Sneak Peek: Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Collection

You might want to call the Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Collection a Holiday Collection or you might consider it a bit of a New York Collection. Whatever your pleasure, I’m sure you’re going to love the strong smoky looks you can create using it mixed with softer elements for the perfect party look.

Shimmer, pearls, and boldness come together this new sophisticated collection from Bobbi.

Take a peek!

Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Palette $75 (As worn in the promo image) (LE)

  • White Eyeshadow
  • Sandy Pearl Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Pink Opal Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow
  • Grey Sky Eyeshadow
  • Plum Steel Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Rich Caviar Eyeshadow
  • Heather Grey Eyeshadow
  • Pearl Oyster Sparkle Eyeshsoadw
  • Ballet Sparkle Face and Eye Powder

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Nail Polish in Black Pearl $18 (LE)

Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Mascara $24
Designed to be layered this dual ended mascara features Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara for definition and Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara for length.

Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Lip Gloss, High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Brightening Lip Gloss $23 (LE)

  • Pink Oyster
  • Black Pearl
  • Moonlight Pearl
  • White
  • Oyster

This collection is available now on counters and at

Anything from it you’re loving?

I was surprised how much shimmer appeared in the promo image as Bobbi is all about more is less so this was a bold move.

Review is upcoming on this collection!

  • 11/13/12 11:38 Caitlin:

    I love that palette, but I’m pretty meh on the rest of the collection. Those glosses are all going to look similar on. And that is a terrible face on the model, IMO. Actually, her outfit is kind of awful too. Terrible promo photo! I’m really surprised.


    • 11/13/12 12:04 Jordan:

      Looks like she just smelled something awful. Or maybe she’s just grumpy?


  • 11/13/12 12:43 Karen M:

    Way too much sparkle for me. Although I do like the nail polish. I agree with the other commenters about the promo photo. Not flattering at all.


  • 11/13/12 13:24 Victoria LaFave:

    Terrible promo pics. Her makeup looks awful!


  • 11/13/12 13:26 LaurieS:

    The makeup looks beautiful but the promo pic is awful. She looks like she just inhaled some of that glitter on her face and is holding back a sneeze.


  • 11/13/12 14:05 Kiss & Make-up:

    Yeah, that’s not the best promo pic… But I have to say that the collection looks good. Bobbi Brown make-up is always so classy and chic, I like that.


  • 11/13/12 15:50 Jules:

    I indulged and got the tube tint trio. So far I’m loving it, especially the creamy violet shade. They feel like butter! I’m looking forward to your review of the glosses as I’ve heard good things about the brightening formula.

    The promo pic kind of reminds me of someone that used too must white setting powder. Ick! I still love Bobbi though.


    • 11/13/12 15:52 the Muse:

      I was curious about the tube tints jules…how is that creamy violet? it scared me slightly ;-D


  • 11/13/12 18:01 BLee:

    Wow, she looks nice an dewy and glowy! Looks like New Years Eve makeup…ya?


  • 11/13/12 18:06 Lauren:

    To me, the model’s face just translates more as oily and in need of a wash instead of shimmery. She looks oddly sunburned, too. And I’m relatively certain that the highlighting eyeshadow in the corner of her eye isn’t supposed to be quite that obvious. All in all, not a good promo picture.


  • 11/13/12 20:42 Jeri:

    love her products but hate the way she applies makeup.


  • 11/13/12 22:25 SJG:

    I like the boxes better than the actual makeup. LOL


  • 11/13/12 22:38 Jules:

    It’s really nice and a cool pinky lavender tone. I put it over the new matte lipstck in true pink before I bought the set and loved the combo. That lipstick is next on the list 😉

    The shimmery ones scared me at first because I thought they’d be gritty, but they’re not at all. They remind me of the lipgelee formula from MAC.

    The shades in the set are Pink Violet, Pink Mist and Grape, I called it creamy violet by mistake…whoopsie!


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