Alice & Peter Cupcake Perfume

Alice & Peter Cupcake Perfume ($50) you will be mine!

Cupcakes, a delight to the human life. Moist cake, sugary whipped frosty, sprinkles, and if you’re lucky, a filling of some sort.

My fav? Chocolate devil’s food with white vanilla frosting!

What’s yours?

Calorie free version? That would come in the form of these Alice & Peter Cupcake Perfumes. Sweetly scented, absolutely adorable, and completely calorie free.

I want!

Alice & Peter Wicked Berry Cupcake Perfume
A blend of rose, lilac and freesia mixed with blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry plus amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Alice & Peter Fancy Choco Cupcake Perfume
Tart peaches and apricots mixed with lilac and freesia, blended with amber and topped off with dark chocolate, creamy caramel and tonka bean.

Alice & Peter Cherry Cherry Cupcake Perfume
Sweet mix of cherry, orange and blackcurrant with tart peaches, apricots, and floral aromas; topped with hints of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, and creamy caramel.

Alice & Peter Showy Toffee Cupcake Perfume
A blend of lemon and freshly cut grass with rose, lilac and fressia; topped with amber, caramelized chocolate, vanilla and patchouli.

Alice & Peter Bloody Orange Cupcake Perfume
Refreshing blend of orange, grapefruit and lemon mixed with carrot, lotus, jasmine, cumin, saffron and cinnamon; topped with amber, cedar, vanilla, patchouli, leather and caramel.

Darling aren’t they?

And yeah, they do make me hungry!

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  • 12/13/12 14:01 Tammie:

    Goodness gracious those are adorable @_@.


  • 12/13/12 14:17 Lulubelle:

    Those are so pretty! I’ve got to try one now.


  • 12/13/12 14:35 CC:



  • 12/13/12 14:54 Jess:

    Will these be available at a major retailer? TIA!


    • 12/13/12 15:17 the Muse:

      urban outfitters carries them jess 😀


      • 12/13/12 21:46 Jess:

        Yay! Thanks. I’ll check ’em out.


  • 12/13/12 15:10 Angela:

    OMG these are way too cute to pass.


  • 12/13/12 15:24 Lulle:

    WOW! I’m not such a fan of real cupcakes (often too sweet for me) but these cuties call my name!


  • 12/13/12 15:30 katie:

    freaking adorable!


  • 12/13/12 15:49 Jenny:

    I so want these! I love anything that is cupcake shaped! These are just so freaking cute and adorable!


  • 12/13/12 16:11 Michelle:

    I would love these! But I can’t buy a whole bottle of perfume before testing. But the scent descriptions sound so good and the packaging is, well … freaking awesome!


  • 12/13/12 16:34 Tennyoceres:

    The bottle is every little girl’s dream come true. It looks pretty, smells pretty, and makes you feel pretty. ~~Sparkles~~ Now where is my frou frou princess dress and my tiara?!


    • 12/13/12 16:46 the Muse:

      you can borrow my tiara!


  • 12/13/12 16:57 Tiffany Martin:

    These look so cute, how do they smell? That’s what really counts ^_^


    • 12/14/12 9:38 the Muse:

      dunno…never tried :)


  • 12/13/12 17:32 Ruth:

    the cuteness!!! so much!!

    ‘cept I too don’t care for the smell of patchouli, reminds me of B/O. phew!


  • 12/13/12 17:35 Michele:

    How totally adorable!! I just ordered a sample set from their website to try out the perfumes :-)


  • 12/13/12 20:09 Miss_Silk:

    Awww these hit a soft spot in my heart~! I love anything sweets inspired, I have whip cream earrings, strawberry tart necklaces…..chocolate rings TT I can’t help it…I waaannt


  • 12/14/12 6:35 Shadia L.:

    So adorable! Too bad I don’t care for sweet/foody scents!


  • 12/14/12 6:46 Audrey C.:

    OMG! I don’t even care what these smell like, I want them just for the bottles!


  • 12/14/12 7:22 AmberM:

    Generally packaging doesn’t mean a lot to me but that Blackberry one makes me want to have a 1950s dresser where you displayed your perfumes on a little mirrored tray.


  • 12/14/12 10:36 TwirlyGirly:

    Hey Ms Muse,

    When photographing an unusual product like this, IF you have the product, would it be possible for you to include one shot of the product in your hand so we can get an idea of the product’s size?


    • 12/14/12 10:47 the Muse:

      I don’t have the product unfortunately twirly :( but will do so if I get them :) if it helps they are 1 oz in size so prob smallish!


  • 12/14/12 10:49 Nisnis:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeee ><


  • 12/14/12 12:03 Caitlin:

    Wow, you are on a serious roll with the ADORBS products lately. I don’t even LIKE perfume, and I want these. I am so relieved they are $50 a piece, because if they were around $25, I would totally be buying them for no reason.


    • 12/14/12 12:15 the Muse:

      lol caitlin I hear ya. ps they have a sample set for 10 bucks tempt tempt!


  • 12/14/12 17:49 alys:

    so cute! never seen these before


  • 12/14/12 20:20 Iris:

    Those are all so adorable and they all sound like they smell yummy!


  • 12/14/12 21:36 Abbi Wallace Pemberton:

    OMG they are obviously adorable but also the descriptions of the scents make me want them ALL, I really want to know if they smell as good as the scents that make them up! (I hope that made sense, lol!)


  • 12/15/12 17:04 Cindy:

    I need, I want, I HAVE to have these! My favorite perfume is Pink Sugar because it’s so sweet and yummy smelling, but these have the most adorable packaging ever!!! Ahhhh


  • 12/15/12 18:01 Satya:

    MMMMM… this reminds me of Tutti Dolce lotions that used to be sold at Bath & Body Works! So delicious.. i can imagine how tasty and amazing the chocolate and vanilla would smell! Thanks for the review!


  • 12/16/12 20:33 denise:

    These are adorable and *sound* like they’ll smell wonderful! I just ordered a sample set…$10/free shipping. Thanks for the info!


    • 12/17/12 15:24 the Muse:

      my pleasure denise 😀


  • 12/17/12 0:53 Miho Mallory:

    Oh Urban Outfitters carries them?! I was worried I was going to have to buy them all to determine which I love most. I wonder if they have all of the ‘flavours’ in stock. Looks like I have somewhere to go tomorrow~


  • 12/30/12 12:44 Allison:

    I just went on their website and they have a sample set for $10 & free shipping. Worth it to me before buying an entire bottle!


  • 10/22/14 20:32 LYDIA:

    I would like to order Peter & Alice Cupcake perfume. Berry. Please send me more details.


    • 10/23/14 9:11 Isabella Muse:

      i’m not a shop lydia


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