The Body Shop 40% Off Your Total Order Coupon Code

People, we need to start early Christmas shoppin’! I see New York & Co 40% Off and a ton of other stores. But one that applies to us, since we all love beauty, is the Body Shop!

Enjoy 40% Off your total purchase using promo code REINDEER40 today plus if you have one of their Love Your Body cards you can get an extra 10%!

Sweet eh?

Shop it at


  • 11/1/12 10:29 Cj:

    Good morning! How was the party??? Awesome coupon lol I’m gonna get another tea tree primer 😀 I love em!


    • 11/1/12 10:32 the Muse:

      it was GREAT I’m pretty tired now though :( Most everyone came. I was a little worried with the storm but almost everyone made it! I had to move it from Saturday to yesterday and than the storm came and I thought I should move it again but thankfully it turned out fabulous! I’m dreading the clean up though, my house is destroyed…ugh! Also no trick or treaters which was sad….I think maybe they are holding it off until Saturday from my understanding!? how was yours? have fun!? costume turn out well? did you find your hook hehe! yeah! very good coupon! I think I’m going to do a little early xmas shopping and grab some stocking stuffers for my sis!


      • 11/1/12 10:39 Cj:

        Yep everything was great, other than a small hangover this morning lol! My mom ended up only getting 1 trick or treater which she ended up giving half the candy to lol! Made some kid very happy xD ugh cleaning lol we rented a place to have it at so we don’t have to worry about that 😛


        • 11/1/12 11:29 the Muse:

          lucky lucky lucky! I wish I could say the same! I got major clean up duty tonight! It’s a mess :( only thing I hate about parties, CLEANUP! :-/ come over and help? ha! that kid went home smiling…! I got none…I was kinda sad as I like seeing the little cuties all dressed up! No hangover here! just exhausted. Is it friday yet?


          • 11/1/12 11:32 Cj:

            Oh I wish. I have to head to the office in a couple mins, dreading it lol.

          • 11/1/12 11:45 the Muse:

            i don’t have a choice :( I had to be here yesterday and today! LOTS of claims coming in….! I wanna stay home too don’t feel bad ;D!

  • 11/1/12 10:57 Littlecreek:

    40%! Nice. Looks like I’ll be taking a stroll through your recent reviews to see what to get. I should be able to knock off a few gifts today!

    Glad the party went well, people prob needed to blow off some steam. We had about 40 kids come by. To save us some walking we set up the spare tv in the parlor and played Borderlands by the door.


    • 11/1/12 11:28 the Muse:

      hey! I doubt we’ll get a nicer deal until Black Friday so I’m def indulging ;-D I got none :( not a one! I did see a little sweetie at the supermarket dressed as Iron Man awww! but no one came to the door…I guess it was good as I was busy with party prep and insanity with it but still I sure do love seeing the little kiddies dressed up! LOL you’re awesome! true fan girl ;-D


  • 11/1/12 11:13 Cindii:

    Ohh thanks for sharing!!


    • 11/1/12 11:23 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome cindii!


  • 11/1/12 12:26 Kiss & Make-up:

    I love The Body Shop, and they have great holiday sets every year. Every year it’s the same thing: “one for the mommy/best friend/sister-in-law/… aaaaaand one for me!” :-)


    • 11/1/12 12:27 the Muse:

      two for me, one for my sister, three for me, one for a friend..yeah that’s how my list goes Kiss and Makeup ;D


  • 11/1/12 13:24 Erin:

    Anything you can suggest are must-haves from the body shop? I have bought some Shimmer cubes from there but they are hit and miss in my opinion. Any suggestions would be great! I really need something for my really dry face…. Olay doesn’t do anything for me!


  • 11/1/12 17:30 Karen M:

    Thanks Muse. My best friend loves The Body Shop so I forwarded your post to her.


    • 11/13/12 16:41 the Muse:

      my pleasure karen ;D


  • 11/1/12 23:14 Robin:

    Thanks! I got 11 items for 54.00! Peach, vanilla bliss, and ginger sparkle products are on their way!


    • 11/2/12 10:03 the Muse:

      fantastic robin! enjoy your haul!


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