Khroma Beauty Launches at Harmons

Khroma Cosmetics

I had a spotting of Khroma Beauty, the Kardashian’s new budget friendly makeup collection, at Harmons last week!

Take a look!

Khroma Makeup

Khroma Beauty

Khroma Beauty Cosmetics

Khroma Beauty 2012

Khroma at Harmons

I didn’t realize Harmons would be getting this collection as Ulta had first dibs with later release dates at CVS. I guess we’ll see it launched nationally everywhere if it’s at Harmons now. They had the Kardazzle Palette as well as the Nude Lip Kit and lash sets too.

I picked up one of the palettes, I couldn’t resist, but def feel $12.99 might be a little high for it.  I also got the nude lip kit!

Anyone have any spottings of Khroma outside of Ulta and Harmons?

  • 11/5/12 15:01 Lindsey:

    My K-Mart had the mascara’s…


    • 11/5/12 15:03 the Muse:

      awesome! I didn’t see those was curious about them!


  • 11/5/12 15:10 BLee:

    Ooooh! those look like fun. Ulta and CVS …Ill be looks for them. Muse, what did you get in the pallet you picked up?


    • 11/5/12 15:11 the Muse:

      they include six shadows, blush, highlighter and bronzer blee…believe mine is the kourtney one as the kim one was smoky and this was more warm/natural colors :)


      • 11/5/12 15:21 BLee:

        Oh, wow that is a lot in there! I bet its great to carry in your purse? Ill be looking for your swatches…yes?


        • 11/5/12 15:26 the Muse:

          absolutely very shortly dear ;-D


  • 11/5/12 15:16 Deb:

    Oh Muse, say it isn’t so!!! You represent everything that is good and beautiful in the makeup world…, run, run from the Kartrashians.


    • 11/5/12 15:27 the Muse:

      lol deb ;-D not a big fan to be honest but I’ll def try anything makeup related once ;-D even with the k’s name on it!


    • 11/5/12 18:18 Bethany:

      I want to agree with Deb, but the Kardashian girls do tend to have beautiful makeup! I mean, very heavy, but I can still appreciate it.


    • 11/6/12 15:18 amy:

      I’m not exactly a Kardashian fan, either (although I do like Khloe), but these may be worth a look, especially something in the range of a nude lip.


  • 11/5/12 15:22 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Oh geez, I didn’t think I would want any of this but I think I might be drooling. And those lashes, I guess I should have known they would put out some ooh la la lashes.


    • 11/5/12 18:58 Mhean:

      My eyes were fixed on the lashes too!!


    • 11/6/12 19:05 CC:

      Kim insists she doesnt wear falsies anymore and was fighting putting them in the line. #thekanyeinfluence


  • 11/5/12 16:11 Vicki:

    I am so excited to get my hands on some bits – I hope they release some in the UK.


  • 11/5/12 21:57 jojo:

    products look interesting, wish they got nothing to do with the 3 sisters, they are so annoying!


  • 11/6/12 8:52 ggggg:

    Do women who are not in the spotlight really wear false lashes? I know absolutely no one who does. Am I that out of touch with things?


    • 11/6/12 10:29 the Muse:

      i don’t either :-D I think they are more a dress up thing for many women for a night out but not something used daily…!


      • 11/6/12 15:14 amy:

        I’m in the urban Los Angeles area, and I see women with faux lashes *alot*, and often the only other makeup they’re wearing is a bit of lipstick and/or eyeliner.


  • 11/6/12 9:41 Joanna:

    I am honestly only interested in the lashes.


  • 11/6/12 11:12 SusanT:

    I agree with Deb. Muse, you are sweetness & light, and the Kardashians are pure evil. Even if the products look decent, I refuse to spend even a penny supporting this family. And those false eyelashes look absolutely ridiculous. That price point is crazy for a drugstore. I’d rather spend more money and buy MAC products.


    • 11/6/12 15:29 the Muse:

      lol susan ;-D thanks! ;-D I’m not really a fan, don’t know a ton about them, but I am a beauty junkie so def did haul some of it out of curiosity ;-D I could help myself!


  • 11/6/12 18:59 Joannie:

    So sick of this talentless family, never, no, never, just on principle, NO NO NO, there are plenty of makeup options out there. I refuse to pad their wallets, no matter how nice their products might be.


  • 11/7/12 21:25 Rosalina:

    I love the lashes. I’d be interested in seeing how they compare to Katy Perry’s line or Dolly Wink. I’ve read lots of reviews on all but have never tried them out.


  • 11/8/12 19:59 Jen:

    I saw it the full line at Meijer. No way would I pay $13-$15 for a palette with their name slapped on it. Maybe when it gets to 90% off, and I know it’ll end up at that at Meijer.


  • 11/9/12 15:29 Ame:

    I tried the WP mascara and could not get to Ulta fast enough to return that heaping pile of crap.


  • 11/9/12 16:44 Amanda:

    I also saw this whole display at my local Meijer store.


  • 11/10/12 19:20 Lovey:

    Khroma is sooooooooo cheap. Ugh. The packaging is the worst and the eyelashes??? They are like brush bristles!


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