Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 i-Divine Palette for Holiday 2012

Sleek Makeup is introducing a Sparkle 2 i-Divine for Holiday 2012! I’m a sparkle addict so the Sparkle 2 i-Divine is so very me.

This palette features 12 eye shadows in a variety of golds, silver, copper, bronze, blues, and purples.

Here’s a little sneak peek!

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m so in love with glitter and sparkle of any kind I kinda gasped and squealed a little when I opened ip the palette.

It’s not available yet but will be launching shortly (December 5th to be exact) at for $9.99. I know Sleek hasn’t been shipping some of their I-Divine Palettes to the US but I do believe the Sparkle 2 i-Divine won’t be an issue. As soon as it pops up on site I can confirm!

Will you be hauling it?

I have the original Sparkle i-Divine from Holiday 2010 (or 2011? Don’t quote me!) and really loved it so I’m hoping to enjoy this just as much.

Any sparkle palettes you’re really loving this Holiday Season?

The Maggie Deco Coffret for Holiday 2012 launching in Japan has a sparkly palette in it that I MUST have! I already pre-ordered it and I have a funny feeling I’m going to love it!

  • 11/26/12 14:35 Sweta Rupani Avarsekar:

    Oh my God..i was since wen waiting to for sleek to come out with sthg interesting this holidays…this is so cool..i love sparkle too..waiting for your review now:))


  • 11/26/12 15:24 amy:

    I love the colors, but there’s just a little too *much* sparkle…


  • 11/26/12 15:31 shellypea:

    ooh. i must have this!


  • 11/26/12 15:55 crotchfairy:

    I’m sort of annoyed how some sleek products cannot be shipped to usa. I don’t really want to engage back into swapping if I can avoid it. It just sucks you in.


  • 11/27/12 11:43 Susan:

    I have 2 Sleek palettes (Oh So Special and Storm) and ADORE them (the BEST for travel for an eyeshadow maven Me). I wish they sold everything over here in stores, etc. as they have EXCELLENT quality and colors at such reasonable prices. I’m too old (62) for sparkle, but this is a beauty. Thanks!


    • 11/27/12 11:48 the Muse:

      Hey Susan! Truly wish they sold here in the US as well le sigh! :( You’re NEVER too old for sparkle, I won’t hear of it ;-D <3!


      • 11/27/12 12:16 Susan:

        Aw, you’re so sweet! I dunno ’bout that though. But hey, if you could have Fun or More Fun, which would you choose? Yup, More Fun! (My daughter and my motto!) xoxo


        • 11/27/12 12:17 the Muse:

          lol susan you’re too cute ;-D girl you can wear shimmer ;-D try some of Bobbi’s sparkle shades, they are so light and delicate! they might just surprise you! I’m all for MORE fun (and more sparkle)


  • 11/27/12 12:52 Cindy:

    I really love those colors, but I’m afraid of the sparkle! I never have good luck with eyeshadow that contain large chunks of glitter in it. They have bad fallout and the glitter ends up in my eye. D;


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