D thank you for your kind kind words…! I’m so sorry it wasn’t online perhaps at a later date for you guys!? hope!? 😀 <3! Appreciate your lovely feedback! I thrive on comments like this!


  • 11/7/12 19:38 Amy Amethyst:

    Don’t worry about the posts, I know you must have a lot going on! Not that we don’t miss you when you don’t post! :) I’m doing good this week. I got to soak in a bathtub today for the 1st time in about 6 weeks so I’m happy! Showers are good but I love a good bath!


    • 11/7/12 20:05 the Muse:

      hey am! how’s the trip going? Aw awesome! enjoy it while you can ;-D <3!


      • 11/7/12 21:03 Amy Amethyst:

        It’s going good! Only have about 2 more weeks left. The trip has gone really fast this time. My bf is taking us to my parents for Thanksgiving and then he’s going back out on the road. I’ll probably stay home a couple months then maybe go back put with him.


        • 11/9/12 11:58 the Muse:

          that’s all? seems to have flown by!!!!!!! Aw you make it home just in time for T-Day awesome ;D


  • 11/8/12 0:07 AnniLau:

    In unrelated news…Castiel returns next episode!


    • 11/8/12 9:37 the Muse:

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I didn’t see the preview for tonight’s episode…so returns returns or returns in a flashback!?


      • 11/8/12 10:41 AnniLau:

        Returns returns! They’ve got the trailer up on the CW site.


        • 11/8/12 10:47 the Muse:

          i think the whole episode is up *head desk* forgot its not on Thursday anymore, it’s on Wed! Is that Garth I see back!? that’s more exciting than Cas LOL!


          • 11/8/12 11:01 AnniLau:

            This week is Garth, next week is Cas’ return. He seems to have a confrontation with Crowley, which should be fun.

          • 11/8/12 11:08 the Muse:

            w000t! I need to catch up on this week’s eppy…hopefully can squeeze in some time this weekend to watch ;-D did you see garth’s episode already?

          • 11/8/12 11:48 AnniLau:

            I don’t see a reply button on your last response for some reason, but yes, I watched it…Wednesday is my good TV night! I’m not really a big Garth fan though and I didn’t love the episode.

          • 11/8/12 12:07 the Muse:

            aw :( I typically like garth, he’s fun. I sure do miss Bobby :( though! they are really weak with secondary characters…no cas (at least he’s coming back now), no bobby, etc…be nice to have some other regular cast members. emo dean and sam are getting on my nerves.

          • 11/8/12 11:50 AnniLau:

            Oh good, my response showed up in the right place anyway.

          • 11/8/12 12:56 AnniLau:

            Sam’s flashbacks to ‘normal life’ are annoying me. They’re boring and chop up the current story. Also, he and that actress have no chemistry whatsoever. Dean’s Purgatory flashbacks are at least somewhat interesting and generally brief.

          • 11/8/12 13:00 the Muse:

            she doesn’t seem his type….I agree, def zero chemistry. I kinda sorta wish they didn’t kill off Jo. I’d like to have seen her and Dean connect sometime. They had some nice chemistry. Def agreed Dean’s flashbacks at at least cool. i have a feel they are never going to get their happy ending and that kinda sucks.

          • 11/8/12 15:51 AnniLau:

            At this point, the only ‘happy’ ending I see for them is that they die and are reunited with all of the people they’ve lost. Their lives pretty much suck and I don’t see any other way that they’d stop hunting for good, regardless of Sam’s whining about wanting a normal life. They know too much!

          • 11/8/12 16:11 the Muse:

            agreed…I always wanted a happily ever after for them both. nice girl, kids, picket fence…but I just don’t see that happening. They are so poisoned and dark. It seems they’ve lost touch with reality. The characters are so hopelessly written, without ANY hope for something good to happen. At some point, I did think they’d have some form of happiness but as of now the only way they might be happy is closing the gates of hell and killing themselves doing it lol. It’s sad because I wanted something more for them. agreed on Sam, it’s all whining at this point. I seriously want to throw something at the tv when he has one of his “pretty” flashbacks…I can understand Dean’s frustration with him to some point. P.S. dean’s little relationship was idiotic as well, never really got that at ALL and by the way he had to give it all up as well you don’t see him crying about it all the time. shut up sam. lol

  • 11/8/12 8:25 Michelle from MI:

    Hi Muse!I LOVE that you are into classic rock–it warms my heart!I am somewhat older (that’s is all I am admitting to)than you & grew up w/this music.My room-mate in college had a poster of Roger w/tight jeans, no shirt & flowing long curly hair. I still think of it fondly! As always, enjoy your blog–keep up the great work!


    • 11/8/12 8:35 the Muse:

      hey michelle ;-D I absolute live for classic rock ;-D I grew up with the Who as well, my sister was a rather big fan, she’s older than I am, she had records and such that I fondly recall! Ahh roger, tight jeans, no shirt, and unruly hair, that sounds positively dreamy! 😀 I remember the first time I saw Tommy with my sister, I was a child but I def fell in love with more than his voice that day hehehe! aw thanks! <3!!!!!!! what other classics are you into? Queen is absolutely another fav of mine, no one did unitards quite like Freddie ;D


      • 11/8/12 15:10 Majick:

        I have a calico and we changed Scaramooch (spelling) to Caliboosh but she still does the fandango. (…as the rest of the song plays on in my head) 😀


  • 11/8/12 12:46 Iris:

    Take care of yourself and hope to “talk” to you soon. I look forward to the new posts. :)


    • 11/9/12 11:32 the Muse:

      hey iris ;-D thank you! new posts upcoming today my dear missed you all apologies for the delay but real life got in the way of Musings this week ;D


  • 11/8/12 17:22 id2ep:

    thanks for the MAC giveaway, please pick me!


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