MAC Taste Temptation

If you had your fill of MAC Holiday 2012 and want more the MAC Taste Temptation Collection launches December 13th. As if we didn’t already over indulge in MAC for the Holidays now a new collection?

How can we keep up!?

Powder Blush in Passionately Tempted set the stage for a dark late-night show. Eye Shadow Quad blends dramatic shades for a smoky gaze intensified by Fluidline and False Lashes Extreme Black. Apply Blush with 129 Powder/Blush Brush and add Liner with 211 Pointed Liner Brush for maximum impact. Mattene Lipstick in Nocturnal Instincts layered with Lipglass in Revenge is Sweet and, as a final touch, nails go nocturnal with Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer.

MAC Mattene Lipstick $15

  • Nocturnal Instincts Mid-tone greyed lavender
  • Night Blooming Mid-toned blue pink
  • Seductive Intent Vivid purple

MAC Lipglass $15

  • Perky Mid-tone shimmering lilac
  • Good Times Pale mauve
  • Revenge is Sweet Vivid purple

MAC Nail Lacquer $16

  • For Fun Rich clean purple
  • Blue Gaze Dark periwinkle

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black $20

  • False Black Black

MAC Fluidline $15

  • Macroviolet Deep smoked violet with red pearl
  • Waveline Navy blue with low level gold pearl

MAC Eye Shadow x 4 Taste Temptation $40

  • Look at the Eyes Light Violet (frost)
  • Naval Navy blue (veluxe pearl)
  • Stay Sultry Deep navy (satin)
  • Carbon Intense black (matte)

MAC Powder Blush $20

MAC Brushes

  • 211 Pointed Liner $19
  • 129 Powder/Blush $35

The MAC Taste Temptation Collection launches December 13th at all MAC locations and counters.

I’m not terribly into it myself because I have a knack to look like I was punched in an eye whenever I apply purple anything lately. But it’ll look brilliant on a deeper skin tone!

Anyone into it?

  • 11/12/12 11:09 Icaria:

    Keeping up? Not sure I can at this point but the quad is gorgeous and so are the blushes. I have green eyes so I think it would look nice. So, are they planning another collection for December 24th? 😀


    • 11/12/12 11:09 the Muse:

      actually the 26th 😀 there traditional boxing day release ;D!


  • 11/12/12 11:12 Cj:

    I like the promo images but I don’t see anything is use :/


  • 11/12/12 11:15 Julez:

    I thought the blush was that ombre purple/pink one that was released a few months ago! Ths promo picture had me confused.


  • 11/12/12 11:43 Michelle:

    Oh MAC, you’re so Meh lately (imho). The only thing I could wear are the eyeshadows, and those aren’t even lightning my board. I guess thats ok, I can save my $ for something else.


  • 11/12/12 12:15 BLee:

    Im a MAC L/S fan. Love them all.


  • 11/12/12 12:41 Caroline:

    Hmmm. I think I will pass like all the other MAC launches they have been having this fall/winter. This collection I see myself wearing once to a holiday party and that’s it. Why do they have so many collections at one time? Why not do once a season so they can concentrate on the quality instead of quantity. I’m just disappointed with what they have been releasing lately. That’s my two cents.


  • 11/12/12 13:04 Ruth:

    the nail polishes are really pretty! but this happened to me last night:

    me-shopping at cvs nail polish aisles, makes selection and goes to counter to pay.
    cvs guy- wow! that’s a lot of nail polish! (7 bottles)
    me-yeah, it’s a problem.

    I think that beauty purchases will have to be suspended indefenitly, esp when cvs workers are gawking at the amount of polish on the counter.


    • 11/12/12 13:49 the Muse:

      lol aw ruth!


      • 11/12/12 14:33 BLee:

        Ruth, I got 5 his weekend at my CVS and not a word. Next time tell him it makes your paycheck. Then smile 😀


  • 11/12/12 13:54 Cj:

    MUUUUSE! I forgot to tell you what I found out yesterday! Macy’s compact bb cream is for sale now!!


    • 11/13/12 10:35 the Muse:

      HHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *runs in circles* I must have it cj!


  • 11/12/12 14:09 Jessalynn:

    I love dark purple for the colder seasons so I’m excited to try this. Especially the eye shadow palette!

    You’re right though about “how can we keep up?” so many MAC collections that its very overwhelming at times!


  • 11/12/12 14:11 Kiss & Make-up:

    Hello sexy! I actually like it. Please don’t let this collection be a disappointment…


  • 11/13/12 21:29 Dia:

    I love purple! I’m actually not into the eyeshadows, as they are so blue. But I could always use more purple lippes in my life! And those blushes are gorgeous. I don’t even wear blush.

    Oh, MAC, why must you have so many collections? This one is practically buried underneath all the holiday stuff, and it actually has products I like!


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