Sephora Winter/Holiday 2012 Catalog

I’ve been blogging Sephora Catalogs since my earliest days as a blogger. I kinda sorta love the idea that I have them all archived deep in my site so people can search them out, find them, and hopefully enjoy a look back at what Sephora was like a year ago or several years ago.

This year Sephora sent out two Holiday Catalogs, one for VIBers and one for BIs. The only difference between the two is one has a mirror finish and mirrored pages and the other does not. Basically, the VIB version is a little more fancier but the content is all the same.

It’s hard to say if you want to consider this a Holiday Catalog or a Winter one. Unlike years past this catalog isn’t themed…much of it revolves around products you can find in any brand’s general catalog. A few pages are dedicated to Holiday palettes but much of the items featured are a repromote of existing collections, palettes, or products. As a beauty junkie this definitely feels a little boring as we all know, own, and use most of the products featured. As someone new to beauty you might be enchanted and find some new products to love but as an experienced beauty collector and/or user you’ll kinda shrug your shoulders and meh your way through the pages.

The catalog does come across very luxurious and has some nice weight behind it thanks to the way it was bound. It resembles a catalog you’d get from Nordstrom or Neimans versus the floppy paged themed catalogs of yesteryear this definitely takes a more upscale route.

The looks they created between the pages are very sophisticated. They typically do a ton of shimmer and sparkle for the Holidays in their past catalogs but this year they concentrated on more classical, wearable looks like a smoky eye or a winged eye look with very minimal, natural cheeks and lips.

Hopefully by now you got your catalog in the mail.

What are your thoughts on it?

I admit I kinda miss their fun “themed” holiday catalogs but this is lovely none the less just wish they focused more on the Holiday LE products but I guess it’s nice that it features an overall abundance of beauty both new and old.

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  • 11/13/12 12:47 GREG’S girl!!!!!:

    Muse!!! The catalog is BORING to me!! I have their catalogs dating all the way back to 2004. They used to be soooooo much fun!! This is simply BLAH.


    • 11/13/12 12:48 the Muse:

      agreed…I collect the catalogs as well and this is very meh :( I used to love the themed catalogs :)


    • 11/13/12 16:33 AnniLau:

      Agreed. I got mine last week and basically flipped through, then tossed it to the side and forgot about it. I usually look through their catalogs at least a few times before recycling, but this one just didn’t have any oomph.


  • 11/13/12 14:03 Kiss & Make-up:

    How funny that you actually took pics of the catalog :-) I like that idea.


  • 11/13/12 14:28 Laura:

    I did like seeing all the bushy eyebrows!


    • 11/13/12 15:04 Ruth:

      the white eyebrows freaked me out just a bit. it’s more pronounced when looking at the actual catalog page. I’ve rocked blue eyebrows but think that white is a bit harsh.


  • 11/13/12 15:28 OrangeLipstickBlog:


    I’m a VIB now and I haven’t gotten any kind of catalog. (Nor did I get an invite to the 20% off sale. Got the code from you! Lol)


    • 11/13/12 15:28 the Muse:

      sorry :( spam box maybe?!?!?!


    • 11/13/12 18:27 Sorchathorn:

      Same Orange. I’ve been a VIB for years and I haven’t gotten anything this year. I didn’t get an invite and I didn’t get a catalog. I haven’t gotten a catalog since last year. I’m feeling ripped off. 😉


  • 11/13/12 17:03 LINDARRAGNAR:

    The 10 dollar products ad – got me interested. I wonder what type of things Sephora is gonna sell for $10 each?


  • 11/13/12 19:04 BLee:

    LOL, I got mine after the sale and my card the day after the sale started. How still of them 😀


  • 11/14/12 9:14 TwirlyGirly:

    I’m a BI, but I haven’t received any mailings from Sephora, either. I fell unloved and left out….


  • 11/15/12 14:27 Nina:

    I got my catalog for a VIB but i did not get my 20% event invitation until TODAY!! I am assuming the mail got all messed up because of the hurricane since I live in southern NJ. You also have to keep in mind that back in the beinning of the summer USPS warned that mail would take a little longer to get where it is going because of the changes they made. I am starting to see the effects of that now. But thanks to MUSE i knew about the sale anyway!


  • 9/11/13 5:56 Rebecca:

    Do they even make catalogs anymore? There is no link on their website for an electronic one. They never sent mine, despite being signed up for over five years.


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