Lush Blousey Shampoo Review

Lush Blousey Shampoo is a brand new non-stripping shampoo formula for all hair types. Damaged, over-processed, colored, bleached, fragile? What’s your hair type? Whatever it is Lush Blousey is here to save the day with a heaping helping of mashed-up bananas, essential oils and butters to bring your damaged locks back to life.

What did I think?

My shampoo of choice from Lush is actually I Love Juicy and Ice Blue but I def love using some of their shampoo bars and adore Big and Antiphilitron to clarify with a little Curly Wurly thrown in to tame my wavy curls!

But give me something new from Lush and I am SO on it.

Blousey Shampoo was created for all hair types particularly overworked locks. The excellent thing about Blousey is the fact it can be used on color treated hair. Lush shampoos are sadly legendary for stripping color so if you do have issues with their formulas you’ll be quite happy to head into a purchase of Blousey as she’s completely safe for your color treated hair.

Now Blousey doesn’t lather up a lot. The foam and lather you might expect from your normal shampoo won’t be found here. It does however, get hair squeaky clean. In the pot it isn’t terribly attractive. It’s brown with little seeds in the mix and has a thinner, yet creamier texture. Lush makes it with mashed up bananas as well as cocoa and cupuacu butters. This results in kinda an ooey gooey formulation. The entire shampoo is not only vegan but preservative free so it’s extra natural.

After using it a week I’m quite pleased with the overall look and feel of my hair. I don’t have color treated hair but I do have drier hair with some frizz due to curls. My hair looks sleeker now, softer, and with considerably less frizz, my curls are more refined.

Now the smell is a little odd but it turns pleasant after using it. At a sniff it kinda has an overripe banana fragrance with some odd note in the background. The “Blousey” in the name is a reference to the blackcurrant and juniper berry perfume which reminds Lush of blousey flowers.

Overall, Blousey is an interesting shampoo from Lush. I liked it and could see it replacing my daily I Love Juicy usage. I think it might take some getting used to due to the lack of lather it creates. I imagine it might feel odd not having your shampoo foam up but honestly this doesn’t mean it isn’t getting your hair clean! Promise my hair was squeaky clean after use :)

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Would love to hear your thoughts if you tried it!


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  • 11/29/12 18:36 Liane Graham:

    LOVE this one. I sadly haven’t had much luck with most of Lush’s haircare range, but this shampoo is quite nice.


  • 12/1/12 22:12 Melissa:

    so the question will be does it fade hair color .. i’m thinking maybe not. I might ask for a sample the next time I’m in lush.


  • 6/7/15 19:57 Dina:

    How is it brown? Looks off white in color


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