Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection Spring 2013

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection will be launching shortly in drugstores for Spring 2013.

Physicians Formula has done these trios to death in a gel, pencil, and kohl variations but those who love a liquid eyeliner formula will be quite excited about this launch.

The Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection is $11.95 and comes with three liquid eyeliners. As of know there’s a smoky variation and a nude one however, at some point I’m assuming they will introduce more colors.

These are a pearlescent ultra-fine liquid metal eyeliner with the promise of a long wear that’s water resistant and smudge proof for up to 14 hours. They also recommend swiping through lashes to add some glam!

I’m not a fan of liquid eyeliners but I was thinking perhaps they’d make a nice eyeshadow base or act as a cream eyeshadow. I haven’t personally seen these yet in drugstores but I’m going to hit up Harmons soon to see if I can find them.

What do you think?


  • 11/27/12 11:48 elvina:

    these will be so useful lining the inner corners of your bottom lashes! =)
    i especially love the nude colours.

    but i have yet to try any products from Physicians Formula i can’t really find them here in Singapore.


    • 11/27/12 11:49 the Muse:

      i believe ships internationally elvina and you can get PF there!


  • 11/27/12 12:03 Susan K:

    I’m a big fan of PF. Liquid e/l aren’t really my forte, but I’m recently learning how to work with them better. Can’t wait to pick these up!


  • 11/27/12 12:19 Cindy:

    I’m actually pretty excited about these, the colors look so lovely. I’ve been on a colored liquid eyeliner kick, that’s my new makeup thing this week ;]


  • 11/27/12 12:48 Vi:

    I love liquid eyeliner, so I’m excited for these! The black shade looks incredibly pigemented in the photos–now here’s hoping that translates in real life! ;P


  • 11/27/12 12:56 Angela Hall:

    I’m having a hard time picturing the pinky one as eyeliner…maybe water line or more as a base?


    • 11/27/12 18:15 Alanna:

      I use a shimmery nude as my regular “day” eyeliner- my skin is really pale and I wear glasses, so it looks natural and luminous and compliments bold+ matte lipstick reeeaally well.


  • 11/27/12 13:08 Tennyoceres:

    That nude liner. We needs it, Precious. And if we wins, we eats it whole.

    Sorry, my friends are huge Tolkein fans and their Gollum catch phrases are rubbing off on me. I can’t wait for swatches of that nude liner. When you dash a little bit of it on your lower lash line it totally opens up your eyes. Nude liquid eyeliner is harder to get than you think, affordable ones at that.


    • 11/27/12 13:24 the Muse:

      lol love gollum ;-D I’m curious about the nude myself!


    • 11/28/12 13:57 cas:

      I just want to say that gollum comment had me laughing so hard I cried.


  • 11/27/12 18:54 Michelle D:

    I don’t care much for liquid eyeliner, but I have a feeling that once I track these down they will be coming home with me, lol.


  • 11/27/12 19:09 Debster:

    I love putting nude highlighting shades on my lower lash line since it gives more of an ‘awake’ and fresh look for me. I hope these aren’t super-duper shimmery/glittery!


  • 11/27/12 20:32 fatima:

    I actually just bought these from my CVS today in NJ.


    • 11/28/12 10:59 the Muse:

      lucky girl!


  • 11/27/12 20:58 Jane:

    I wish Physicians Formula items were available singly. I love the nude color, but don’t want it’s companions.


  • 11/28/12 15:07 Christina:

    Just an FYI, Muse, that these liquid eyeliners are part of a much larger collection.

    The theme is “nude” and “smokey” and there are four new eyeshadow palettes: warm nudes, classic nudes, smokey nudes and natural nudes. All of these nude-themed palettes are packaged in lace with a little bow on the front, just like the nude palette already in the collection.

    In addition to the liquid liners, there are also smokey and nude kohl kajal liner trios, and smokey and nude pencil liner trios.

    I love PF, especially their eyeliners, and I scored the lot at CVS.


    • 11/28/12 15:14 the Muse:

      hey christina yeah I know about the new palettes ;-D they look great! Sadly, haven’t located anything here yet but hopefully soon! all of it looks amazings!


      • 11/28/12 15:25 Christina:

        Thus far, I’ve used one of the palettes I purchased (natural, I think) and as long as you use a primer first, it’s very nice. I found it doesn’t go on as shimmery as it looks for which I am very glad.

        I hope PF adds some smokey and nude gel liners to the collection.

        OMG I sound in need of a 12 step program!


        • 11/29/12 10:33 the Muse:

          lol christina I’ll join with you!


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