Visee Mineral Liquid Cheeks Review & Swatches

Visee Mineral Liquid Cheek Baby Finish is a recently launched gel blush available in five shades. Visee released these with their Fall 2012 Collection but I’m just now getting around to reviewing them.

Supposedly the formula contains mineral powder and gives cheeks a rosy look.

Let’s take a look!

I purchased a single shade from for $13.50 which is fairly close to Japan’s retail price. I was tempted to indulge in more shades but I felt like I already own far too many blushes so I was being a little frugal with my purchase.

The blush comes in a squeeze tube for easy application. I think you can possibly over squeeze if you’re not careful as the packaging lacks a precise pointed dispenser however, with a gentle hand you shouldn’t have too many issues. A little goes a very long way so do use a drop and build up slowly for the best color pay off.

These have a hybrid texture that’s part cream, part gel. They have a heavier creamy feel with a little bit of a gel-like texture which makes it easy to apply and blend them onto cheeks. You do have to be careful not to over apply though as if you use too much blending becomes problematic and they will go all kinds of clown cheek on skin! They have excellent pigmentation that offers a full color blush experience with a tiny drop applied! They have a little bit of a tacky dry down that lasts a few minutes after application but disappears quickly enough.

They wear like a stain as you can easily get six hours or more out of them without fading. I got an entire day’s wear out without a hiccup (I have dry skin). The color swatched is PK 800 which is a corally pink shade. Below I’m wearing very LITTLE of the shade on my cheeks. I sheered it way down because it is a rather bold color if you build.

Overall, this is an odd Fall product as they might be better suited for a Summer release as I tend to like creams and stains in the warmer weather. But aside from that the blush had excellent staying power, great pigmentation, and an easy to apply formula. The longer wear was also a plus particularly if you have issues with your blush fading.

I’d check them out if you enjoy liquid, cream, or stain-like blushes.

Muse Approved for purchased.

Tried ’em?

Do share your thoughts!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/16/12 16:15 Amy:

    Does it dry down to a powder finish or sheeny/dewy finish?


  • 11/16/12 16:35 Tiffany Martin:

    Looks really nice!! Never seen this before now.


  • 11/16/12 16:41 crango:

    Ooh, I’m quite interested in these, I much prefer gel or liquid blushes to powders. What method of application would you recommend? Fingers? Brush?


  • 11/16/12 18:53 Icequeen81:

    they look fun


  • 11/17/12 1:49 SJ:

    can’t complain, it’s summer next month in Australia 😀


    • 11/20/12 9:39 the Muse:



  • 11/17/12 6:35 Kiss & Make-up:

    I’m trying a new liquid blush as we speak, and I have to say that this one looks good too!


  • 11/17/12 8:15 TwirlyGirly:

    Which do you prefer more – the Visee Mineral Liquid Cheek Baby Finish, or the E.L.F. HD Blush?


  • 11/17/12 9:03 syifani:

    hi muse, i wonder would it be a good idea to put it on lips? And why do you prefer stains for summer? I thought cold weather dries out the skin and powdery make up accentuates that?


    • 11/27/12 9:33 the Muse:

      I didn’t try it on my lips syifani. Stains in the summer are great for me as I spend a lot of time outside and they wear really well. Humid weather, the heat, etc melts my makeup away and stains are pretty much waterproof/sweat proof/etc…so that’s why I prefer stains in the Summer.


  • 11/17/12 9:35 Rosalina:

    I like it! Looks fresh. I agree though- would rather use gel during the summertime.


  • 11/17/12 12:06 HapaGirl:

    Looks pretty on you, Muse! Very natural and fresh.


  • 11/17/12 22:48 anna:

    i have this! great stuff!


    • 11/17/12 22:50 the Muse:

      anna which shade do you have? ;D


  • 11/17/12 22:49 katie:

    me too!


  • 11/17/12 22:51 anna:

    same color you reviewed!


  • 11/18/12 0:18 jojo:

    you are very pretty in here. I always wonder what your hair looks like! :)


  • 11/18/12 12:32 Tammie:

    Wow, what a vibrant color for a gel cheek product :)


  • 11/18/12 12:33 Tammie:



  • 11/18/12 12:43 the Muse:

    thanks tammie!


  • 11/18/12 19:47 BLee:

    Awww, that is a beautiful color. Would you say they finish is opaque or sheer? Thanks, Muse :)


    • 11/20/12 16:55 the Muse:

      either or blee ;-D mentioned in the review can be worn full color or sheered out hope this helps!


  • 11/22/12 3:57 Laura Anies:

    Wow, great cheek blusher. I will try it.


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